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  1. 2

    No drive to install macOS

    Hey, I was hoping someone could help me I have a mid 2012 macbook pro with a 500gb SSD I am having a problem, I tried to reinstall macos from internet recovery. It asks where i would like to install macos to but i cant see my hard drive listed at all. Someone mentioned to make sure the drive...
  2. shamelin73

    SSD to go between Windows and Mac

    I have searched and there are so many utilities that sound like it would work but the site that I have seen them on seems suspect. I would like to ask you here. I have a Sandisk 1TB SSD and would like to encrypt it but be able to go from work to home and be able to open on Windows and Mac. I do...
  3. T

    My Etre Report, pls help me

    EtreCheckPro version: 6.2.5 (6C016) Report generated: 2020-05-02 04:15:10 Download EtreCheckPro from Runtime: 5:29 Performance: Below Average Problem: Beachballing Description: 4 nights ago my iMac was working just fine, took a nap came back and s uddenly was...
  4. calsci

    Creating a Mac OS Lion boot drive in Catalina

    I'm trying to install Lion on an old MacBook that I bought. I have been able to download the installer that would have been downloaded off the App Store. I am having trouble making a bootable flash drive installer. It seems like most of the guides that had been created are now out of date for...
  5. S

    Disk Utility crashed while partitioning, can't boot into or restore MacOS

    Hi all, I have an iMac 14,1 with a 1TB HDD, formerly running Mojave. I was creating a partition for a Linux installation when Disk Utility crashed. I reopened it to find that the partition for Linux exists but is in APFS format, and my MacOS partition has been renamed to disk0s2 with 'unknown'...
  6. BigMcGuire

    Keyboard Shortcut to Close iMessage Dialog

    What keyboard shortcut closes this dialog window? Esc, Command + ., and others (Command + W) do not work. To replicate this prompt, in iMessages type out a line of text to a user, then Command backspace it, then command + backspace again. For whatever reason, I hit backspace multiple times...
  7. X

    RIGHTS issue with SMB access from Catalina to Mojave Disk

    Hey, Since I have updated my 2012 MacBook Air to Catalina (latest version) I have sometimes no access to a network shared Disk on my Mac Pro 5,1 with latest version of Mojave - other shared disks on the same computer like Macintosh SSD (Mac Pro System Disk), TimeMachine Backups can be mounted...
  8. M

    I have deleted massive files on Mac OS so why does available storage not increase?

    I'm beginning to think there is a fundamental flaw with Mac OS because I've had this with non-beta versions. I'm using a Mac Mini with Catalina. I've deleted a good 40 GB+ of space which I need to edit a video. However the space doesn't show up as available. Previously when I've had this happen...
  9. D

    NVIDEA as eGPU

    Documentation says that one must run Mac OS High Sierra in order to have the NVIDEA CUDA Drivers to work properly so that someone can run a NVIDEA eGPU for deep learning. Programs like tensorflow support CUDA/ NVIDEA, but not AMD. Also the higher end NVIDEA GPUs are very fast, such as the 2080...
  10. R

    Remote access to iMac files from iPhone

    I have an iMac where I would like to access the files remotely on my iPhone. I downloaded an app called 'FE File Explorer' and it works well as long as I am connected to my local WiFi network. It does not work when I am not connected to my WiFi network. Looks like File Explorer is connecting...
  11. fdolbec123

    Extend and mirroring at the same time with two displays on macOS

    Hi everyone! I was wondering, do anybody knows how to view and interact the content on a second display from my first display? To be more clear of what I'm looking for, here is an exemple: I plug my mac into a projector as a second display and I choose to extend my mac display. I would...
  12. R

    How to view files on a Mac from iPhone, wirelessly

    so, to do this, I currently use a 3rd party app called FileExplorer. But, I currently can only do it when connected to my hone WiFi network and have not bothered to try and change it to work outside of it. Also, I would prefer a more secure option than just letting anyone access my file...
  13. lordofthegins

    Help! iCloud Photos sort order (PayPal donation to whoever can help me!)

    Summary: I have 15000 photos stored in iCloud, with no sync to my iPhone Xr (yet). When I enabled iCloud photo in iOS, and download all photos to my device, the “All Photos” are out of sync. (2003 photos are most recent etc) Background Had my photos on both my iMac and iPhone in perfect sync...
  14. BasilFawlty

    Moving to Mac OS with TurboTax

    I have a 2011 27" Mac that I have Windows 7 installed on through BootCamp. For the past few years I have always done my taxes on the Windows OS - side. I would like to start doing my taxes on the MAC OS Side but would like to be able to access and import the previous year's data from the...
  15. C

    Booting from older OS to use Adobe CS6

    Hi everyone, I feel I should be able to work this one out myself, but can't get my head around it. I have a reliable old MacBook Pro (17" mid-2010, hotted up a bit). I'm still using Yosemite as I'd heard my Abode CS6 software would have problems with all newer OS. Now however I really need to...
  16. nadation

    Can't install Mountain Lion on an unsupported MacBook

    First of all, I'd like to mention that I'm not an advanced user but I manage quite fine Well, I have this old machine that has been running perfectly on MacOS X Leopard for years now and which I have upgraded to MacOS X Snow Leopard and then to MacOS X Lion but I want to go further, this is...
  17. jazz1

    Utility That Selects App. Window By Hovering Pointer?

    Is there any utility that let the user select/activate an open window without clicking on it? Could be a crazy idea? Just wondering.
  18. R

    Windows Boot Camp vs. Mac os

    My main question is in regards to performance on default OS x compared to performance on boot-camped Windows 10. I understand that windows based games will run better on windows but's that not what I am asking. I am using a 2018 Macbook pro 15, Are there any performance loss when running...
  19. neonhallway

    Testing Mojave before upgrading: possible to upgrade a bootable backup?

    Hi everyone. I have an older Mac (early 2013 MBP), and I'd like to upgrade to Mojave from Sierra. My concern is, I've been working on an album of songs for nearly 2 years in Logic, and it would be pure hell if anything messed up those session files, with all their 3rd-party plug-ins, sample...
  20. EEzycade

    Mac Mini Workstation?

    I have a mid-2017 Macbook Air. I am planning on getting the new mini to be a workstation for video editing, 3D modeling. Then I can use my Air on the go and at school. Is that a good plan? Also, any suggestions for a cheap 4k monitor? Thanks