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  1. G

    Reporting incorrect information

    On the Apple TV app I have noticed movies in my purchased library that have an incorrect release year or cast information is incorrect. Is there an email address or way to tell iTunes so they can correct this?
  2. S

    Syncing Music (MP3 files) using iTunes , from Laptop to Legit & updated iPhone

    Hi Request your help to sync music (MP3 files) using iTunes , from Laptop to Legit & updated iPhone for the sake of understanding, please note that I have approx 200 MP3 files on my iTunes folder on my computer, but I have only 100 MP3 files on my iPhone, that only approx 50 of these are...
  3. TightLines

    Music Library Management/Player

    What has everyone found to be the best overall iTunes replacement? Apple can take their music app and streaming service and sell it to who ever is buying, but I am looking to find a replacement for what they have abandoned… I have a library that i need to manage and would like to continue to...
  4. MacConvert2007

    Apple Music Lost Play Counts upgrading to Apple Music

    I finally upgraded from a 2009 MacBook Pro to a 2021 model. Everything copied over fine and I went from El Capitan to Monterey 12.4. Also, I had still been using iTunes so the move forced Apple Music on me. With iTunes gone I started the free trial to the monthly service. At first it looked...
  5. G

    iPhone Install app which was removed from App Store

    Hi. I have an app on my iPhone X (iOS 15.4.1) which connects to a Home Automation system. Its manufacturer unfortunately stopped production 3 years ago. The app, as well as the Home Automation system, work perfectly well. Subject manufacturer now also decided a few months ago to take the app...
  6. S

    I lost all my playlists and "dates added" on Apple Music when I transferred from my old MacBook Pro to new MacBook Pro

    Hi, Newbie here, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong section in advance. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro that has music I transferred from 2013 MacBook Pro. I transferred the music from my 2013 MacBook Pro using an external hard drive. I grabbed the "iTunes" folder and transferred to...
  7. M

    ALAC tracks with multiple artists tags. 2nd artist ignored by Apple Music.

    When ripping to ALAC I have used 'artist 1 ; artist 2' to seperate multiple artists. When I load the ALAC tracks into Apple Muisc, the second artist is completely ignored. Apple Music only displays the first artist. So I am having to go back and change all of the tracks back to 'Artist 1 Feat...
  8. E

    Can't connect my iPhone to MacBook Air

    Hello guys, is anyone can help me with this? I try to connect my iPhone with MacBook but I got an error message that I have to restore my iPhone. (see attached). I use MacBook Air with macOS Monterey version. My iPhone is IOS 15.4.1. Is it because of new update on my iPhone? Or should I really...
  9. M

    What programs can read and display non standard id3 tags, such as ISRC, UPC.

    I am currently in the middle of ripping all of my 2000 cds to hard drive. I am ripping the cds to Apple Lossless ALAC. I am using dBpoweramp for macOS. Once the music is ripped, I have been using iTunes and Plex mainly. Along with the standard id3 fields (Track Name, Artist, Album name), I am...
  10. D

    How can I import podcasts from iTunes into the new Podcasts app, especially those episodes that are not available anymore?

    I am manually migrating from Sierra to Monterey and I don't understand how to copy my podcasts over. In iTunes, I have large library of downloaded episodes that are not available in the respective feeds anymore. (Some shows only let you listen to the last 20 episodes or so.) How can I import...
  11. K

    Advice about data transfer to new Mac Studio from 2017 iMac

    Info: I have a 2017 iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6 Because I have a work laptop that is using Monterey, I never upgraded the iMac OS (partly due to not enough memory available on the internal SSD hard drive!). We use the iMac mainly for internet, mail and Photo/movie management. A long time...
  12. W

    Mac TV App is Very Broken

    Just wondering, has anybody noticed that the Mac TV App is the biggest failure in the new operating systems. The bloated iTunes app was easy compared to TV App. For instance with the TV App, if you want to search your library, every time you do you have to click View and Show Filter Field and it...
  13. J

    iCloud Music Library tags reverting deleted items returning

    For some reason the last few months my Apple Music has been a disaster as far as Metadata and tagging has gone. I have iCloud Music library which seems to be the issue but this is not a problem I’ve ever had before. I’ve kept an almost perfectly tagged iTunes / Apple Music library for over a...
  14. Mr. Heckles

    The Suicide Squad (2021) in my list and I didn’t buy it.

    I had The Suicide Squad as a recent buy, but I didn’t buy it. I don’t even have a receipt for it too in my emails, so I can’t even return it. I am on the family sharing, but it’s listed under me and no one else, so it shows I purchased it. Anyone have this happen to them before?
  15. Z

    mp3 wont open/play in iTunes

    When an mp3 is double clicked, it used to be imported into the iTunes music list and play. Today, when i double click on an mp3, nothing happens... strange... can this be fixed? Also, when an mp3 is selected and spacebar is pressed nothing happens. It used to play when spacebar was pressed.
  16. D

    Lost Most of My Movies After Changing Region

    I understand it's an old topic but I couldn't find substantial information aside from some discussion posts. So I live in Ukraine and ten years ago there was either no Ukraine in list of countries in iTunes or Ukrainian iTunes had like five movies available. So like millions of people in...
  17. reddrag0n

    audio stuttering titanium powerbook

    i'm running itunes in the background, but when i open other apps or move the mouse, i get audio stuttering and glitching. now when i reset the pram and do the open firmware commands then boot into leopard, the stuttering isn't there. but if i shut down the mac or restart it after, it starts the...
  18. L

    Apple Music Apple Music - So close yet so far

    I have taken advantage of a couple of promos in the past and right now Apple Music is so close to being ideal for me where as previously I always gladly went back to Tidal, partly because of the sound quality but also for the other reasons mentioned below. Now that Apple Music has lossless +...
  19. K

    How to remove the artist tag in itunes?

    I got both album artist and artist tags. In some cases the mac lets to remove the artist tag, in some cases it doesnt. Its possible to change the artist tag to anything else, but if you leave it blank, it will copy the the text from album artist.
  20. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Sync iTunes crashes iTunes

    I just bought my iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.0 I have a windows 10 laptop, running the latest version of Windows. EVERY time I try to sync photos, videos, or music from my PC to my phone iTunes crashes. I have uninstalled iTunes, re-installed. Downloaded directly from Apples site as well as...