macbook air 13"

  1. A

    MBA 2017 trackpad not smooth anymore since cleaning with 35% alcohol

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on macrumors, as of this year I am a mac user for the first time. When I first bought my Macbook Air 2017 the trackpad was silky smooth. My finger glided easily over the trackpad. Since cleaning it with a tissue wet with 35% brandy the trackpad is no longer...
  2. transatlanticist

    Macbook Pro (late 2011) to Macbook Air (mid 2019): A step forward?

    Hi there, I Would be pleased to have your opinions in order to make the best decision. Currently I have a Macbook Pro 13'' late 2011 Intel Core 2,8 Ghz i7 4GB SD RAM DD3, 750 GB SATA HD, As I have been reading, it won' t support OS X High Sierra smoothly, it might need an HD / RAM upgrade. On...
  3. B

    Deleted Macintosh HD, created untouchable partition and now blinking stop sign. Help a gorilla out.

    So a friend was looking into selling her Macbook Air mid 2013 to someone and came to me for help in transferring pictures from it onto an external hard drive she had bought. She was having some issues doing it herself since the drive wasn't showing up when she plugged it in, easy, so I went to...
  4. M

    LG 4K alternative?

    since apple decided to pull its LG 4K USB-c monitor from its store, does anybody recommend an alternative similar monitor ? Would prefer a monitor which has sufficient power to charge a MacBook Air with the usb-c power cord. Cheers, Peter
  5. S

    Problem with booting of Macbook

    Hello. I have macbook Air 13'' 2015 and got some problems with it. -First it was problem with kernel_task.... etg. my macbook got very slowly so i just bought new SDD -Installed Mac OS Mojave on the new SDD, installation took looooooong time to be finish ( about 4hours) -Kernel_task is gone but...
  6. rgetter

    MBA sits closed, gets warm, shows ?folder? icon (??)

    I have a really nice mid-2013 Core i7, 1.7GHz MBA running High Sierra. Right after I bought it, I installed an OWC Aura Pro X 480GB SSD and installed High Sierra. Every so often, after I leave it sitting closed for a while (sometimes a few days, this isn't my primary computer), I'll return to it...
  7. coppcore

    Upgrading from 2009 MBP

    Hey folks. I'm upgrading from a 2009 MBP that I hardly use anymore because it's gotten quite slow (my own negligence) and has gone through way too many battery cycles. I'm debating between the new Air and latest 13" MBP with or without touch bar, but having been out of the loop for some time on...
  8. R

    Macbook Air 2018 or Mac Mini 2018?

    I want to migrate back to MacOS. I had a MBA 2011 and replaced it with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 2016. It's portable, but now I'm usually working in one place and find the Surface buggy. Plus, it's struggling to keep up (I think it's the 4GB RAM). Anyway, as I don't want to spend €2000 for a...
  9. ahmeetgungor

    MBA 13" Crazy fan speed and running so slow like 2003 machines

    First of all I'm new here, excuse me if I creating this thread in a wrong place of the forum. The subject is, as you can see from the title above, I had a water spill on my MBA from the top left side. All of the ports are working as fine as normally, battery is working and charging, the keyboard...
  10. vroy71uk

    Any experience from MacBook Air 2018 as a developer's machine

    I am looking to buy a Macbook Air 2018 with 16Gb of RAM to use as my (secondary) dev machine. At the moment, I develop using (IntellJ) Java + SpringBoot + a couple of docker instances (e.g. postgress image). I will also use it for creating LaTeX documents and the occasional keynote...
  11. Denarlexar

    Can I upgrade MacBook Air with a newer motherboard?

    I have a 2013 Macbook Air 13" (i5, 4GB). The MacBook Air's design seems to have stayed pretty much the same from 2012-2017, so I was wondering if there was anything preventing me from purchasing a fully-specced 2017 motherboard off of eBay with all the components on it and replacing the current...
  12. M

    Is the SD slot reliable?

    Hey I am getting a new Macbook Air 13" and want to know if the SD slot would be reliable to use as a second source of "storage". 1. Is it safe to store "software related" stuff on the card? 2. Will it be okay to store music on it, that would be used in conjunction with the internal HD through...
  13. J

    Help finding 'upgraded' Airport card for MacBook Air Late 2008

    Hi. So I dropped my MacBook Pro down the stairs (with my 12.9" iPad Pro), and I don't have the money to replace them right now. I need to continue my iOS App development, so I tried to pull out my old Late 2008 MacBook Air, but I can't install Xcode 9 et al on it. I found this site...
  14. rneglia

    Should I spend $475 to repair 2013 MBA

    My 2013 MacBook Air is dead, won't power on. Apple have quoted me $475 for a "Flat Rate 2 Repair Charge" which includes labor. Should I do it?
  15. B

    How to Copy Family Movie DVDs to my MacBook Air

    Hello. Several years ago my Dad sent a bunch of VHS tapes with old family movies to Walgreens and they were turned into DVDs. I have a MacBook Air running the Public Beta of High Sierra and a Superdrive. I'd like to copy the DVDs to my computer and then convert the files into MP4s so that I...
  16. B

    MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

    Hello. I know this thread is so popular and yet so annoying. Anyway, I am trying to help a friend with choosing his laptop for college but I found myself in trouble trying to decide which one is better. We are talking about these exact models: 1. MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 - i7 3520m 2.9GHz - 8...
  17. L

    MacBook 2011 owners

    Guys and girls I like many of you, love my MacBook Air. However, 2011 was a long time ago. Considering moving to a MacBook 2016 as they are on offer with £200 off. Just wondered if anyone else had made the leap from a similarly old MacBook Air. Was it a good switch or should I be looking at...
  18. S

    Is macbook air MMGF2HN/A powerful enough for logic pro x?

    I am going to learn music production and vocal editing after some days. I did some research and find out that logic pro x is the best DAW which is mac exclusive and i own windows PC. I only have the budget for buying mac air 2015 which has 8gb ram, i5 5th gen and 128gb ssd (i will buy an usb 3.0...