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macbook 13

  1. DHagan4755

    Return of the MacBook?

    Since M2 didn’t make the splash at Apple’s March event that I initially thought it would, some recent rumors have caused me to re-speculate on a future product roadmap. Here goes: Will there be an iPad Studio? Gurman alluded to Apple’s interest in larger than 12.9” iPads awhile back. But that...
  2. M

    MacBook Pro early 2011 13-inch *Firmware password*

    I bought a MacBook pro yesterday and the buyer didn't know anything about mac he wanted to erase data on his HDD, he read this article and did, but the mac stuck on recovery page and his couldn't fix it and sold it. I tried to fix it, but I realized it has firmware password when I hold ALT key...
  3. JustLegi

    Reuse 12+16pin SSD A1502 MacBook Retina 2015 for MacBook 2008

    Hello, I would like to reuse the Macbook 2015 A1502 the 12+16 pin SSD for Macbook 2008 HDD SATA. Would any one keen to advise converter or adapter product to convert 12+16 pin SSD for Macbook 2008 HDD SATA ? I have try to look on Amaz*n and eB*y but only found the 22 pin the Macbook Air, instead...
  4. shankar2

    Macbook Pro refuses to power on after being off for a few months..

    Hi so I have a mid-2014 Macbook pro and I have been using it since then until a few months ago. I kept the macbook in storage, without using it. Now after about 6 months I've tried to power on the macbook but it doesn't power on. I've connected the charger to the port and still after charging...
  5. kartemiy

    Bluetooth dropping when I touch MacBook

    Hi there!) I have MBP 13-inch late 2011. I don't have any problems with them, before I get bluetooth headphones xiaomi. They have excellent work with iPhone, but when I connect them to MBP this was fun. Music is playing only when i take my hands off. If I touch phones – sound dropping. If I...
  6. Y

    Macbook Air 2020 M1 Battery Capacity

    Hi, I’m new in here! I’d bought macbook air m1 about 6 months ago. I used to use windows devices, that’s why I cannot understand how macs work. I wonder if everything is right about my battery. I would like to share my battery info, please check it out and please tell me if there is sth wrong...
  7. V

    mbp 2012 cant install linux - ext4 creation issue

    Trying to get mac mid 2012 13" to install/dual boot ubuntu. Running Catalina w/ bootloader 424 and the original apple HDD 500G spinning drive. I have tried multiple linux distro installs and also using ReFind, but virtually every installation fails when trying to create the EXT4 partition. I...
  8. Mochi_D

    (Workaround on pg.1) Monterey on 2020 Intel MBP - Bluetooth Audio Issues (Crackling, cut outs)

    EDIT: Please see the suggestion from alump to disable Airplay Receiver under "Sharing" in your settings as a temporary workaround. Hi everyone, I'm trying to verify if this is a problem with only my install/accessories or if others are experiencing similar issues after upgrading from Big Sur to...
  9. mshereef_

    MacBook Pro 13” Capability

    Will a MacBook pro 13” (8GB RAM) be able to handle a constant connection of an HDMI cable to a monitor, a keyboard connection and mouse connection? or will that be too much ?
  10. desanteeno

    Getting anxious of what's the next part of my A2159 will break.

    Here's the story; I bought my a2159 last February 2019, then in November 2019, the noticed the command key has been chipped off. I was so disappointed, I paid a big amount of money for this machine, and yet the keycap has been chipped easily. I went to the Apple store to have it replaced, but...
  11. D

    My Macbook Pro 2020 shutting down at 89%

    Dear ALL, Its been a week that my macbook pro is shutting down at 89% battery.... I have reset the SMC as well as checked the hardware with different software... Battery health is good but still it shuts down the Macbook... I have recently updated my macbook to latest version of Big sur 11.4...
  12. S

    Ultrawide Monitor with Mac Mini M1 and Macbook Pro - dual setup

    I currently have two curved monitors - one dedicated to my PC and one to my Mac Mini. Both have their own peripherals. I also have my work MacBook that I want to get up on a big screen with mouse and keyboard (but want to use those from the other set ups...) I have been looking at philips...
  13. Y

    Screen Problem!!

    Hi All!! I would like to ask something about my new mbp m1 2020. When I close the screen and try to put mbp to the sleeve I realized that when I put pressure to the top of the screen it makes sound. Is it normal? I mean that while I was lifting it the screen makes a noise when i put a pressure...
  14. ahras

    macbook pro mid 2012

    my macbook pro suddenly freez and turned sleep mode then sometimes not waking up this is battery problem? please replay
  15. Bambina

    Startup chime while sleeping

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012. After leaving my MacBook sleeping for a long period of time (1h-2h) with the lid down I sometimes hear the startup chime. Once I was able to immediately check what was going on and I saw that the screen was like coming out of hibernation (semi transparent white...
  16. itsjorgemar

    Let's talk about external adapters

    Ok fellow Mac users: Can someone tell me what's the best Thunderbolt/USB 4 adapter for my new Macbook Pro 13". I also have an older Macbook Pro 13" that still has all the ports and I'm missing an adapter. So far, I have purchased TWO different adapters and both of them SUCK! big time. One of...
  17. F

    MBP 13 (2020) sidecar problems

    Hey everyone! I'm recently experiencing problems with Sidecar. I've just bought an IPad Air. I immediately tried sidecar with my MBP 13 (2020) and it worked perfectly. After a week or so I wanted to work with it again, but I couldn't. The IPad doesn't show up. I've checked all the requirements...
  18. F

    MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2010 partially frozen but mouse intermittent

    Hello guys, on my MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2010 + 2+2GB ram I changed from HDD(macOS Mountain Lion) to SSD(empty) and a new keyboard(not genuine), after this process, I did a clean macOS upgraded from Mountain Lion to High Sierra, during the upgrade was some firmware upgrade and it showed...
  19. Habubo

    HELP. Macbook pro 2013 dont work trackpad

    Hello, I have a macbook pro retina 2013 A1502 that doesn't work on the trackpad, I already changed the part, checked the power input on the trackpad, and reset NVRAM and SMC ... and it didn't come back. does anyone know how I can solve it?
  20. S

    Strange new sound from 2017 MBP hinge (see video)

    I have a 2017 model 13" MBP that has served me like a dream for over two years now. This week, it's developed a strange sound from the hinge when I move the notebook at specific angles. Please see the video to hear the exact sound. Video: The only...