1. M

    Super Conflicted

    thank you for the help!
  2. P

    How can I install Mac OS on my Lenovo laptop?

    Can anyone help me with this or suggest a way to do it? Thanks in Advance :)
  3. B

    Can anyone recommend me a decent Windows Laptop (USBC) for financial work?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to purchase a Windows laptop that includes USB-C. I'm planning on using it for financial work (for the small office I work at - mostly Excel stuff and quickbooks). I would like something that's inexpensive (ideally under $750, but open to save a bit more if you think...
  4. M

    MacBook Pro 16" clinking sound bottom case

    I just got my new 16 inch MacBook Pro and I am very satisfied overall but I recently experienced a weird sound (sounds like metal rattling) when I have my Laptop on my chest or when I gently touch the bottom. It seems to be a hardware issue and I am now thinking of returning the machine.. Is...
  5. Vadafallon

    Thinking of buying a 2019 macbook pro

    I am thinking of buying a new Macbook pro. I am going to use it mainly for music production but also for video editing and the occasional World of Warcraft playing. So supposedly the keyboard has been fixed on this new rendition of the macbook pro 2019. Do i buy one now or wait for the next 16"...
  6. G

    Which is the best laptop to edit photos and videos?

    Hi, I am an enthusiast and a photographer also likes to play games in my free time. Can anyone suggest me which is the best laptop for editing that I can buy? My budget for buying a laptop is 50,000 Indian rupees.
  7. J

    Need some buying advice

    i have a 2012 MacBook Pro. I can’t use it for work, I use my wife’s PC for gaming, and use my iPad for most browsing, etc, so I only use it a few times a year. However, I do get frustrated at times with the limitations of the iPad and feel I’d use my laptop more if it were...
  8. M

    iPad Question.

    Which iPad is the best for the following that I would use it for? WiFi or cellular+WiFi? Taking and storing lots of photos Email Texting Internet / Facebook Word Processing like Pages Periodically making a spread sheet with Numbers.
  9. kraZEe.eyez

    Macbook Pro Paper Weight (Scam Victim)

    This story is a warning to all prospective buyers of second hand Apple laptops... I own a mid-2015 MacBook Pro and use it for high-end photo and video editing. It’s got a great spec but was lacking the space/ram and power to grade 4K footage, so I decided upon an upgrade. I aimed high - for the...
  10. Anonymous700

    Can schools look at your past facetime calls?

    I heard from somewhere that your calls are recorded on school laptops and schools can go back and watch them. I personally don't believe this is true but I want confirmation. Is this true?
  11. H

    Laptop recommendations for graphics work, similar to MBPro?

    Hi all, I'm currently using 2014 MBPro 15" (512GB, 16GB, i7) and previously 2009 MBPro 13" and would like to get a new laptop for 2d and 3d work. Recent Apple products have seemed to be slightly disappointing (keyboard, price and quality wise) and I would like to know which PC laptops I should...
  12. M

    Apps - iPad as Computer

    Do you use your iPad (Pro) as your computer? What are your favorite, useful apps that make this possible? Email: Email - multiple email addresses; unified in box, use keyboard shortcuts Browsers: Chrome - sync bookmarks, more robust, request desktop site File Management: Writing...
  13. EEzycade


    As a Mac user finally branching out, I am looking for a windows laptop. Some baisc requirements are: core i7, at least 500 gb of storage, and it needs to be able to output 4k to a monitor. I heard that the last one might require a soecific hdmi like hdmi2.0 but i dont know. I am new to the whole...
  14. M

    Laptop combination lock security - insert into SD card slot

    Hi i will soon be travelling and have ordered a combination laptop lock to prevent theft of my macbook air (13 inch 2012). I bought it thinking it would have to go into a little slot and lock (which sticks onto the laptop outside surface). But actually it fits and locks securely into the SD card...
  15. Y

    [PLS HELP] Shady 2017 MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar Display Issue

    So I have a display problem for my MBP, there's a strip of dead pixels on the bottom then a faintly flickering gradient above it. It first started out with a very faint flickering gradient on the bottom, it would sometimes be there otherwise not. Then it stayed there. Since then, the strip of...
  16. S

    Best MacBook Pro for a computer science students

    Soon I'm going to study computer science at uni, so I need a MacBook Pro but I want to know which of these models would be the best for me. They are both the same prize €1999 and both 13". 1. Macbook Pro 2017 without Touch Bar 2.5GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo...
  17. W

    Computing on the road - Questions

    My last MacBook Pro died suddenly in 2013. I had to switch to an iMac for budgetary reasons, so I haven't been in the thick of it as far as mobile computing capabilities and expectations since then. I understand that the use of USB-C / ThunderBolt 3, new-generation external monitors and eGPUs...
  18. Leevkw

    Faulty USB ports

    Does anybody else find that the USB ports on all Macbook's often become faulty after a couple years? Even the slightest touch of my external hard drive will disconnect the device. And, the same thing happened on my old macbook. Is this another case of planned obsolescence from the guys and...
  19. AL1630

    Best replacement for a slow hard drive?

    My iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 are pretty slow, even with the RAM maxed out, and leopard tuning tricks. I'm thinking that it's probably the ancient hard drives, they both have the stock hard drives which IIRC are 4200 RPM, at least in the iBook. My level of trust in 14 year old drives isn't very...
  20. slitherjef

    Versus thread: pixel book or surface laptop?

    Been wanting something to do a little work with in my lap, like typing which is hard to do with my surface pro 3 in my lap. Also probably some YouTube web, email. I'm kinda leaning towards the pixel book since I'm kinda in deep with Google as it is, but functionality is a bit crunched. Then...