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macbook air

  1. goneeuro02

    Macbook Air M1 Monitor Suggestions

    OK, looking for insight from the gurus in here. I am in need of updating my laptop and looking at the M1 Macs in the $1500 range. The two I am looking at are: Macbook Air 8core CPU/ 8core GPU 16GB RAM 512GB SSD $1449 Macbook Pro 13" 8core CPU/ 8core GPU 16GB RAM 256gb SSD $1499 My use case...
  2. scarrz

    Resolved MacBook Air M1 - Wrinkles behind screen?

    I have a brand new MBA m1 and was just noticing when the screen was off and after cleaning it, I could see "wrinkles" or "Wavy" lines behind the glass screen. Its when its off that you notice it, but I hadn't seen it before and just wondered if this is normal or other. Pardon the glare from...
  3. K

    Best Monitor for M1 Macbook Air?

    Got a M1 Air few months back for work, and it's incredible. Only problem? When I connect it to any 1920x1080 monitor via HDMI the text is pretty fuzzy, which I can't have as I write a lot for work. I figured a 4k monitor would fix this, but I need to be sure the text won't be fuzzy AT ALL...
  4. ctjack

    Don't buy M1 Air with 8Gb of RAM

    I was a happy camper with my Air m1 512gb/8Gb of RAM on macOS 11.2. Even though my usage got me close to 100% used, i couldn't care less because i was really making it work hard with tons of tabs open in every software while driving 2k external - so 2 displays. But then i fall a victim of OS...
  5. Zookeeper

    Help to decide which MacBook model to get

    I am a psychology student from Singapore and I am thinking getting a MacBook air due to its light weight. I was thinking of just getting the base model of 8GB and 256GB of storage but I was concerned if it would face any latency as I open at least 50- 100 tabs in one sitting due to the many...
  6. S

    MacBook Air 13" (Early 2014) - turns on only after dozen of attempts

    Hi, I am the owner of a MacBook Air 13" (Early 2014). Until recently, the computer served me without any problems throughout the entire period from the purchase of the equipment. Unfortunately, two weeks ago, I had a problem with turning on my MacBook for the first time. After pressing the...
  7. bakuda26

    Budget monitors for MacBook Air?

    I have a 16" MacBook Pro (2018) which runs Catalina for my work - I'm on this every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm after which I fully switch to my MacBook Air (2020) running Big Sur for personal projects, etc. I'm looking for a display that would run smooth with both of my MacBooks. My budget is...
  8. A

    invest in fixing old Macbook Pro (2017), buy a 2020 MacBook Air or wait for release of new MacBook Pro?

    Hey folks, I wanted to put out this situation for your thoughts. I have an old MacBook Pro 2017 (retina display with no touch bar). It has screen issues with ghosting and it turns off intermittently and then it does not turn back on even when charged and only after a period of time it of...
  9. R

    Connecting early 2015 Macbook Air to brand spanking new monitor.

    Hi all. First time posting anything like this, and I'm so desperate for help so please go easy on my limited knowledge. I have an Early 2015 Macbook air (2 x USB 3 ports, 1 x Thunderbolt 2 port) running on Catalina 10.15 and a brand new ASUS PA279CV 27" monitor. I purchased this under the...
  10. M

    Green squares glitch

    Hello, I would like to ask if any of you have had the same issue. Since the day I bought my MBA 2020 (i3) in September 2020 I am having an issue with the screen. It shows QR Code-looking green squares in two, maybe three spots on the screen. It happens randomly, sometimes twice a day, sometimes...
  11. ocanalix

    2022 MacBook lineup

    Made this just for fun based on rumours and some speculation (although need help adding the right specs)…
  12. osiris.l33t

    M1 Macbook Air battery problem

    Hey, I bought a Macbook Air M1 yesterday. And I have set up things without the charger plugged then charged till its battery is 100%. After it's finished charging I unplugged the charger and watched movies with chrome. But suddenly at 60%, my MBA shut down, so I tried to reboot but it keeps...
  13. P

    M1 MacBook Air Keyboard Uniformity

    I am curious to see what other people's experiences have been like with their M1 MacBook Airs. Does your keyboard have keys that are all uniform in feel/stability (other than the spacebar) or do you have some keys that are looser than the others? I'm not sure if the selections that I provided...
  14. GSWForever8

    Others storage

    On my Mac, the "Others" section takes up 41.41 Gigabytes! Does anyone have some tips to remove some of these without damaging my Mac? Thanks!
  15. 81Tiger04

    Air or Pro?

    My wife had been using MacBooks since they were clunky, plastic white things 😆. Well, a year ago my wife took a leap and purchased a PC for work. Fast forward to now ... She wants to go back to a Mac (big surprise ha ha). What would you suggest she do as far as her Mac purchase? Pro or Air...
  16. 81Tiger04

    MBP or MBA?

    My wife had been using MacBooks since they were clunky, plastic white things 😆. Well, a year ago my wife took a leap and purchased a PC for work. Fast forward to now ... She wants to go back to a Mac (big surprise ha ha). What would you suggest she do as far as her Mac purchase? Pro or Air...
  17. Devyn89

    iPad Pro 11” iPad Pro + MacBook Air or 12.9” iPad Pro?

    Howdy y’all Presently I’m trying to decode what the best solution for my needs is and I’m curious to hear some of your opinions. I don’t need you to tell me what is best for me, but what your experience has been. First a little background. Currently I have a 2018 11” iPad Pro, pencil and Magic...
  18. I

    just ordered the MBA M1 with 8GB RAM is it enough for....? do some video and picture editing, office work, presentations, browsing and for watching videos ? or is it more like that I can run every program as good as with 16GB of RAM but can't open as many programs as on the 16GB RAM version? thank you.
  19. Ghost-Hardware

    MacBook Air shutting down while charging at night

    Hi everyone, So lately, I've been experiencing an issue with my MacBook Air 2020. It's an Intel i5 model with 8 gigs of RAM and I'm currently running macOS Big Sur 11.3.1. I am used to charge it all night. Since something like 2 or 3 months I guess, when I unplug it, I can hear the starting...
  20. C

    Battery 88% MacBook Air M1 2020 16GB

    This seems like a huge decrease in battery health. Cycle count is 39. Coconut battery report below: Computer has been in daily use for six months and is usually always plugged in.