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macbook air

  1. C

    Updated MacBook Air Model Display Design Flaw

    Hello all! I’m here to share details on my experience, as well as many other user experiences, with the M2 MacBook Air display (largely inclusive to Build to Order (BTO) models). As brief as I can be: in 2 months I’ve ordered 4 M2 MBA models (BTO) that have all displayed screen defects to...
  2. B

    Internet Recovery error -2003F

    I have an old 2013 Macbook air that I’ve tried to recover using Internet Recovery but twice got error 2003F. Third time’s the charm and it is now installing Big Sur from Internet Recovery. What could have caused the 2003F error? Read a few articles online and some of them mentioned that is...
  3. heretiq

    Is Apple’s new “Pro = Beefy” design language a mistake?

    After exclusively purchasing MacBook Pros, my next Mac is likely to be a MacBook Air — not because I want an Air, but because the MacBook Pro is too damn bulky. However, this “Pro = Beefy” design language is not relegated to the Apple Silicon MacBook Pros. The issue extends to the M1/M2 iPad...
  4. F

    Macbook Air 2020, M1 Chip - unable to play Netflix when connected to 2 extended monitors

    Hi, I have a Macbook Air 2020 M1, running Monterey OS. I purchased a dock that allows me to connect to 2 extended monitors via HDMI. (link below) However, the problem is when it is hooked to 2 extended monitors, there is no video (Dark screen) when I...
  5. D

    Why does the macbook pro 13" m2 even exist?

    When the air costs exactly the same? Wouldn't it have made more sense for apple to release a single macbook laptop with fans in order to clearly seperate the pro 14"+ from the average consumer lines? If there was a macbook 13" with a fan I would buy it in a heartbeat but my only option is an...
  6. A

    Apple Refurbished MBA Crashed During Reset - Now has Activation Lock?

    I just upgraded to a new M2 Max MBP 14". I have an old 2020 MBA and a 2018 15" MBP, both of which were purchased refurbished from Apple's online store. I'm planning to restore both old MacBooks to sell. I was able to turn off Find My/Activation Lock and fully reset the 2018 MBP without any...
  7. D

    Macbook pro 14 m2 or Macbook pro Air m2 ?

    Hello my friends.i'm going to buy a macbook for software development,school,daily work.I also want to start unity course in summer and develop a game.Is macbook air (16gb ram 512gb ssd) enough for all this work? or should i get macbook pro 14 base model (10cpu 16gpu 16gb ram 512gb ssd).The...
  8. S

    Trackpad Issues boot camp windows

    If I do something like play games my trackpad lags, I have seen many posts about this, the solutions don't work for me. (Macbook air bootcamp windows 10)
  9. J

    MacBook Air 2015 (13") replacement battery? Anyone done one lately?

    my 2015 Air (13", 8gb, 128Gb) actually sat in a warehouse for three years before I picked it up in Oct 2018 "as new" (the story was they'd been bought by local govt for a project that never happened). I knew it was a risk but actually it's lasted really well into Jan 2023. The battery cycle...
  10. noeXzTi_

    Are MacBooks with Apple Silicon affected by "flexgate"?

    In Internet there are mixed opinions about whether MacBooks with Apple Silicon chips that have the 2016 MacBook Pro exterior design (MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 13" M1/M2) are affected by the fatigue present on the display flex cable due to opening and closing the lid, so I would like to ask...
  11. N

    Messaging apps lose connection on new MacBook Air when unlocking when connected to external display

    Hi, I recently got a new personal laptop (MacBook Air M2 2022) running Ventura. Since getting it, various desktop messaging apps, such as (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal seem to lose their internet connection and fail to sync. This happens when waking the laptop when it's connected to...
  12. F

    Mac lost in shipment help

    Hi everyone bit of an annoying situation here… I recently bought an MacBook Air Mac M2 chip. It has now been officially lost in post. The retailer tried to contact the delivery company but they cannot track the parcel. I have asked the retailer for the serial number to file a crime/police...
  13. P

    WIN Bootcamp: BSOD due Wifi Driver.

    Hello, Is there any way to install an old/alternative driver for the Wi-Fi card? My Windows keeps crashing because of the driver for the network card. The minidump files indicate bcmpciedhd63.sys as the cause of the BSOD, which is related to the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver. I have already tried...
  14. JaneTheVirgo

    Recovery Mode!

    Hi! I have a 2009 MacBook Air and I’ve tried everything to fix it. I’m in internet recovery mode and don’t know what to do now. 😢
  15. P

    USB 2/3 hub for MBA without other ports?

    So, I'm feeling confused. I going to need to be able to connect about 7 old style usb 2/3 devices to a new MBA M2. The type of devices will be wired keyboard/mice, printers, flash drives and bus powered HDD's. Can I just buy any random USB2/3 hub and use a USB to USB-c adapter to connect the...
  16. M

    MacBook Air M2 hinge noise

    Hi. I’ve been using my MBA M2 over 3 weeks and today it started make some sort of noise. I think it’s coming from the left hinge or bazel. The noise appears when I close or adjust my MacBook lid. Is it sounds normal?
  17. TitanTiger

    Installation failed

    Trying to update my mom's 2020 MacBook Air from Big Sur to Ventura and it keeps failing. "Installation Failed. An error occurred while installing the updates." It has plenty of disk space (188 GB). What I've tried so far: Reboot the MBA. Boot into Safe Mode. Reset PRAM/NVRAM. Downloaded...
  18. ronan12

    MacBook Air 2017 vs MacBook Pro 2015: Which one to choose?

    I will be buying my first MacBook. But, I am on a tight budget. 2 MacBooks are in my range. One is MacBook Air 2017 i5 13inch vs MacBook Pro 2015 i5 13 inch. I am an undergrad computer science student. I primarily need a laptop for programming. Which one would be a wiser choice overall?
  19. G

    MacBook with Smartboard

    I am not sure if anyone uses a MacBook with a Smartboard. I have an issue with the SB screen when connecting the computer to it. I have a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) running Ventura (22A380). The SB is a newer MX065-v3 model. The computer is connected to the board using a hub and HDMI cable...
  20. M

    White dots/spots on MacBook Air M2 Midnight

    Hi there. I’ve noticed this white dot/spot on my MBA M2 Midnight. I thought it was dust but then I tried to clean it and nothing has changed. My laptop has been lying on my table since I bought it, so I couldn’t damage/scratch the lid. I’ve seen some publications about this problem from other...