1. dvvdv

    Organising Finder?

    How do you keep your Finder organised? What folders or labels do you use? Any tips or maybe even screenshots are appreciated, as I need to clean up my Mac!
  2. often-befuddled

    Seeking straightforward label printing software

    I have a need for label printing software. It should: Print on a variety of labels on 8.5x11 sheets Import XLS files; alternately some other data-file format such as XML... Run on various OSXi versions. Is simple to run. {Setup can be harder but...} Can start half-way through a sheet of labels...
  3. O

    Sierra Maps - no labels in satellite view?

    I seem to have lost labels (street names, POI, etc) when in satellite view. I have tried toggling the labels in the 'show' pop-up, and I've also tried deleting '~/Library/Containers/' folder. No luck so far. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!
  4. ArisHorizon

    Folder label highlighted???

    Hello ! The labels of my folders are highlighted but I haven’t changed anything and I can’t understand why and how to fix it. Any ideas ?
  5. kathryne_B

    Colored Label for Files

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change the preset color dots for labels/tags to different shades, like it was able to be done in the older versions of OS X, where when you wanted to change the shades of label, a wheel would come up, to be able to change the to different shades. Or am I...