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    So last week I updated my late-2011 MacBook Pro with the latest security patch from Apple (2019-004). It was released twice to fix an issue and I installed the second version, having not been around when the first one was released and subsequently pulled.

    Ever since then I’ve been having more and more issues with my MacBook, where it’s now getting to the unusable stage. This issues I have encountered are as follows:

    Apps refusing to open (two bounces in the dock and then closing)
    Safari initially worked but could not load in my history but it now just beachballs and can’t even load my homepage
    Apps will close at random (Google Drive, Twitterrific, Adobe CC to name a few)
    Being told I can’t download files because I don’t have enough storage available (I have plenty)
    The whole system will freeze up, Finder will become unresponsive and it refuses to relaunch
    All my app folders in Launchpad have been reset

    I know this seems like a lot of issues to have been caused by a simple security update but if anyone has any other suggestions as to why this is happening and if there’s any way to resolve the issues then please let me know!
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    Could be several things. The unresponsive freeze could be from be a sign of a damaged OS, or even more likely, a damaged or failing drive.

    If the drive is original, it is long overdue to be replaced based on age.

    First things first: assume the drive could be failing and be sure you have backups of all important data before proceeding.

    Consider running it in Safe Boot mode to see if the freezes still happen. If the freezes or any other odd behaviors go away while in Safe Boot mode...then it may not be the drive. Could be a file extension, other software issues, or a damaged directory.

    What I would suggest first, to see if the issue is user account specific, or global:

    1. Create a new test admin account.
    2. Log in to the new test admin account.
    3. Test all the things you mention to see if the same issues exist for the new, pristine user or not.

    If a new user account has the same issues, then yes, it is OS, and/or hardware.

    If the new user has NO issues, then the issues are likely with the user account/settings/permissions/preferences with your existing user account.
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    I've seen most of those symptoms on a couple different Macs in the past.

    In one case, the hard drive was starting to fail. Once I figured it out, I replaced it and everything was fine. The time-consuming part was restoring the OS and my files, because the failing HD couldn't be trusted to read all data reliably.

    Another time, I thought it was a failing HD ("Hey, I recognize those symptoms.") so I replaced it. Didn't solve the problem. Turned out to be one of the RAM sticks was intermittent. Replaced it and everything OK. Again, lots of time spent recovering data, because if bad RAM data is written to disk, then the data on the disk is corrupted.

    I found the bad RAM by running Hardware Diagnostics:
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    Most folks may not have the gear around, but in this situation, it is great to boot to an external drive with a fresh OS install. Rules out: internal drive, existing OS and installed software, user account, as well as the entire SATA bus and cable.

    If a Mac runs flawlessly from an external drive, then at least one of the above is the culprit. If it still has issues when running from a pristine OS on an external, then most likley a hardware problem: RAM, logic board, IO board, power supply, GPU, etc.

    I would add: A long shot, but tryig a different OS may be worthwhile. While very rare, I have seen a few Macs over the years that simply were not happy with a particular OS.

    Had a lab full of iMacs that were rock solid on 10.11, and 10.13, and now on 10.14; but 10.12 would hang, freeze, and occasionally not fully boot. I think it was firmware specific or GPU on a particular model of iMac just not happy with the specific OS. Never solved it; just upgraded the OS and the issues went away.

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