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lock screen

  1. F

    iPhone X Wifi disconnects while on sleep mode

    Since I updated to iOS 13, my iPhone has begun to disconnect to the wifi when it's locked. When I tap the screen to wake, I see my wifi symbol for like half a second, then it shows 4G, and then after a second or 2, it is once again connected to wifi. The issue is that this eliminates me using...
  2. Z

    Volume & pause at lock screen

    On the lock screen, I always have a volume control slider with a big "pause" button, why does this happen and how can I get rid of it?
  3. 2GoldFish

    Face ID & home screen

    Is it possible to set up the iPhone so that as soon as the Face ID is unlocked, it will take you straight to the Home screen (with icons)? Currently my phone remains in the lock screen (despite the lock pad is unlocked) and I have to swap up to get to the Home screen. Thanks in advance.
  4. Helmsley

    iPhone 8(+) Lock Screen Freezes

    Over the past few days, my 8 Plus running iOS 11.4.1 has started to freeze when trying to unlock. Not every time but it seems to be happening more frequently. When I press the power button, I get a black screen with the clock at the top and and a padlock symbol (see screenshot). The phone...
  5. A

    iPhone X SOLVED: "user error" iPhone X notch with duplicated icons on lock screen

    Anyone else have this going on with the duplicated notch icons? See the attached screenshot. I tried both a hard reset and soft reset options. Trying to avoid a complete iOS reinstallation. Once I unlock the phone, the notch indicators are normal. On iOS 11.4.1.
  6. P

    Request: Lock Screen Handoff

    I've missed having access to Handoff on the lock screen since it broke in iOS 10 (I think?). I really want Apple to bring it back and I think it'd be perfect to style it like a Siri Shortcut suggestion. Heck it could be tagged as a Siri Shortcut to make it seem like part of iOS' intelligence...
  7. T

    Problem on Lock screen and Touch ID

    Hello, Thanks for reading first, I am new to this forum. I got a problem about using the Touch ID to unlock my MacBook Pro 15. When every time I lock my screen by click the Apple Icon -> Lock Screen (or cmd + ctrl + Q), Mac locks me out and shows me a password window (first screenshot), and I...
  8. MihneaG

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iOS 11 - Messenger notifications on lock screen

    Hello one and all! I'm currently using an iPhone 6s running iOS 11.3.1. A while back, I turned off all sorts of notifications, chief among which were the ones for Facebook Messenger. I was (and to an extent still am) uncomfortable with private stuff popping up on my phone screen. All was well...
  9. D

    Face ID - Skip the Lock Screen

    Some of us fly by the notification screen very often. I very much want Apple to implement THE OPTION, I stress the option of allowing a similar scenario to Touch ID's "rest to wake." Wake > Look > Home Screen. A completely hands free path to the home screen seems awesome.
  10. Scorcher

    Macbook slow to unlock and freezes

    I have the 2017 MacBook (base model). When I first got it it was really fast and great. Recently I noticed that when I open the screen, it doesn't automatically wake up. It now takes some furious clicking on the keyboard to wake it up. Also I get the wird display bug. the screen goes all pink...
  11. GeeMillz22

    Empty Lock screen

    Does anyone else randomly go to unlock their phone or go back to the lock screen and the jumbo clock disappears? I can replicate the issue on call but it does happen at least twice a day. The only way for me to fix it is by performing a soft reset. It’s really bothersome. This has happened on...
  12. paulv80

    iPhone Security Flaw - Screenshot!!

    Has anyone noticed with the new iOS 11 screenshot share feature you can get into someone’s phone without a passcode or fingerprint (iPhone 7 or higher). Huge security issue. Here are the steps I took to came across the bug. 1. With phone locked, take screenshot. 2. Tap and hold the...
  13. Yorkshire Lad

    iPad Clock and date centred again... did I miss a memo?

    I know it's not a disaster in the grand scheme of things, but... having cropped a photo of a close, personal friend for my lock screen, making sure there was enough space on the left to accommodate the clock and date, you can imagine my annoyance at finding the clock and date are now stamped...
  14. U

    Notifications not coming for new mails received in favorited folders- iOS 11 Beta 2

    I am not getting notifications for new mails which are received in any of the folders configured as favorites. There is no Banner appearing and nothing shows in Notification centre/ History or Lock Screen. The notifications, however, do come for new mails received in Inbox folder as expected...
  15. A

    iPhone Google Drive App No Longer Playing Audio on Lock Screen

    I use the Google Drive app to listen to demos and practice sessions from my band. The guys in my band upload .mp3s and .WAVs and I save them to my drive, star them and save them for offline listening. Not only could I play .mp3s and .WAVs in the app but they would continue to play on the lock...
  16. S

    iMessage 3D Touch Keyboard Not Working

    Hi Everyone, So on my lock screen when I get an iMessage notification I would 3D press it on my lock screen get the pop up message with the keyboard. Now whenever I 3D touch the message pops up but no keyboard. Is there a setting for this? Welp I figured it out. Can a mod close this thread...
  17. robyonts

    Dual time display on lock screen.

    How do I display dual time zones (Home & Roam) on the lock screen? Not a widget that I have to swipe right for, right on the main lock screen seen when I "raise to wake".
  18. I

    Hey Siri "You'll need to unlock your iPhone first"

    Updated to iOS 10.1 on my iPhone. Now Siri will not open any of my apps from the sleep state. With passcode set to require after 4 hours, and phone passcode unlocked, it does not work. In iOS 9.X I could say "Hey Siri, open maps" and the phone would wake up and maps would open. (assuming that...
  19. D

    iOS 10.0.2 - How to enable camera on iPhone 6 & iPad lock screen?

    I recently updated to iOS 10.0.2. To my dismay, I can no longer access the camera on the lock screen by swiping on the icon. This was a very useful function when I wanted to catch some quick shots with my iPhone 6 without first having to enter my passcode to access the camera on the home...
  20. U

    Siri ALWAYS asks to unlock phone first

    When the screen is off, anytime I try to use siri it says "You'll need to unlock your iphone first" -I don't use a fingerprint to unlock the phone (or anything else, although I had apps store finger print enabled on ios9 without issue) -require passcode: after 4 hours -display and brightness...