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  1. S

    Reviews for Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro 2021

    The case On On The (p)reviews: EN I'll update this post with more.
  2. Roadster Lewis

    This forum has ruined my keyboard and monitor plans...

    But potentially saved me buying the wrong products. I am trying to slim down my home office set up from the current work laptop/screen/keyboard and personal iMac/keyboard. I am going to replace my iMac with a MacBook Pro and ideally, I want to have one monitor and keyboard that I can plug the...
  3. zanglucarson

    Apple II GS Keyboard not working.

    Hi all, I'm note entirely sure if this is the right place for this, I've been having trouble finding places to ask about this stuff other than reddit. Anyways, my Apple II GS has recently developed an issue where the keyboard has stopped working entirely. I have no clue what could have caused...
  4. F

    My MacBook has a strange keyboard layout...

    Hi, so I bought a second hand macbook pro 16” a while ago and I noticed it had an AZERTY keyboard which didn’t bother me at all but then after using it I realized that the layout was quite strange and not like any other AZERTYs I’ve used. I did some research and found out that it’s a Belgium...
  5. J

    M1 MacBook Air keyboard actuation force: How would you evaluate it?

    Having read those positive comments all over the Internet, I've recently purchased a MacBook Air 13" (M1, 2020), with 8GB memory and JIS (Japanese) keyboard, without checking it at physical store. I'm satisfied with the machine power and its beautiful design work, but I do have a big issue with...
  6. slimmy18222

    MacBook Pro 2020 A2289 PROBLEM. Can I fix it?

    Hello, my A2289 MacBook keyboard and trackpad does not work anymore. keyboard backlight is working, Touch Bar is working but I can’t use it (change or touch anything on it, just displaying information). If I connect external keyboard and external mouse all work perfectly, but internal keyboard...
  7. C

    water droplets on keyboard of MacBook Air 2019. is that critical?

    hey guys, just wondering how serious could be trouble caused by a few droplets of water on my keys? I washed my hands and totally forgot what seller said to me about water. i started typing and saw that on 4 of my keys ( r, v, f, c) were droplets. i worked for 15 minutes more after this...
  8. L

    Keycap not straight

    I noticed my F9 keycap is not sitting levelled, when compared to the other function keys. If I press it I can feel it tends to "point" to the lower-left side of the key more. Also it feels more wobbly than the rest of the keys. It does appear to function correctly though. Is this something I...
  9. ZircoBen

    Keyboard Replacement Experiences - Do issues come back?

    Hello y'all, I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, and I had my keyboard replaced in the summer of 2019 after my spacebar was giving out. Now my 'A' and 'D' keys are repeating and I need ANOTHER replacement. For those who have had a recent keyboard replacement, are the new keyboards any different and...
  10. TrancyGoose

    Mx keys or MX keys for Mac?

    Folks, I am torn. I want to get a MX keys keyboard for my Macbook. (Personal daily driver) But, I also use a Chrome OS device for work, yes, we are a G-Suite company :( I am thinking, with that combo, would you get the Mac version or the regular version? Considering the combo I am going to...
  11. S

    Keyboard and touchpad protection Macbooks?

    Hi, I'm wondering if any of you use those thin transparent protection sheets for the touchpad and keyboard of your MacBooks. If you do use them, are they any good and do they make it more difficult to type / use the trackpad? The only other Macbook I had was from 2007 and the trackpad on that...
  12. P

    Ergonomic keyboard

    Hi! I’m looking for an ergonomic keyboard, something that one thinks shouldn’t be that difficult to find. I only have one simple demand: It shouldn’t make my eyes hurt. And if possible it should be wireless. This seems to make it impossible to find any candidates at all, which I find baffling...
  13. G

    Can't login because enter dont work HELP PLS

    Hey everyone, this morning i will to login to my macbook air( OS X 10 8 5 Mountain lion) , i tape my pass but i c'ant login because Enter dont work. Someone could help me please? Thanks,
  14. B

    equivalent keyboard to macbook air m1?

    I have the new m1 macbook air, and it's keyboard is amazing! Is there an standalone keyboard that is equivalent to that? I have an old apple keyboard and it's not even close to that, but maybe they have new ones with the same filling? Thanks.
  15. circatee

    Mac Mini - part two

    Well, after last weeks episode with the Mac Mini, I did return it. However, I loved the speed of the unit, and, well the overall use and feel of the unit. The MAIN, issue was the MX Master and Bluetooth connection. Today, I purchased a Mac Mini again. This time, I made sure to purchase a wired...
  16. J

    M1 MacBook Air Keyboard Lightbleed right of 'F' key

    Seeing light bleed to the right of the 'F' key-- I baby the laptop, keep it in a protective thule case, etc.. My prior MacBook Air (2012) has had no issues it is just a bit slow. Has anyone else seen similar issues with the keyboard on the M1 MacBook Air? The new M1 Air seems much more...
  17. J

    MacBook Key Repair

    Hi guys, one key on my MacBook Pro 13’ (2015) is slightly faulty, it isn’t broke but I have to push it harder than the rest for it to register, any advice? Thanks!
  18. C

    Macbook Pro Performance issues after keyboard repair (Mid-2012 A1398)

    Hi, I recently got a Retina 15" mid-2012 MacBook, it came with 6 keys on the keyboard not working. Up until I replaced the keyboard, it's been great - I loaded it with Big Sur and even though it's not officially supported, it ran great. Whilst I had a 4 hour fight to fit the keyboard, it went in...
  19. Basim.a

    MBP 16" Battery drain 100%-0% overnight without use

    My Macbook Pro 16" battery has been draining completely overnight for couple of days now. Another issue I've noticed is when waking the laptop from sleep a random key is pressed and I hear "funky" sound continuously. I'll have to restart the system everytime. I dont think it's a keyboard issue...
  20. HansBricks

    Keyboard and mouse do not work after initial startup

    Hello, I use a Mac Book Pro (running Mac OS Big Sur 11.1) for my desktop setup, which is connected to a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, as well as a Logitech MX Keys keyboard ... I also use three external monitors - my Mac Book is in a stand and and turns on automatically as soon as I turn on the...