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Mar 10, 2020
I just got an old used mid 2011 mac mini. I popped it open to take a look around and accidentally ended up ripping off the surface mounted fan connector.

Ive been in my 2013 macbook pro and replaced a few parts and given it some upgrades, so I didnt think I would mess up so fast haha

Luckily, my day job requires a lot of eyelet soldering so I've got the soldering chops, but I've never done surface mount. I got the connector back on the board and the fan starts when I boot up the machine, but at full speed.

Ive read about the thermal sensor thats connected to the hard drive, but it seems the model I have uses information from the hard drive connection itself, from what I understand.

So my question: what regulates the fan, and could it be that one of the solder joints works to pass information about regulating the fan and that joint isnt perfect? Really any information I can get would help greatly. I plan on using this machine for a while as my home computer and giving it RAM and hard drive upgrades, but if I can't clock down the fan im much less inclined to focus on improving this computer.

EDIT: this thread has the same issue, and hardwiring the component looks much easier, but I’d like to avoid that, specially because It didnt seem to work for him
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