macbook air

  1. E

    Help me find a laptop that's a good alternative to MacBook Air

    I'm presently using MacBook Air with the i3 processor. The laptop is 5 years old. Want to replace it with a faster and cheaper machine. Looking for a laptop with good processing, bigger screen size and more storage. i don't have a hefty budget it's only around $700-800. Can any one suggest me a...
  2. S

    macbook air 2012 i7 vs 2015 i5?

    both are at 8gb ram which is better for online classes that requires zoom videocall? i know the 2015 is great for multitasking except video editing so i just wonder for videocalls like zoom while doing multitasking (browsing and office) simultaneously which is better?
  3. F

    MacBookAir 2020 battery life

    I just bought a new MBA2020 (16GB RAM) and the battery life is around 4hours. This is no way comparable to the MBA that I owned before (I guess it was 2015 model) that consistently gave me 8 hours battery life. Is there a problem with my machine? I mostly just run code in Terminal and...
  4. HomieJohn

    How to get OS X El Capitan on a MacBookAir1,1?

    Hey guys! So I've tried searching for ways to do this but they haven't worked out. For example, every time I use MacPostFactor, it just gives me an error. With OS X Patcher, it won't let me use my keyboard so I can't actually patch the installation. Am I doing something wrong? Are there other...
  5. H

    Will Mojave or Catalina Slow Down a MacAir?

    Have a 2013 and an Early 2015 13" 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM MacBook Air running High Sierra. Considering upgrading and wondering how much slower the machines will become.
  6. M

    MacBook Air 10th-Gen or MacBook Pro 8th-Gen???

    Hi guys, can you advise which notebook is a better buy in your opinion? MacBook Air 2020 10th-Gen 1.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM or MacBook Pro 8th-generation 1.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM I already have a company iMac and wanted to buy a solid laptop for personal use/out...
  7. kirkbross

    Macbook Air case with max drop protection, zero concern for style?

    Can you recommend a 3rd party case for the new Macbook Air that offers super duper impact protection like Otterboxes do for mobile devices?
  8. D

    Should I be worried about heat?

    I have a 2020 i5 8GB Macbook Air. I noticed that the temperatures reach 90+ degrees celsius when opening intensive applications (FCPX or Photoshop) or opening many tabs and applications . Sometimes the fan also reaches 8000rpm when using the webcam for 30mins or more. However I do not really...
  9. D


    I was considering waiting for the ARM mac but I don’t think my current mac will last. Currently I have a 12 inch 2017 macbook i5/8gb/512 & the loose screen makes the display blurry sometimes. I’m debating between a MBA i5/16gb/512 plus an ipad pro or go straight for the 1799 MBP model & no ipad...
  10. Blue_Leader

    Upgrading MacBook Air 11-inch 2015 SSD - Looking for advice

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody could give me advice on suitable SSDs to purchase to upgrade the storage in my MBA 11" 2015. Ideally I'm looking for a 800GB - 120GB drive, anything in that range is fine, ideally I'm looking for the most affordable option. If location affects...
  11. Blue_Leader

    Upgrading MacBook Air 13-inch 2017 SSD Please Help

    Hi There, I was just wondering if anybody would be able to reccomend any cheap or 'reasonably priced' but well functioning SSDs that would be compatible with my MacBook Air 13-inch 2017 (running Catalina). I currently have its original 258GB SSD in it. I'm not quite sure where to look to find...
  12. jakeuten

    Resolved Trackpad/Cursor issues with new 2020 MacBook Air

    Hello, I just got a MacBook Air over the weekend and I'm already having an irritating problem. Seemingly at random, the cursor on screen will become only a highlight selector. I can't click on any elements of the UI- but if I move the cursor up and down it begins to highlight text on whatever...
  13. C

    Guide: MacBook Air Heatsink and Heat Pad Mod

    Based on the heatsink modification megathread, and on the advice and guidance from users like @DanSilov, @Loog, @Robotronic, @kinchee87, and others I'm forgetting, I performed both the heatsink and the heat pad mods on my 2020 i7 MBA. The results have been absolutely amazing. Even though all of...
  14. W

    MBA 2020 - Audio distortion at high volume (try with a video)

    I have a problem that's making me crazy. I returned a MacBook Air because the sound of a song was distorted at maximum volume from the left speaker.Now I've received the new MacBook Air (also 2020) but this time it even seems to come from both speakers the distortion. I'd like some help to...
  15. haine84

    MacBook Air 2015 13in. Heatsink/CPU Chipset Question

    I have an 2015 MacBook Air 13 inch (A1466) and I decided to put new thermal paste on my heatsink and CPU. Since I have owned this computer for three years. So I disassembled the computer and I was shocked at the lack of amount of paste and decent coverage of the original paste from Apple. I have...
  16. D

    MacBook Air to Apple Cinema Display 24

    Hi there , I’m very confused as to how to connect my MacBook Air 2017 to my 2010 Apple Cinema Display 24, I have bought an adaptor that has turned out to be the wrong one , I have a thunderbolt2 output and the lead from the monitor is a minidisplay port , the Apple advisor told me to buy...
  17. bogdanw

    Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 update)

    Has anyone updated to Windows 10 version 2004 on a MacBook Air 2019 (MacBookAir8,2)? Are there any issues, besides the official ones?
  18. A

    Buying Advice: Help me pick MBA or MBP 13" 2020 - what is the right choice? :S

    Dear all, my partner needs a new laptop and we both don't know enough about Apple Mac products yet to be able to come to a solid conclusion. We are involved with the Apple ecosystem (iPhones, iPads). We want to: 1) usual browse and surf 2) good battery, transportable 3) Microsoft Office...
  19. P

    Is the base MBP 2020 worth getting over any MBA 2020 just for the cooling system?

    Hi all, I’m reading so much conflicting information across the internet about the thermals on the MBA and if/how it affects performance and overheating etc. I think the MBA probably fits my requirements as a light-ish user, but that cooling system really concerns me in terms of longevity. The...
  20. B

    MACBOOK AIR 2020 I5/8GB RAM/256 OR I5/16GB RAM/256

    Hey I’m a college student and I will be using this computer for web browsing, office,netflix,spotify etc. At one time 10+ tabs,spotify and office will be open.Is 8gb ram enough for me or should I upgrade it to 16gb ram? By the way I’ll probably use it for 4-5 years