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mac pro (2006)

  1. d3vCr0w

    Will any of these Graphic Cards work with a Mac Pro 1.1 ?

    Hi people, thsis is my first post in the forum, I hope I get some help, thanks in advance. I recently got a first generation Mac Pro and I'm looking forward to upgrade the Graphics Card in order to be able to at least install Mavericks or Yosemite on it, since most software I need is not...
  2. M

    Using 1 mac to hear another's audio

    Hi guys, I did a search and didn't come across anything but I'm pretty green around here so feel free to let me know if this has already been covered or I'm in the wrong area. I have screen sharing set up so I can control my 1,1 Mac Pro (Mavericks) by my 2010 13" MBP (El Capitan). I want to...
  3. M

    Mac Pro1,1 2006 GPU problem

    Hi I have a Mac Pro 1,1 2006 with 2Ghz Xeon CPU. I wanna upgrade the mac pro to ios 10.10. Therefore, I need to upgrade my GPU. Is that the GTX 650 suitable for that? Also, I hear that a 64 bit emulator is needed for that, what is the step? Thanks all.
  4. earthwriter

    Dual band Wifi solution recommendation

    We need a recommendation for a reliable dual band wifi solution, wether it's a USB dongle or airport card that fits PCI-E for Mac pro 2006 2.1 now with 8 Core Upgrade running El Capitan. Thanks