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  1. S

    Apple TV landscape photos for Mac

    I've been searching for the black and white landscapes available as a screensaver for Apple TV, but all I can find are the aerial videos. Has anyone managed to extract the photos screensavers from the Apple TV somehow? The National Geographic ones are available on the Mac, but not the landscapes.
  2. SegPip

    iPhone Is Landscape (horizontal) FaceID a hardware or software issue?

    Any iPhone X owner knows how frustrating it is when their phone is landscape orientation and you must rotate your phone to unlock with your face! I was wondering if this is a definite hardware issue (meaning it would be introduced as a feature of a new generation of iPhone) or COULD this be a...
  3. macduke

    iPhone X Safari Tab Bar Missing?

    I figure after 15 minutes of Googling and searching the forums it was time to post this. Where is the tab bar in Safari on iPhone X in landscape mode? In the Settings App, under Safari, there is an option to "Show Tab Bar" that does nothing. I don't think I ever looked into these settings...
  4. D

    iPhone 7 app switcher animation bug

    Whenever I double tap the home button to open the app switcher in landscape mode, there's a glitch in the animation. It only happens on my iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it doesn't happen on my iPhone 6s. I tried restarting my phone to factory settings, and I tried restoring from a backup, it still...
  5. zachlegomaniac

    Landscape Design Software

    Can anyone recommend landscape design software that runs on OS X? We use Dynascape at work on PCs, and I downloaded Punch! to my MacBook Pro a couple of years ago, but it was junk IMO. Would love input. Thanks.
  6. P

    Comic Landscape - A large way to read your comics

    Recently published app that lets you read your cbr/cbz/pdf/rar/zip comics in landscape mode (portrait also supported in settings) The reader can read the comic by tapping on the bottom of the screen or top of the screen to go down or up half a page. In an upcoming update you'll be able to browse...