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  1. k1im

    M1 MBP Light leak along rubber bezel edges + Backlight bleed

    Finally received my M1 MBP and was very happy about it until I came across the thread about the uniformity of the screen. I ran a Backlight Bleed Test ( even though found these conditions quite unnatural to be in a complete darkness sitting with a full brightness. And the...
  2. L

    There May Not Be a Series 5 This Year

    From what's come out, it seems that there may not be a series 5 watch this year. Apparently only 4 new models were registered, which supposedly correspond with the 40 and 44 mm versions of the titanium and ceramic finish watches. Rumours suggest that this might mean that these will be...
  3. J

    Other (LEAK) iPhone 9 Colours Site Leak via SLASHLEAKS
  4. K

    iOS Dark Mode Leak (am I the only one who noticed it?)

  5. A

    Apple Genius Bar Query UK

    Hi guys, I live in the UK and I visited the Apple Genius Bar back in May regarding damage to my Mac. Does anyone know if Apple keep a record of past Genius appointments and Damage reports? My mac had water damage back in May and Apple were charging too much to fix so I took it to a private...
  6. A

    Apple to remove battery percentage indicator on iPhone X?

    In recent leaks, it has been shown that the status bar of the iPhone X will consist of the time on the left and cellular, wifi, and battery on the right. However, this would make it so that there wouldn't be enough room for the battery percentage indicator, and none of the leaked images have...
  7. LucasLand

    Can this iPad mini be repaired?

    been using my iPad mini 2 for well over a year with no problems, until a week ago. i took it out of my pocket and all this black liquid is leaking under the glass. the iPad still works fine and i can still tap on things fine even if it under the black liquid. i can see hairline cracks in glass...
  8. pwrmac.jpg