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  1. LEO Sattani

    Is there any PC better than iMac?

    hELP US with your kind information
  2. lepidotós

    Club 14

    I've been... advised to start up a 14" club. so I suppose I will. You know the deal, 14" PowerBooks and iBooks. No G requirement this time, because my intimate knowledge kinda just stops entering into Old World territory so if there are any pre-G3 14" PowerBooks, feel free to share yours. I...
  3. I

    Carrier Using Mail on iPad Pro same as laptop

    Hello, I am using the iPad Pro for some time now and have no clue how to relay on mail app. i can’t copy mail in other mail as attachment. i can’t make a local folder to offload mail server storage. does anyone has idea how to manage those 2 things? or the next computer is not actually my next PC :)
  4. C

    2001 PowerBook G4 Titanium vs 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max

    I recently found my old TiBook while at my parent's house over the holidays and thought I'd grab some shots of it along side my new M1 Max MacBook Pro. While internally, the differences are night and day, externally, it's eery how similar they are, especially with the new design's callbacks to...
  5. Pilot Jones

    Recommend a Windows Laptop for my Dad please!

    Would love your help since I'm a long time MacBook Pro user here and not very knowledgable about Windows machines. My dad's Lenovo Yoga 910 is utterly falling apart (keyboard freezes, malfunctioning SSD reader, etc.) so he really needs a new Windows PC soon. He's sort of an enterprise...
  6. A

    Is the 13" M1 Mac Book Pro still worth it at a major discount?

    There is a place where I can get an M1 Mac Book Pro with 16GB Ram, and 512GB storage for $1,299.00. Or I can get a Windows Device with an RTX 3050, AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB Ram, 512GB Storage with a 15.6in 144fps display for $1,099. AS a die-hard Apple Sheep that likes to game. Should I get the Mac, or...
  7. K

    Why an iMac or Mac Mini when you can buy a MacBook Pro and dock it?

    I have got an iMac 27 5k late 2014 which accomplished a lot of work until today. Two months ago I replaced my almost no used MacBook Pro 2016 with a MacBook Pro M1. And now I wanted to replaced my desktop old 5k iMac with someone new, but the display size and resolution is very important to me...
  8. R

    For Undergrad CS Student: MacBook Pro 13" M1 vs cheaper Windows laptop i7 processor

    For undergrad CS Student is MacBook Pro 13" M1 useful ? I think CS student may need Mac native terminal / bash shell for scripting. Now Window 10 also support bash shell and linux subsystem. Most 3rd party softwares comes with intel x86_64 / AMD distributions, for example common development...
  9. P

    M1 MacBook Pro real-world battery performance

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this site in a LONG time. It's nice to be back amongst the Apple community, the best tech community there is!.. So yesterday I finally delivery of my brand-new M1 MacBook Pro (Space Grey, 8GB Ram, 512GB SSD) and I'm absolutely over the moon with it. I know...
  10. macnerd93

    Newest acquisition A boxed example of the Titanium PowerBook G4

    I had spotted a previous example for sale on UK ebay a fairly rare 1Ghz last gen model in excellent shape, but missing the distinctive silver headed power lead, hard drive, box and accessories. The seller was actually unsure if it worked or not, but condition did look like new. That ended up...
  11. smoking monkey

    All Aboard the AS Train!

    As somebody who held off buying a 16" intel as soon as I heard the rumors about AS, I was all aboard the AS train. There was no way I was going to buy an intel machine when Apple was coming out with new kit. Then WWDC happened in June and they officially introed AS. It seemed impressive and the...
  12. M

    Super Conflicted

    thank you for the help!
  13. P

    How can I install Mac OS on my Lenovo laptop?

    Can anyone help me with this or suggest a way to do it? Thanks in Advance :)
  14. B

    Can anyone recommend me a decent Windows Laptop (USBC) for financial work?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to purchase a Windows laptop that includes USB-C. I'm planning on using it for financial work (for the small office I work at - mostly Excel stuff and quickbooks). I would like something that's inexpensive (ideally under $750, but open to save a bit more if you think...
  15. M

    MacBook Pro 16" clinking sound bottom case

    I just got my new 16 inch MacBook Pro and I am very satisfied overall but I recently experienced a weird sound (sounds like metal rattling) when I have my Laptop on my chest or when I gently touch the bottom. It seems to be a hardware issue and I am now thinking of returning the machine.. Is...
  16. Vadafallon

    Thinking of buying a 2019 macbook pro

    I am thinking of buying a new Macbook pro. I am going to use it mainly for music production but also for video editing and the occasional World of Warcraft playing. So supposedly the keyboard has been fixed on this new rendition of the macbook pro 2019. Do i buy one now or wait for the next 16"...
  17. G

    Which is the best laptop to edit photos and videos?

    Hi, I am an enthusiast and a photographer also likes to play games in my free time. Can anyone suggest me which is the best laptop for editing that I can buy? My budget for buying a laptop is 50,000 Indian rupees.
  18. J

    Need some buying advice

    i have a 2012 MacBook Pro. I can’t use it for work, I use my wife’s PC for gaming, and use my iPad for most browsing, etc, so I only use it a few times a year. However, I do get frustrated at times with the limitations of the iPad and feel I’d use my laptop more if it were...
  19. M

    iPad Question.

    Which iPad is the best for the following that I would use it for? WiFi or cellular+WiFi? Taking and storing lots of photos Email Texting Internet / Facebook Word Processing like Pages Periodically making a spread sheet with Numbers.
  20. kraZEe.eyez

    Macbook Pro Paper Weight (Scam Victim)

    This story is a warning to all prospective buyers of second hand Apple laptops... I own a mid-2015 MacBook Pro and use it for high-end photo and video editing. It’s got a great spec but was lacking the space/ram and power to grade 4K footage, so I decided upon an upgrade. I aimed high - for the...