1. R

    iPhone 7 home button with new screen

    Replaced several iPhone 7 & 7plus screens, home button will not function at all! They all worked before I changed them. Even tried a new home button, still have to use assistive touch. What am I doing wrong? Richard
  2. iHM24

    iPhone iMessage crashed

    I’m using iPhone 7+ iOS 11.3 beta 3. However, I received an iMessage only double spaced and message crashed and I cannot viewing conversation because unexpectedly error shift me to main display, also I tried to send double space (1 times return) and send also message crashed so when you...
  3. Q

    Problem transferring videos to pc

    Hi, I am having problems transferring videos to my pc, when I transfer videos, it ends up being an audio file once its done. Its very weird since I am transferring a video to my pc then once its completed its an audio file! No video at all just the audio of the video transferred and the video...
  4. E

    Reset iPhone 7 Plus - iOS 10.3.3

    Hello everyone! I have a question that I hope someone will be able to answer: I have an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.3.3. I'm trying to stay away from any iOS 11 release, since it stills seems a bit unstable. On my current iOS version I'm experiencing a few annoying bugs, but I think a reset...
  5. Exxhara

    iPhone X Keynote is only one day away. What are you doing to prepare..

    The Apple Keynote for the anniversary edition of the iPhone is only ONE day away. What are you doing to prepare? Anyone taking the work day off? Any iPhone pre-release rituals? It's my first time so i'm curious how everyone else is coping.
  6. iammrdom

    Car charger for iPhone 7 Plus

    I thought I'd ask the members here before I get a charger for my iPhone 7 Plus, my current charger (that no longer works) is an AuKey CC-S1, output of 2.4A. I've done a google search and I still don't really know which to choose. Apple has this...
  7. talkingtree

    IOS 10.2 & Iphone 7 Plus: A Way to Import RAW ARW Files!?

    So, I've been uploading full-resolution Jpegs from the Sony A7R since July via Sony Play Memories but I quickly realized that app doesn't allow RAW file transfer yet. It's only recent news that Apple IOS 10.2 allows raw editing and it's camera now shoots DNG and includes DNG support. Is there...
  8. A

    Bluetooth Problems Mazda3 2010

    Hi everyone! I waited long enough to post this, but it is getting very annoying at this point. I have Mazda 3 2010 car and I always connected my phone via Bluetooth to stream music, audio and calls. Never had any issues up until iPhone 7 Plus / iOS 10. I gave it a good few months before...
  9. jusacruiser

    iPhone 7Plus - 128GB vs. 256GB

    I am comparing a iPhone 7Plus 128GB versus a iPhone 7Plus 256GB Phone. Other than the OBVIOUS double Capacity......what other differences are there between the 128 vs. 256 ? Sounds crazy....but do they weigh the same? How about the data write speed? Anything else you can think of?
  10. nav92

    iPhone 7 Plus - Massive Siri Battery Drain

    Hello everyone, My iPhone 7 Plus battery life was great until this week started. Now I can barely make it a day and it's all because of more than 30% battery usage by Siri. I have turned it completely off (which shouldn't be a good solution as I love Hey Siri on my AW which is also connected)...
  11. nav92

    iOS 10.1 Portrait Mode

    As Apple just released iOS 10.1, the first thing I did was play with the Portrait Mode on my iPhone 7 Plus and it is quite an awesome feature. It works really good especially for a beta feature. Also, I like the fact that it keeps a copy of a "normal" picture just in case. Also, 10.1 made my...
  12. P

    Iphone 7 plus focus glitch?

    I've noticed when I placed my phone camera down or cover it with my hand so the screen is dark.. and I focus on the darkness, then remove my hand.. the camera stays black or really dark... can anyone try this and see if theirs does this too? Specifically talking about the 7 plus dual camera.
  13. M

    iPhone catches fire

    i left it on the charger last night and I wake up and it like bent and all ****ed up. I don't know what to do, I just got this thing like days ago
  14. S

    Bent iPhone 7+

    So long story short, I received my iPhone 7 plus on Monday and immediately put it in an otter box. I took It out of my case yesterday after biking to make sure no dirt was in it and it was BENT pretty badly. Does anybody have any advice on how to go about getting a replacement without using one...
  15. S

    Love the i7+. Disappointed in the new home button.

    I recently discovered a surprising inconvenience in the home button. After reading about the disappearance of the physical home button, I still thought the button would be primarily pressure activated. It turns out the new home button won't register at all with gloves on. I discovered this...
  16. JacksonCraig94

    iPhone 7 Plus Charging Issue!!

    When i start charging my iPhone 7 Plus my charger keeps making the charging noise as if it's been disconnected and re-connected again. It's been happening for a few days now. When i leave my phone on the side it charges fine. It only starts making the disconnect / connect sound when i'm using...
  17. alohamade

    6+/6s+ to iPhone 7 users: Are you happy?

    This definitely isn't meant to be a 7 vs. 7+ thread! I think both phones are amazing. I just wanted to see how many people out there who went from a 6+ or 6+ to a regular 7 were happy with their purchase. For me, I really loved my iPhone 6s+ and used for all of last year, but I decided to take...
  18. Cryates

    Carrier Verizon.com Jet Black 7/7+ Orders

    lets all talk about our Jet Black orders for both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus here!
  19. niijonodhg

    Orzly Fusion Bumper VS Ringke Fusion Crystal View (iPhone 7 Plus + Video)

    Got my 7 Plus at the store this morning, setting it up, thought I'd do a quick comparison of the two cases!
  20. CodeSpyder

    Receiving Jet Black 256GB 7 Plus on Launch Day? Post here if you are.

    Post here if you are and include a screenshot please. This may be the only post in the thread. My delivery estimate is Sep 26 - Oct 3 and I received an email confirmation email at 12:08 am pacific time. Remember, I'm only talking about 7+/256GB/Jet Black.