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logic pro x

  1. N

    Help with Logic Pro dilemma

    My brother has an iMac running Catalina. He purchased an Alesis Multimix 6 USB interface. He has both GarageBand and Logic Pro X. The problem he has is that he can record his guitar in GarageBand, but cannot record in LPX. The USB codec is recognized in the LPX preferences and selected as the...
  2. dumiku

    macOS 11 Big Sur kills a lot of plugins

    Big Sur is a deal-breaker when it comes to Music Production especially if you use some legacy or free plugin that won't receive any update in the future. Most of my plugins were working as of beta 2 since it's the version number was still 10.16 except for those that were already crashing on...
  3. P

    Urgent advice needed. Imac 2019 for audio production

    Hi there, I got the opportunity of a i9, 24gb ram, 580x and 512gb ssd, 2019 iMac. 2500€. It’s second hand but is as new. I‘m going to use it as my main and only workstation. Not for gaming, just audio production through logic pro x, so I need it not being loud (fan). I would apreciatte giving...
  4. RicSousaMusic

    MacBook Pro 16" for Logic Pro X: Octa-Core CPU vs 32 GB RAM

    Hi, folks! So, I'm in a dilemma on which base MacBook 16" I should with the intention of using it mostly to work with Logic Pro and other DAWs, and doing some ocasional image and video editing (the latter won't be too, too much complex in terms of effects and workflow). With that in mind, I'm...
  5. Mark Matthews

    MacBook Air 2020 Logic Pro

    Hi there This is my first post here, if it’s in the wrong section please let me know where best to post this. Basically, I’m on the look out for a new Mac and have been toying with the idea of a MacBook Air with i5 processor and 16 gigs of ram, or the i7 with 8 gigs. Fan noise and overheating...
  6. S

    MacBook Air with Logic Pro X

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for a new laptop for college and am planning to buy a MacBook. Because both my budget and needs aren’t too big, the pick was for the 2020 MacBook Air i5 with 256GB. I am planning to use my MacBook mainly for college (finance major) so school-related tasks...
  7. beatz_55

    Using Logic Pro X (MBP 2018)

    I just dl'd the trial for Logic Pro X. So far, it's running well. Def a lot of GB for sound files. I currently have a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, Catalina OS (MBP 2018). I'm still learning the ropes of Audio Production. Are these specs sufficient enough for an external MIDI...
  8. Pugly

    2020 i5, 2015 i7 MBA benchmarks and comparisons using Logic Pro X

    I just bought a new MBA (i5/16GB/256). I ran some tests in Logic and Cinebench to compare it with my old Air, and thought some here might be interested in what I found. With the talk of throttling, and cooling limitations I wanted to see how it compares to the old Airs. If this new Air isn't...
  9. Sam Cracknell

    Thunderbolt 1 Enclosure for Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD?

    My MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) can no longer handle my Logic Pro X sessions and I'm getting constant system overload messages. Just getting to grips with all of the jargon surrounding external storage but I'm looking for some help. I haven't utilised the thunderbolt capabilities of...
  10. Drummer_Photog

    Switched to Logic Pro X what Mac is reccomended?

    I am getting Logic Pro X, I used Pro Tools on Windows, Logic is more intuitive. I am a drummer. I make loops to play too and some live drum recording. 5-6 tracks max. My issue is expense related. I use a 2018 27" for my photography and need to be cost conscious. I have an array of plug-ins...
  11. J

    13" MBP with Pro apps bundle

    I posted this in the MBP forum but thought here might be better. My nephew is starting college (He will be a drama/music major) and looking for a laptop. This weekend he's looking to purchase the 2019 13", 1.4 GHz, 256GB SSD with the education discount. He also intends to purchase the Pro...
  12. J

    13"MBP vs Pro apps

    My nephew is starting college (He will be a drama/music major) and looking for a laptop. This weekend he's looking to purchase the 2019 13", 1.4 GHz, 256GB SSD with the education discount. He also intends to purchase the Pro apps bundle. How would this computer perform using Final Cut Pro...
  13. H

    what's a good macbook for music production?

    I'm thinking of getting the new macbook pro 2019 with 1.4ghz clockspeed because it's cheaper than the rest. I will only use it for music production -- logic pro x, and A LOT of vsts & plugins. will this be a good choice? or the 2.4ghz will be worth the additional costs?
  14. jammybastard

    iPad Pro (2018) USB-C compatible interfaces and devices?

    Bought my 2018 iPad Pro last Nov. to continue producing music with all the fantastic iOS apps available. The problem was finding compatible interfaces, specifically audio interfaces. The stock Apple USB-A to USB-C adapters (cam kit, etc..) do not work with most of the audio devices/interfaces...
  15. cansuds

    Glitch & Logic Pro X Update

    There was a Red Glitch on the screen after Logic Pro X Update. Mac Version 10.14.2, MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar. Logic Pro x 10.4.4
  16. neonhallway

    Testing Mojave before upgrading: possible to upgrade a bootable backup?

    Hi everyone. I have an older Mac (early 2013 MBP), and I'd like to upgrade to Mojave from Sierra. My concern is, I've been working on an album of songs for nearly 2 years in Logic, and it would be pure hell if anything messed up those session files, with all their 3rd-party plug-ins, sample...
  17. Jorbanead

    Mac Mini (2018) Audio Production Performance

    For anyone who just got the i7 mini - how does it handle audio production? More specifically, I use a lot of virtual instruments (NI Komplete 12, stock Logic Inst, others) and do some fairly heavy mixing too. Most of my projects rarely exceed 100 tracks, but I need a Mac that can handle a fair...
  18. K

    Can these LogicBenchMarks b Right ! Look @ the MacBook Air !

    check these out ... look @ the MacBook Air - the gold bar - how can that be right !
  19. thenormalguy2

    How old should I go in buying a reused iMac

    So basically I have a macbook pro 15 (2008) that works fine. (Yes, i upgraded to an ssd and upgraded to 8gb of ram) It does my day to day assignments and web browsing at school. I'm in music production though and love working with logic pro x, my laptop does ok(ish) but where tracks get too...
  20. B

    Pro audio users: i7 2.2 or 2.6

    So, I'm looking to buy a new Macbook Pro 15' 2018 for heavy music production, and I was wondering if someone who has one of these processors could tell me how it's working out for them. As I understand it, the 2.2 version is cooler and is less likely to suffer for thermal throttling, but, as...