leopard 10.5

  1. blackxacto

    Is it possible to run OS X Leopard in a partition of Big Sur?

    I need some documents from an application for The New Yorker Magazine. But it only runs in Leopard. I've never fooled w virtual installations.
  2. Appleuser201

    Who Uses The Roccat Browser? (Leopard PPC)

    On one of my earlier G4 YouTube threads someone mentioned they use the Roccat browser with mobile UA for YouTube playback... I never heard of this browser before. It's a WebKit based browser, like Safari, and also available for iOS and intel. From what I've seen, it looks to be a pretty good...
  3. Appleuser201

    what really is the best web browser for the G4 running Leopard?

    I saw this video (link above) from June 2018 showing 3 different browsers running on a 1.33ghz ibook g4, one of them being the default safari browser which aactually did the best even beating tenfourfox for speed and being able to manage online flash video and even youtube playback. Tenfourfox...
  4. J

    Install Leopard on PowerMac G4

    I've just installed Tiger (10.4) on a PowerMac G4 with 800Mhz. But now I'm looking to install Leopard (10.5) on my PowerMac. I've got the DMG installation file burned on a DL-DVD, but the installation keeps giving the same message that tells me it can't be installed because of my hardware...
  5. BigBIg5

    How to play YouTube in HD on iMac G5 20" iSight

    I have an Mac G5 20" iSight with Leopard installed. How can I play YouTube in HD like 720p?
  6. BigBIg5

    Is Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Safe in 2017?

    I got a iMac G5 20" from a family member. I installed Linux on it but have some problems. I am wondering if Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is safe to use in 2017? If any vulnerabilities, are there fixes/patches?
  7. iulop

    Best mp3 cd burner software for ppc mac

    What is the best mp3 cd burner for a powermac g4 ? I am currently running mac os 10.5 leopard .
  8. ReventonPro

    Open Firmware help

    I'm trying to boot Leopard off a USB drive on my Early 2004 iBook G4. Using the command: boot usb1/disk@1,\\tbxi I receive the following information: load-size=0 adler32=1 LOAD-SIZE is too small ok So, I ask, what exactly does this mean? My machine is equipped with only 256 MB of RAM, do...