1. L

    Keyboard Controls & iTunes 10 on Catalina

    Hi all, I am running iTunes 10 on Catalina thanks to Retroactive, and would like to know if there is any I can reconfigure the forward/backward and play/pause keys to apply to iTunes instead of the Music app. As of now if I press the buttons they only open up Apple Music app rather than affect...
  2. S

    iTunes (None tv app) TV show playlist Shuffle

    Hello, I’ve created a video playlist inside of iTunes (none TV app version) and I was wondering if there was a way to shuffle them? For example this playlist haves a number of shows in it and I wanted it to randomly change (shuffle episodes) after each episode. On the Apple TV (product not...
  3. H

    iBooks/Books Sporadically Not Syncing - We Know Apple SUCKS at Syncing, Though

    Mac Pro 5,1 running 10.14.6 (18G95). All backups and as much as can be done via iTunes ( is done through there direct connected. Book Library will sync correctly about 20% of the time. Other times, only about 30% of the books appear on the iPhone (X running iOS 12.4). Have toggled the...
  4. S

    iTunes (None tv app) Shuffle TV show playlist?

    Hello, I’ve created a video playlist inside of iTunes (none TV app version) and I was wondering if there was a way to shuffle them? For example this playlist haves a number of shows in it and I wanted it to randomly change (shuffle episodes) after each episode. On the Apple TV (product not...
  5. Rumblefi$h

    Make Apple Music backwards compatible with iTunes?

    Hi! Can anyone help me with this: I run a pretty large iTunes library on a Synology NAS which i access with my Mac Pro from 2012. The highest OS i can run on that is High Sierra which is not compatible with Apple Music. I also have a MacBook Pro 2015 running MacOS Catalina wich can't run iTunes...
  6. R

    How to keep device able to receive media from 2 MBPs without switching settings every time

    What do I need to do to be able to use both my MBPs, a 2009 on 10.11.6 and a 2015 on Catalina, to put audio on to the same device, iPhone 6, without having to cut the cable so to speak on one n order to link to the other? This is for manual transfer, not synced, and of personal audio not...
  7. CheatSheet

    Cheat-Sheet for SwiftUI

    SwiftUI is an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms. You're faster in development and it's easier to separate design and logic. Cheat-Sheet for SwiftUI shows all UI elements and the needed source code. Each UI element is presented in one or...
  8. dukee101

    In Apple's, how can I search among comment ID3 tags?

    I use the comment ID3 tag to apply sub-genres to my songs (e.g. a song by Metallica will have 'Rock' in the genre tag, and also 'Metal' in the comment tag). Prior to Catalina, in iTunes, I used to be able to use the search functionality to search my library using comment tags. Now, in
  9. netnative

    Aftermath of Migrating from PC iTunes to Mac Music

    I just setup my first Mac —a 13-inch MacBook Pro. During the setup process I used Migration Assistant to transfer my iTunes music from a Windows PC. All the files and playlists were transferred, but it seems they were not transferred correctly. The iTunes Music Media folder location on my PC is...
  10. K

    iPhone SE Apple's Special Version of iTunes That Still Has an App Store Currently Incompatible With iPhone SE (2nd gen)

    PSA: If anybody is getting the new iPhone SE (2020) and trying to keep the old version of iTunes on a Mac, you're going to be out of luck. When I connect the phone, there's a popup that says: "The iPhone [____] cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 12.10.6 or later. Would...
  11. purdnost

    Outlined Heart Icon?

    I was looking at my music library in the Apple Music desktop app, and I noticed some songs had red heart icons next to them, indicating that I had "loved" those songs, of course. There were also some songs that had just the red outline of a heart next to them. What does this indicate?
  12. Apple Music Problems

    How to stop Apple Music/iTunes downloading songs from playlists?

    Hello there, I first want to say sorry if this isn't posted in the right place, I am completely new to this website. My problem is that every time my saved playlists (New Music Mix and Chill Music Mix specifically) are updated with new songs, these songs are automatically downloaded to my...
  13. N

    Music folder much bigger than itunes library

    Hi, my itunes library says its 627Gb. However the itunes Music folder, once i excluded all the apps/podcasts etc, just the Music folder, is 673Gb. Why is that? I tried importing it all into itunes, and no new tracks are added. So its not like there are lots of files in the Music folder, that...
  14. I

    "Saving Cover Flow"- A Global Conundrum

    Though lots of complaints had been posted, I can't find much useful information about Blocking_iTunes/AppStore_upgrader, ever since they introduced Yosemite--OS X 10.10. ..Why? One search revealed prior patent_ownership issues. Which means someone must have the special code to 'fix' this issue...
  15. Bertrude

    Moving custom iTunes EQs to PC

    Hi all. I've managed to move my iTunes library over to new windows 10 PC but can't figure out how to bring my custom equaliser settings over. Anyone have any ideas how to do so and where they reside in Windows 10 (iTunes installed from the Microsoft Store)? EDIT Found the location on the PC...
  16. E

    iPhone itunes iphone 11 ios 13.4 not syncing

    I have been using windows itunes for several years to sync 2 different iphone and 2 different ipad. In ios ipados 13.4 version, iphone 6s + ipad 6 ipad pro 2 10.5 device has seamless synchronization. but the problem with the iphone 11 ios 13.4 gives the error in the photo I added below...
  17. W

    PC iTunes keeps issuing error 14 during software update! HELP!!

    Hello all, I’m sure I can get more help with this from you guys than from Apple support. I have an iPhone 7 Plus that was on iOS 13.3. Had no plan to update to 13.4. Here’s what’s been happening: My phone storage is usually almost full so I periodically would offload apps or delete videos in...
  18. J

    Used MacBook 12" Buying Advice

    I have a near 10 year old iMac with a gradually failing hard drive and am looking to replace it, though not in kind. I've moved as much as possible towards using my iPad Pro for daily work, but there are two common applications I do probably need to keep using Mac OS X for in some form. These...
  19. H

    Did Apple Screw With iTunes AGAIN? "iTunes Store could not be reached" Artwork

    Trying to retrieve album artwork and got the error message again. Mac Pro 5,1 Mojave 10.14.6 iTunes
  20. haralds

    Sync Music and iTunes Libraries to iCloud without duplication?

    I have a very large library that is carefully curated and synced to iCloud (iTunes Match.) I recently migrated my main computer to Music and TV. On my laptops I do not start out with local music and just download as needed from iTunes Match/Apple Music. I have a duplicate library running under...