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jailbreak cydia

  1. winderptv

    iPhone iOS 9 / iOS 10 Stlye Theme for iOS 13

    So I have an interesting thing to ask about...I currently have an iPhone on iOS 9.3.3 and have been eerie on updating to the newest iOS because of all the junk and clutter Apple made/added. Is there any iOS 9 or 10 styled themes available to download for Winterboard or other theme apps? Is it...
  2. C

    iPhone Jail broken version 11.3

    i would like some insight or instructions on installing Tor and exactly what capabilities I have with Tor besides searching through .onion sites ... I have an iPhone 7 version 11.3 Jailbroken and I have already installed Tor from Cydia , but I’m lost on what to do next . Any help would greatly...
  3. geekycheesecake

    iPhone Will Jail Breaking make my phone slower ?

    Hello, I am currently using iphone 6s 128 GB on iOS 11.3 . Battery health is 87% and phone is loaded with 40Gb of used space. Will Jail breaking the phone make it slower. Also, can I jail break to Cyndia Jail Break iOS 10? Is it possible on a phone which is running stable iOS 11.3?
  4. F

    iPhone [TUTORIAL] Purchase any Cydia Tweak IOS 11

    It's my first Tutorial Here hope you like it Guys Fawzidi :apple:
  5. G

    please Help !!iphone 7 11.1.2

    hi i need help i was installing tweak manually (filzajailed) on (electra b6) Jailbreak and i was installing cercube > \data\Library\Application Support\Cercube\Cercube.bundle \data\Library\LaunchDaemons \data\Library\MobileSubstrate\DynamicLibraries \data\usr\libexec\ and all with permission...
  6. N

    iPhone Xcon for Pokemongo All Deleted My Apps

    Hi guys, So i couldn't play pokemon go and i was jailbroken, so i searched on the internet and they all said to download xcon for pokemon go inorder to play. I checked if the source for the xcon was the same for all incase it was a scam and they were all the same. Then i downloaded it and when...
  7. carolinesommer

    iPhone Cydia won't delete

    I once jailbroke my iPhone 6, but then i unjailbroke it again, but the cydia app is still there. I can't open the app, it opens with a white screen and then quickly closes again. I tried deleting everything and rebooting, but the app is still there when i open the phone afterwards. I assume that...
  8. Userx12

    9.2 - 9.3.3 JB still valid?

    Hello, I was just preparing to JB for the first time, but it says this on the Pangu page: Option “Use embedded certificate effective until April 2017" If you chose the option "Use embedded certificate effective until April 2017", Pangu 9 will install an app that is signed by a revoked...
  9. ghostheadx2

    iPhone too many repos and unstable jailbreak

    I'm using an iPhone 6. I tried installing different repositories and want to go back to just the default ones after the problem started occurring, but I think I made it worse. My phone isn't compatible with anemone at all, and never was. It was never compatible with winterboard from the time...
  10. T

    iPod touch Cydia Won't Select Repo

    Cydia will launch and load on my iPod Touch 5th Gen (iOS 9.3.5). It will not, however, load a repo. No matter how many times I tap, it loads, then nothing. I cannot search, either. The search screen sits blank. Help, I'm using a VPN, as the network I'm on blocks certain connections...
  11. MrMaTe

    Not able to reinstall jailbreak [Help!]

    When press go in yalu it starts to respring, but stays in the respring state for a while, then it goes back to the unjailbroken homescreen and keeps doing that everytime. I've tried with the cydia impactor then the same thing happens, Thankful for help!
  12. M

    jailbreak for 10.2.1 anytime soon

    dont suppose anyone knows if and when a jailbreak for 10.2.1 will be released....thanks
  13. T

    iPhone iOS 10.2 iPhone 5s jailbreak Yalu help please!

    I'm on iOS 10.2, iPhone 5s, global, and I installed Cydia properly and I have the Cydia application and it opens successfully. However, whenever I try to install a tweak or anything, it will say that it is installed, but the tweak will never work. Also, when I respring, it will enter safe mode...
  14. R

    Should I update my iPhone 5s to iOS 10?

    I have a iphone 5s currently on ios 10.1.1. should i upgrade on 10.2.1 or stay and wait for a jailbreak?
  15. M


    What does that mean and how do I fix this? My tweaks before this happened still works just don't know how to get rid of this error
  16. Samuel Tulach

    SSH to non-jailbroken device with hardware?

    Hello! I have a simple question. If by this presentation built cable would work well with the iPhone 5s when I bought this adapter? Adapter: Presentation: -11 / Esser /...
  17. xSanxzy

    Cydia Forever ''Loading'' screen after installing/updating a tweak. iOS 8.4

    Please help me, Forever Loading screen after installing/updating a tweak :/ been trying to fix it for ages but cant seem to fix it heres a screenshot: also add my skype if you can help, since i dont use this site alot skype: sanxzyog