Is macbook air MMGF2HN/A powerful enough for logic pro x?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Srajan, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Apr 16, 2017
    I am going to learn music production and vocal editing after some days. I did some research and find out that logic pro x is the best DAW which is mac exclusive and i own windows PC. I only have the budget for buying mac air 2015 which has 8gb ram, i5 5th gen and 128gb ssd (i will buy an usb 3.0 hdd 1 or maybe 2TB because 128gb is not enough.
    Also tell me if buying MBP 2012 will be better than buying mac air or not? I have read somewhere that we can upgrade MBP 2012's ram from 4gb to 16gb, so will it run better with 16gb ram?
    Please help me out and answer all my questions.

    P.S- please forgive me for my bad grammer and try to answer in simple and short as i am a total noob with mac and logic. Have a good day and thank you in advance.
  2. Pugly, Apr 17, 2017
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    The Macbook Air is great at running Logic. Logic itself is easy to run, and the limit is really what size of projects you want to run. I have a 2015 11" can do projects up to 40 or 50 tracks with lots of plugins. Editing and playing back audio is kind of an easy task for computers now. 8GB of ram is good to have, extremely large projects will need more (huge orchestrations and 100s of tracks).

    I would maybe look into getting the 256GB, because the 128 drive is pretty small for a full logic install. You can move stuff to an external drive, but it's somewhat technical to move the files and have Logic see them. I tried it and it wasn't worth it.

    In some ways the MBA might be best because it doesn't need to run all the fancy graphics of a retina mac.

    A 13" MBP won't be that much better, because both computers are Dual Core. If you really need more power you need to go up to a 15" MBP or an iMac.
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    I was running Logic 9 on my 2011 i5 MBA with only 4GB RAM and it worked great for my needs (generally simple projects with 4 channels of live recording). Currently use it on my 2013 i7 MBA with 8GB RAM and it also works great and has less latency while recording.

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