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itunes - problems

  1. Black Baron

    Bug: iTunes & recently added albums

    When editing my music files I noticed that very often iTunes does not show up the music album under "Recently added". I always need to quit and restart iTunes to make the album appear under "Recently added". Regards, BLACK BARON Design / Photo / Art / Music
  2. Black Baron

    Bug: iTunes album covers

    Three album covers really caused me a lot of trouble in iTunes. I have converted all tracks to mp3 and id tags but the album covers of these three albums never really worked well. Even after replacing the covers with another image. Any iDeas anyone? Regards, BLACK BARON Design / Photo /...
  3. A

    Unable to backup Iphone 12 Pro. 6 Plus still backs up.

    Hi guys, just got an iPhone 12 Pro but the middle row that says 'Backup' doesn't light up. Any ways to resolve this issue? Still backs up my 6 plus though. TIA
  4. M

    iPod iPod Nano (7th gen) NOT working with Apple Music

    I have an iPod Nano (7th gen) and a Macbook Pro. When I upgraded the Macbook Pro to Catalina the Apple Music app didn't work with the iPod Nano. It's been a few months but I think I recall that I couldn't create playlists in Apple Music that would appear in the iPod Nano. After that I downgraded...
  5. S

    ITunes Match - can it be an iTunes Sync workaround - if so do I need iCloud storage as well?

    MacBook Pro [2009] 500Gb El Capitan 10.11.6 [no higher updates available] - iTunes [no higher updates available] - contains 270Gb of music downloads from Apple, Amazon, original recordings of father and brothers bands, CD rips etc but no dodgy torrent rips or the like. All tracks play...
  6. S

    ITunes library failing to refresh and recognize on different computer

    My ITunes library has always been on an external drive. Recently, the Mac it was attached to suffered a complete screen failure (another issue I'm trying to resolve and having no luck getting an external monitor to function). So I took the external and connected it to another MAC, this one...
  7. msephton

    Why does iTunes briefly show an empty popup window when accessing online features, only on one of my computers?

    When I choose any online part of iTunes a window pops up for a second or two, is blank apart from an indeterminate-style spinner, and goes away after a second or two. - This happens on my Mac mini (2018), but not my MBP (early-2013) - Mac mini is 3X or 4X faster than the MBP - Mac mini was a...
  8. R

    iPad Pro Music displaying blurry/low-res art tiles in music library iPad having issue for 4 YEARS HELP

    all across my Music library ALL music art tiles, playlist art tiles, and artists pictures, are showing very low-res images (as shown in photos). Unless I go into the album then it will display high-res images again. And for playlist the main picture for the cover of the playlist will be...
  9. S

    iTunes (None tv app) Shuffle TV show playlist?

    Hello, I’ve created a video playlist inside of iTunes (none TV app version) and I was wondering if there was a way to shuffle them? For example this playlist haves a number of shows in it and I wanted it to randomly change (shuffle episodes) after each episode. On the Apple TV (product not...
  10. DokiDoki

    Need some help with Two Accounts.

    I have been researching for a while currently after noticing Apple has put like a 90 days lock on your system if you purchase from another iTunes Account which is my own, is there any way to get past this, as I travel quite a bit back and forth soon to Japan. As a Apple help support told me to...
  11. N

    Music folder much bigger than itunes library

    Hi, my itunes library says its 627Gb. However the itunes Music folder, once i excluded all the apps/podcasts etc, just the Music folder, is 673Gb. Why is that? I tried importing it all into itunes, and no new tracks are added. So its not like there are lots of files in the Music folder, that...
  12. S

    iTunes match,why?

    Hello! So I have some songs that I want to upload to my Apple Music Library. They are available in Apple Music but the ones I have are with the noise removed(in Adobe Audition). So I want to have those versions of the songs in my library. However when I try to upload them,some of them upload...
  13. B

    iTunes and External Drive Issue

    Hello MacRumors community, wonder if you can help as I can't find anything specific to my problem... I have always kept my itunes library (media) on an external drive... I recently bought an old macbook (running El Capitan) and wanted to mirror my mac mini (running High Sierra) itunes setup...
  14. J


    Saw all web sites and tried many possible fixes, nothing worked, so I thought replacing the battery is the only way, but hey? Internet people are lazy too, so you won't get helps always from them, so there you go, try this and enjoy! Requirements: iOS Device (Mine is 4S, may work for other...
  15. voidportal

    Apps Transition from iTunes + OS updates make purchase pending

    A couple days ago, after I had purchased one movie and rented another on iTunes and had watched half of the rented movie, I updated all my Apple devices: iOS, tvOS, macOS. After doing this, I could no longer watch the rented movie, even though I had 35 hours left on it. And I couldn’t watch the...
  16. C

    When streaming via Amazon Echo it always plays the same handful of songs

    I play my Apple Music via an Amazon Echo and when I ask it to play my music it always plays '''my name's' music" and plays the same old group of songs. I have not found a way to make it play a playlist of change the songs that it considers are in my 'station'. I know this is probably also an...
  17. R

    Itunes doesn't recognize disabled Ipad Pro for restoring

    My problem is this: I forgot my password and got my new (never backup-ed or connected to computer) 2018 Ipad pro disabled and now I need to restore it via Itunes. The problem is my 2015 mbp doesn't recognize the ipad when plucked in. It does not show up in Itunes or open the restore window...
  18. A

    WARNING itunes disables features

    If you are still using El Capitan to retain use of software such as InDesign CS6 (in order to make a living), updating to iTunes will disable features. For example, you will no longer be able to edit Start/Stop times in the Options panel. After an hour on the phone with Apple, I have...
  19. S

    iTunes says not enough free space to back up phone; I have >TB free

    I'm trying to backup my iPhone 7 to my external hard drive, but iTunes says I don't have enough free space. My iPhone has 210 GB. My external drive has 1.03 TB free. What's the problem? Details: iPhone 7 256GB iOS 11.4.1 (15G77) 210 GB used 2015 MBP OS 10.12.6 WD My Passport Ultra...
  20. katbel

    "iTunes Device support update" does it break iTunes 12.6.3?

    Has anyone used the iTunes Device support update yet? It was out this week but I fear possible grim consequences :confused: I DO NOT want to use iTunes past 12.6.3 and I'm afraid this update could ruin or update my iTunes 12.6.3 to a newer version where I will not be able to control apps...