macbook 13

  1. H

    MacBook Pro Late 2013, CPU temperature readings stuck at 35°C

    I just repaired the power input part of my MacBook Logic board and after turning on, I found out that the CPU temperature sometimes doesn't work. What could be wrong with my MacBook and am I able to use it for another 1-2 years because I'm worried that some components are starting to fall apart.
  2. Pepss_95

    Macbook pro TB 2017 battery drained very fast

    I had the Macbook Pro 13” 2017 TB approximately since the release of the 2018 version, the battery was all good at the beginning. Recently I realized the battery statred being drained very fast, so I did some kind of test. I watched a 60 min mp4 1080p video on VLC and it drained 50% of the...
  3. iMacedonian

    Are 8 GB RAM enough for programming?

    Hey there. I am seriously considering getting a MacBook Pro 13" 2018. The primary use of the laptop would be for coding (front-end web development) but I'd like to dive in into iOS app development later on. With that said, are 8 GB of RAM enough to run XCODE or I should invest some more to get...
  4. gtx3r

    Swap Logic Board MacBook Air 13" 2013 to 2017

    Hello, I am curious if it is possible to swap a 2013 Macbook Air logic board with a MBA 2017 logic board. I saw some post at (Upgrade MacBook Air A1466 i5 2013 logic board with a newer one 2015) claimed that he successfully installed a 2015 logic board on a 2013 MBA body. Since the logic board...
  5. L

    iCloud is totally nuts - HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll first introduce myself. My name is Lucas, I'm from Argentina and I've been using Apple products (MacBook, iPhone and iPad) for the last 10 years. Let's cut through the chase to the problem I've been facing for the past 2 weeks. I have a 50GB plan on...
  6. I


    I bought this Mac and thought I needed to erase every file (dumb, I know) in prefer to clear space to download the Mac HD and update the OS. I now have rested very way possible from NVRM to COMMAND + R + P + OPTION. I need help finding out how to fix my hard drive now I assume. Here’s a pic of...
  7. S

    Sound volume from built-in speakers

    Hello, I have MacBook 2015 running 10.14 Recently I've bought a new Monitor that has also speakers. They are quite weak ... 2 wats. I keep my laptop under the top of the desk hence I'd like to use Monitor's speakers . My questions: 1. Could I enable both devices at the same time i.e. sound from...
  8. R

    Can I use this SSD to upgrade my MacBook's storage?

    I have a MacBook Pro 13' 2015 and was wondering if I can use this SSD to upgrade my Macbook's storage. If not what kind of SSD's can I use that doesn't break the bank(Under 200 pounds/dollars).
  9. Mountaineer304

    Best deal on a 13 inch Macbook Pro with touch bar

    Anyone out there have any leads refurbished doesn't matter
  10. F

    MacBook Pro bootup screen artifact after Mojave update

    I am having a problem with my 13' 2017 MacBook Pro after upgrading to macOS Mojave. Whenever it boots up there is some artifact on the bottom of the screen. I attach a picture so that you can see what I am talking about. How can I solve this? Thanks.
  11. J

    Should I renew my MacBook Pro?

    Hi everyone, I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch, Late 2013; i7 2.8GhZ; do you consider I should renew for a MacBook Air/Pro? The screen of my macbook is twinkling a little bit and the price to change the screen was around £500 at Apple. Thanks!
  12. C

    To eGPU or not? Any experiences?

    Thanks for clicking! Me: a photographer / video side-hustler (meaning I have a day job, but make side money doing creative work) I've had a 27" iMac for a while, but I am constantly wanting to lug it places: to my partner's house, to the studio, to work (I'm underemployed). I'm about to sell...
  13. A

    MacbookPro7.1 spilled water

    Hello everyone. I spilled water in my macbook around two weeks ago and now the LCD screen looks like that does not iluminate. I have to check with a external screen if the problem is due to a screen fault or a logic board fault but I am waiting to receive the mini display port - hdmi. I would...
  14. P

    Kernel panic on Macbook Pro early11 13.3

    Hello everyone! I am new in the forum and i'm from Greece. I have a problem with my macbook that you might help me with.. I have the early 2011 13.3" Macbook Pro with the 2.3 Ghz Cpu with intergrated graphics and 8gb of ram. The device is going to Kernel panic and stop working. It works only...
  15. J

    a issue with MacBook Pro 2017 with functions keyboards

    Today, I clean my Mac by water and I clean carefully, then I do not know the reason like the picture. I bought it in January 2018, so do I have warrenty, can I fix free on Apple Store ????
  16. TheLarkShark

    macOS Mojave Sends Me Back to Login Screen

    After logging into my Mac, give about 30 seconds and I am sent back to the lock screen. This happens repeatedly. I’ve tried starting up in Safe Mode, resetting PRAM, and reinstalled the whole thing.
  17. O

    Stuck pixel only when playing video?

    Hey, I have a 2011 13inch Macbook pro. When playing video on amazon prime or netfilx I have a stuck bright blue pixel in the top left of the screen. It disappears and works perfectly when I leave the video and also doesn't seem to appear when watching youtube or BBC iplayer. How can I fix this...
  18. covisio

    Connector pinged off logic board 2010 MacBook

    Oh bother (or words to that effect). Decided to clean up and renew the thermal paste around the processors on my Mid-2010 Macbook on Saturday, it all seemed to be going well until I put it all back together and it wouldn't start up at all - absolutely nothing when pressing the power button...
  19. Mark_94

    Macbook Pro (13 inch) or iMac with iPad Pro

    Hello partypeople :) My girlfriend actually uses a Macbook Pro 13 inch late 2013. In addition she uses an iPad Pro from 2017. So now she want a new device, but she's quite unsure if it will be a new Macbook (also 13 inch with touchbar) or a new iMac (21.5 inch 4k). Also it's really a "I want"...
  20. J

    Upgrade rMBP Late 2013 or Wait?

    I’m considering updating my Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro (8GB RAM, i5, 256GB SSD). Honestly, it still runs somewhere in fine-to-good. However, I’m starting grad school (statistics) next month and I thought now might be a good time to buy due to student discounts / incentives. Interested in...