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mac mini 2011

  1. Conan McLeod

    Problem with Mac Mini A1347 mid 2011

    Hi! I have a model A1347 with a radon hd 6630m 256Mb graphics card. Mojave and Catalina. I tried to enable graphics acceleration through the macOS Catalina Patcher utility, but these cards are not supported. I do not want to sell my favorite Mac! Maybe it’s magical, you can turn on...
  2. L

    mid 2011 Mac Mini Fan speed

    I just got an old used mid 2011 mac mini. I popped it open to take a look around and accidentally ended up ripping off the surface mounted fan connector. Ive been in my 2013 macbook pro and replaced a few parts and given it some upgrades, so I didnt think I would mess up so fast haha Luckily...
  3. Cruciarius

    Mid 2011 Mac Mini won't boot

    I currently have a late 2014 iMac. Got it when it came out. Did the migration of my 2011 Mac Mini to it, then unplugged the Mac Mini to setup the iMac where it was going. Then I hooked the Mac Mini up to another outlet, with a monitor and... nothing. Wouldn't boot. Tried just about every outlet...
  4. I

    Mac mini 2011 SSD Upgrade Question

    Hello all, I'm taking my 2011 Mac mini out of mothballs (still turns on and runs without any issues) and turning it into a digital home theater of sorts. Anyways, I got a great Black Friday deal on an SSD and wanted to see what's the best way of going about formatting it, installing Mac OS, and...
  5. J

    Mac mini no longer booting from external HD

    Need help. Mac mini 2011, internal HD failed, have been running it with external hd with Mac OSX loaded on it, has been running great but last 2 days I've tried to start up with no success. Stays on gray apple page, and what used to be a fast progression bar is now very slow to progress, and...