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macbook pro "13 2011

  1. O

    X on battery icon - Replaced battery, charger, and Magsafe DC-in board already (13" MacBook Pro Late 2011 A1278) - Please help!

    Hi! A couple of weeks ago, my MacBook Pro (13" Late 2011) started to display a X symbol on the battery icon, and the light on my charging cable would only show up as green (never orange). Whenever I unplugged the charging cable, the computer would shut down soon after, indicating that it...
  2. M


    guys i have a 2011 macbook pro with the specs of 6gb of ram and a i7 2.7ghz cpu but when i check the ghz of the cpu is showing 2.1ghz is there a way to overclock my macbook and when i use volta to overclock my mac it crashes
  3. transatlanticist

    Macbook Pro (late 2011) to Macbook Air (mid 2019): A step forward?

    Hi there, I Would be pleased to have your opinions in order to make the best decision. Currently I have a Macbook Pro 13'' late 2011 Intel Core 2,8 Ghz i7 4GB SD RAM DD3, 750 GB SATA HD, As I have been reading, it won' t support OS X High Sierra smoothly, it might need an HD / RAM upgrade. On...
  4. E

    Two Questions: Macbook Pro 2011

    1. I have a 2011 Macbook Pro that will not turn on without being plugged into the charger, but once it has booted up it can run just fine without being plugged in. This wasn't a huge issue for me, until the next one happened: 2. Now, recently it has started to run super laggy when the charger...
  5. B S Magnet

    Trying to find workaround for Unibody MBP w/ bad RAM slot?

    This is homologous to the recent thread on PowerBook G4s with known bad RAM slots (and getting 2GB SO-DIMMs to do the work of two 1GB sticks albeit in one slot): I have an early-2011 A1278 MBP 13/i5/2.3GHz (Sandy Bridge), which is my Snow Leopard box. It runs with one 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz...
  6. L

    Help! My logitech c920 keeps freezing on my macbook pro.

    So I'm rubbish with this but here's all the information that I know. I have a fairly old MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite. I recently bought a Logitech c920 webcam for better quality streaming on the website myfreecams. Not sure if this is relevent but my internet speed isn't great but I have a lan...
  7. Schmidi0t

    SOS - My Hackintosh won’t boot properly after recent update

    A few months ago I successfully used the macOS Mojave patcher tool to install Mojave onto my mid2011 MacBook Pro. Inside I have new ram (16gb) and replaced the hard drive with a 1tb ssd. My machine has been working phenomenally and have only had an issue today. As per the site recommendation, I...
  8. Stuipdboy1000

    macOS High Sierra issues

    So last week I updated my late-2011 MacBook Pro with the latest security patch from Apple (2019-004). It was released twice to fix an issue and I installed the second version, having not been around when the first one was released and subsequently pulled. Ever since then I’ve been having more...
  9. U

    MacBook Pro 2011 i7 A1278 will not power on.

    HI, I am trying to get a MacBook Pro 2011 8,1 i7 13 inch laptop up and running again.. a few years ago it did have liquid spilled on it, so i cleaned it up and it has been working since. The problems its having is: -Will not power on -Mag charger light is fully green and will not charge...