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Aug 18, 2013
I currently have a late 2014 iMac. Got it when it came out. Did the migration of my 2011 Mac Mini to it, then unplugged the Mac Mini to setup the iMac where it was going. Then I hooked the Mac Mini up to another outlet, with a monitor and... nothing. Wouldn't boot. Tried just about every outlet in my home. It won't boot. When I press the power button, the light turns on for a second and I hear a click, but then nothing.

Any thoughts? It's been sitting in a closet ever since. Dug it out, because I would like to figure out what's wrong with it. Maybe fix it and give it to my parents, which are still using an eMac.

After posting this, I noticed the "mac mini 2011 power on failure" tag, so looked into it. Saw 1 other thread, which is here:

The user with the issue never responded with if the last reply solved the problem or not. What they describe sounds exactly what's going on with mine.
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Nov 9, 2015
Honolulu HI
The last reply in the thread you linked said:
"There is a place in NYC that will do a component level (capacitor, timing clock, BIOS chip, etc) repair for $150. I've used them on a few 2012 models and they are still running to this day."

I presume this is the Rossman Group.

The website currently says it's $325-$425 to do logic board repair (charged only if it works again) so for that amount, I would think an Apple-refurb 2014 Mini would be a better buy. They have the base model for $419. That model has only 4GB RAM which cannot be upgraded. That may or may not work for your parents - I personally would look for a model with 8GB RAM.

Before doing that, you should go through the various suggestions in the thread you linked. You might want to try replacing the power supply - $80 new, $45 on eBay used, or you can look for a local Apple-authorized service provider. You can call Apple to see if they'll look at the computer (for free) - the 2011 server is vintage already so they may not be able to do much.
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