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  1. L

    iPhone iphone 3, ios6, itunes store refuses to connect...?

    hello i just found a iphone a1303, iphone 3G, with ios 6 on it i wanted to install two apps normally still available for that system i connected it properly to wifi but.. when i open itunes, it blocks saying : "cannot connect to itunes store" how could it be fixed? thank you
  2. SkweeBop

    Apple Music Alternative/classic iTunes reboot?

    Apple Music is a mess. All of my albums have the wrong cover art on the mac and the phone, the interface is inscrutable and unwieldy. The subscription model is a dead end for artists, and I just want the functionality of classic iTunes. I've downloaded Museeks, but I'm really looking for a...
  3. A

    iPhone 11 4013 Error when updating iPhone with iTunes

    Hi, My iPhone cannot start. So I try to update it with the latest version of iTunes in Windows 11. It will try to update to iOS 17.4.1. But I always get 4013 error, below is the detailed log. How to solve the problem?
  4. T

    iPod Each time I sync my Nano to my MBP it thinks I'm syncing to a new iTunes library, and deletes what's on the Nano

    I'm using a 7th Gen iPod Nano to listen to Audible audiobooks and music. Since I'm regularly getting new audiobooks, I frequently need to change what's on my Nano--deleting old books and adding new ones. There's also a lot of music on there, but I rarely change that. Here's the process: 1)...
  5. T

    iTunes / Music question

    Hi, I apologise in advance if this question is in the wrong area or is asking a very common question. Could someone please help me with a suggestion? Basically I use an up to date laptop for everything except music. For music I use an old 2015 iMac (it can't do anything else as it's so old)...
  6. K

    ******tification of the Apple Ecosystem (Music, TV/Film, Apps)

    /rambling_rant The incredible and astute Cory Doctorow coined the word enshtiffication (******tification: The 2023 Digital Word of the Year), mostly to describe how online communities would be destroyed by predatory business models (e.g. MySpace, Twitter). There's a great article in the FT for...
  7. D

    Resolved Help, Can't Remove Music From My Library

    I can't believe I am posting this. I have to be missing something obvious. But... I have a new laptop and a newish iPhone. In the past I had an iMac (now in the dump) and an older laptop (now erased/reset) that were part of the same Music library. I decided to clean up my Music library. I...
  8. P

    iOS 17.2 Gifting media no longer possible with move to TV App?

    iOS 17.2 gifting media no longer possible with move to TV App?
  9. A

    iCloud Problem with activating Advanced Data Protection because of Win-iTunes?

    Hello! After I have remove my last old iOS-devices from my account I wanted to activate the Advanced Data Protection. Unfortunately Apples system tells me I need to upgrade two Windows devices before I can finish the activation. What I do not understand is, that I use the lates iTunes version...
  10. MikeMcCollister

    How do I move iTunes Library from Windows to macOS 12.x That Does Not Have iTunes

    Over the years I have ripped my CD to MP3s on Windows and imported the files into iTunes. I have the song ratings embedded into the MP3 and iTunes maintains the song ratings in its own database. I am now interested in getting a MacBook Air soon and am using an old MacBook Air running macOS...
  11. L

    iTunes iPhone backup on Windows 10 creating Snapshot folder

    I am running IOS 17.0.1 on iPhone 14 pro max 1TB. Been backing up to iTunes for the last 10 years or so with no issues. Running windows 10. Using windows store iTunes. Current back up size is around 500Gb which is about 2 weeks old. Need to back up again now which should only be 5 GB of new date...
  12. K

    Apple ID apple id without two-factor authentication!?

    Is there anyway to create apple id without two-factor enable? I mean the old version of apple id which require 3 questions upon signing up. I heard this still can be done these day. Anyone has a clue on this?
  13. vertsix

    iPhone 15 Pro Max File transfer speed results for iPhone 15 Pro series - much lower than advertised

    Hello, These are my results from short testing file transfer speeds on my new iPhone 15 Pro Max using Windows. Surprisingly, no reviewers covered this in their reviews. Setup: ThinkPad T480 (Windows) Cable: Anker USB-C USB 3.2 Gen 2 Cable Port: Thunderbolt 3 Port (40 Gbps rated) SSD: Samsung...
  14. D

    Is it possible to use a strange computer to update iPhone without syncing?

    I have always backed up and updated my iPhone using iTunes. With the recent security issues it seems like it's time to finally update to iOS 16 (I'm still using iOS 15 at the moment...). The problem is that the computer I usually sync with (which still uses iTunes) is not available to me right...
  15. robertcoogan

    New Trailers website look

    Hating the new look of the Apple Movie Trailers website. I understand the condensed look is good for small screens, but on my iPad and desktop I'd like to see the same move posters I will see outside the movie theater. :confused:
  16. snowatom

    Movies on Apple TV now in 3D

    Well..... Apple is just too lazy to fix movie covers. It is just so sad, that there aren't more attention to this. At least give the option to select custom covers to fix this mess in ones movie collection. Every movie studio is fighting for profit, I do my best to help (6.700$ spend on movies...
  17. T

    Apple Music Old iTunes Playlist

    About 15 years ago I think there was a playlist that was a collaboration of Nike and Apple for running. I remember it had One Headlight The Difference by the Wallflowers on it. Anyone still have that playlist and can share the tracklist? I'm less certain about this one but it may have had OK...
  18. snowatom

    Error in audiotrack on Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 from iTunes Store in 4K

    I bought the movie on the Danish Apple iTunes Store, and have contacted Apple to report an error with the movies audiotrack. But they can't/won't help as they don't accept responsibility for the digital content provided by Disney (Marvel). Which I find very odd. When played via an Apple TV box...
  19. L

    ios 16 "iTunes" Remote App

    The iTunes Remote app used to work great for me when I had my previous iPhone and Macbook Air. Now I have a newer phone 13 Mini running iOS 16.5.1 and an M2 Macbook Air running Ventura 13.4 and Remote cannot connect to my iTunes library. When I try to set up a connection to an iTunes library...
  20. M

    iTunes will NOT let me subscribe to new podcasts

    iTunes will NOT let me subscribe to new podcasts. (See images below.) This has been going on for about a month so it's obviously not a "temporary problem." Everything else in iTunes works on my Macbook Pro's. Just can't subscribe to new podcasts. iTunes Version WHAT I'VE DONE SO FAR...