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  1. M

    Getting constant Find my notifications that my friend has left their home location when home.

    Does anyone experience getting multiple, “time sensitive,” notifications from the find my app that say they have been sent by your friend who has notifications set to allow you to know when they leave a specific location? The service can be pretty spotty where my friend lives, and I get...
  2. S

    Simulating location with __internal__PlaceCardLocationSimulation

    Hey there! In the last few days I have been searching for methods to spoof/simulate your location, I've seen something called 3utools which can spoof your location until you reboot (if anyone knows how this works please hit me up). However I rather not use this since it sends personal data to...
  3. Radko

    Popular near me uses location when turned off

    Hello fellows, i am having rather strange issue. location services are always on but i have setup them so they minimize battery drain. in that regard popular near me is off, but as the title says - it always shown purple arrow - meaning it recently used location. anyone knows what thats...
  4. Wiencon

    iPhone If you're like me and you travel a lot by train or bus, you might like my new app - Glarm! Easy location-based alarms

    If you're like me and you travel a lot by train, or bus you might not always recognize railway stations or tell quickly how far is your stop, so you start nervously checking the time and position on the map. With Glarm you can set alarm to ring, let's say 30 kilometres from your destination and...
  5. TiredOfThisBS

    Need help tracking my wife's affair.

    Hi all. Long and short of it is my wife was having an affair last year which she came out about on Superbowl Sunday. She had deleted all of her messages, photos, apps, social media account, and a handful of other data. What she didnt delete is the GPS significant/frequent locations. She now...
  6. U

    download location of software update on macOS Catalina?

    Where are the download files stored after running the command in Terminal: softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version
  7. Del Rei

    Safari: How to stop asking for current location FOR GOOD??

    Hi, guys. This is really annoying me. Every time I access some sites there is this message asking to use my current location... And the only option is "Remember my decision for one day". Every day this message appears... The box "Ask websites not to track me" is checked and nothing helps...
  8. Owenpatry

    Track and Log location

    Hey All! First post so bare with me! First, a little background to understand my motive: I’m a freelancer in the film biz in Southern California and I go to a lot of different places for work. My wife and I plan on moving in the near future and I’ve always wondered what the prime location is...
  9. J

    iPhone Location based reminder alarm with vibration and message

    I'm looking for an iOS app that would do the following: I realize I need to buy something, let's say a screwdriver. But it's not urgent. What I want is to be reminded of this when I'm walking near the screwdriver shop. However, it's always very crowded and noisy at that location. There are many...
  10. T

    iPhone 6(S)(+) GPS Not Functional - iPhone 6

    You probably groaned when you saw the iPhone 6 part of the title, but I'm not in a financial position to upgrade to a new iPhone yet unfortunately. I'm aware of the iPhone 6's age, but a problem arose around roughly February that has been absolutely ridiculous and has caused major problems for...
  11. 2

    Other How to send photos without revealing location metadata

    I don't want to turn off the location data for the camera app, because I like the auto geotagging function to tag where my photos are taken. This definitely helpful when using the in macOS. But one thing I would like is for it to strip that location data before I send/share the photo...
  12. I

    iPhone X Schedule Reoccurring DND by Location

    The iPhone XS Max is my first iPhone and I am loving it. I am a switcher. I love being able to set DND until I leave a location by way of 3D touch. This is great for going to restaurants, movies, etc. I also use this feature for work. But instead of having to set it every morning I would...
  13. U

    iPhone X Wifi must be enabled for GPS location

    Why do I need wifi turned on to find my location? I have concluded that on my iPhone X, while located in certain states/cities, my GPS location shows far away from my actual location unless I have wifi enabled. I have tested this in many locations around the country and find it most puzzling...
  14. M

    Find my Friends Confusion

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone can help me out as to why find my friends stopped sharing my friends location. my friend shared their location with me, and I was able to see it, then one day this message popped up, but i was only able to see it on my MacBook and not my iPhone. i had...
  15. Q

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone analytics

    Hi all, Some technical advice please. Running iOS 11.3. I’m pretty security conscious and therefore took to disabling location services in my settings for all apps bar find my iPhone and sos. I also uninstalled Maps and other system apps which I rarely used. I don’t have many other apps bar...
  16. rush86999

    [Beta] Active Circles- invite friends' friends to events with snaps

    Hi, guys/gals, iOS developer here maker of Active Circles: featured on ProductHunt: App store: LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS! College students preferred but not...
  17. S

    Where to put my new HomePod

    I have a fairly basic question that I have so far seen no literature on... I ordered my HomePod, now, where in my home should I put it? Are there any audiophiles out there who might have a good sense? We have all seen Apple's demo room but realistically very few people have that exact setup...
  18. D

    Location Services Question

    I always have all my location services turned off except find my mac. Among those turned off location services is Setting Time Zone (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Location Services -> Details -> Setting Time Zone (off ) ) While traveling I always change my time to the current...
  19. D

    iPhoneX made in the US?

    hi, I just received my iPhone X. The serial number starts with G0, which is according to a manufacturing plant in the US. This information must be wrong since they are not assembling iPhones in the US, right?
  20. bonjourx

    Can I share my location with a loved one using AW3 LTE?

    So just like what the title say, can I share my location to my husband using an Apple Watch series 3 LTE if I don’t have my phone with me? We always share our location through our iPhones to one another so this one would be so useful.