logic board failure

  1. A

    MacBook Pro (A1989, mid-2018) Not Powering On - No Water/Drop/Shock Damage

    I have a 20-month old A1989 (661-09759, i7-16GB-256GB, mid-2018 touch bar) that has stopped powering on (running Mojave, it was installing 2020-003 security update the last time it was on). Per Apple store and a third-party tech, it has an unknown logic board issue that requires a replacement...
  2. L

    Whats wrong with this iMac?

    I have 2 SSD Hard Drives in this mac. One is getting pretty full. I repaired it all really cleanly and it's worked fine for a long time since then. I'm starting to get graphical glitches as well as the iMac will sometimes run for a while then randomly turn to a Grey screen and then restart and...
  3. T

    17" iMac Won't Boot

    iMac 17” 2 GHz A1208 does not boot, no chime, no fans or other mechanical activity. Opened it up to see the diagnostic LEDs. Upon plugging in, LED 1 lights up normally, and LED 2 lights up at about half brightness and before I touch the power button. I have not been able to find any...
  4. Dheerapong

    How log to repair you MacBook Pro?

    Hello everyone. I sent my MacBook Pro (13-inch,2018, 4) to Authorized Service Provider (Ali bin Ali) on 9/21/2019. From that day till today take more 36 days left. I don't know, how long that you take repair for you macbook? Dheerapong
  5. deadmbp

    2018 i9 MacBook Pro found dead

    Hi there! For some mystical reasons my $4k MBP has died a few days ago. I have been very gentle to this beast and mostly used it as a desktop. Apple Authorized Service diagnosed "logical board" failure and suggested a replacement. No possible cause was given, but a quote of $1K for a...
  6. C

    Having to reset smc all the time

    I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro, I have had a bunch of issues with it over the years, but nothing I couldn’t fix myself. Lately it’s suddenly getting extra slow and unresponsive, right when I’m in the middle of doing something, watching a video, or just checking my emails. It will not go back...
  7. manongjoseph

    Is the late 2013 15" rmbp compatible with mid 2014 logic board?

    my late 2013 15" retina logic board is busted, and i need to get a new one. is it possible for me to get a 2014 one? Thank you so much in advanced for the answers. :)
  8. H

    Resolved tbMBP 2016 Replacement. What to expect?

    UPDATED Hey everyone, Mostly I just wanted to go through my very frustrating Apple Care experience, hopefully my experience may benefit someone else and shed some more light on issues with these machines. I originally purchased a 15" MacBook Pro with Touchbar shortly after their release in...
  9. H

    MBP 2017 logic board failure

    My MBP is 15 month old. Just crashed without any seen reason. The official Apple Lab said Logic board needs replacement. Anyone else had a similar problem after such a short time from buying? (I heard about other cases and trying to find if there is something common in the problems.) Any...
  10. jb244661

    iPhone 8(+) Iphone 8 Logic Board issues

    Hello Community, My basic question is has anyone had a similar experience to mine (see below) and what did they do about it. I have been an Iphone owner since 2010 when the Iphone 4 was released. I have loved apple products ever since. After today however, I may NEVER buy and apple product...
  11. R

    Mac Pro 4,1 - Fried Logic Board?

    I've searched on here and can't find my exact issue. Was installing a new GPU, the GTX 780TI. That worked but then I decided to see if I could get the original GPU installed as well in another PCIe slot. Saw somewhere that someone had used power from two of the SATA ports used for the hard...
  12. TheBruno

    Looking for advice about Apple Repair...

    I just agreed to have Apple repair my Late 2012 27" iMac. The logic board is being replaced. I just repaired my iMac in December 2016 due to a faulty wireless card. The grand total (with labor) will be $589. I was debating between this and purchasing a new 27" iMac (around $3,200 with upgrades)...
  13. Mainbeam

    Graphics card failure

    Hi folks, I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro 15”. Unfortunately the graphics card has failed again. I just get grey screen after boot up noise. Or green apple logo then grey screen. I’ve taken it to Apple and they no longer repair this model. I want to repair it myself but unsure of how to do it...
  14. R

    MacBook Air 2015 is dead

    Hallo Guys, - I already searched for a similar problem than mine in this forum, but didn't find anything helpful. - My MacBook Air 2015 is dead and I don't have a clue whats broken, maybe you guys can help me. Everything began with this issue: My MacBook Air (MBA) just turned off while I was...
  15. D

    Is this the screen or the logic board failing?

    Woke up to this, which would you guys suspect is the issue? Cheers Lawrence
  16. X

    Life of my 2012 rMBP 15

    Back in June 2012 when I gazed upon the newly released MacBook Pro with Retina display, I know that it was the machine I wanted to purchase. It ticked all the boxes; had good battery life, great screen, CPU, GPU and all I wanted back then. Sadly the demand was rather strong and I waited for 2...
  17. SMGreenfield

    Should logic board fail on iMac (Late 2014 27 inch Retina 5K)

    My father has an iMac (Late 2014 27 inch Retina 5K) where he was experiencing screen flickering. He brought it in to his local Apple Store (in Florida), where they initially said it was the power supply, which they waived the $67 part cost to replace. But after replacing, they said the issue...
  18. S

    Late 2014 15" rMBP (high end) logic board prob.

    Greetings, lately i went to an Apple Store to see what was wrong with my rMBP because the battery appears to be at less than 80% capacity and it turned out that it might be the Logic Board. The issue is that it fails to pass the test, but everytime it is run it gives a different error (like one...
  19. Hila87

    Logic Board Failure - MacBook Pro Late 2015

    Hey guys, *long post for background story- question on bottom* In December 2015, I got my new MacBook Pro 13" Retina display (Late 2015). It was a gift for my birthday from many friends and family that gather for that matter. It came right on time after my old Mac (Early 2009) died on me, in a...
  20. E

    My USB ports got fried

    Hey guys... I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro and recently had a faulty USB hub short out. It fried all of the USB devices that it was connected to and it fried the USB ports on MBP. All other ports and functions are working fine. Genius Bar offered a $500 logic board replacement, which I can't...