macbook pro (15" 2015)

  1. M

    Other can not import photos from iPhones to mac

    I was on Yosemite and I had to migrate to El Capitan 10.11.6 (due to ios12). MacBookPro11,5, Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015. I am using Lightroom 5.7.1 (fully compatible with El Capitan). iPhone XS and 7, iOS 12.1. Icloud photo off. Transfer to mac or pc on automatic. Formats to Most Compatible...
  2. KasperPSR

    MBP Mid-2015 fans out of control

    Hey everyone, When I connect my mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro Retina to an external display, the fans tend to run to their maximum capacity, or very close to it, even if I only have a few applications open. Checking the activity monitor, I can see that a lot of my CPU is idle, so I'm not sure what...
  3. EDDIE75

    MB Pro Crash

    Hello everyone, I have à MB pro 15' mid 2015 2.5ghz i7 running 10.12.6 and recently had a few crashes ... I connected my mac to a monitor, everything worked well until the mouse (connected with a wire) froze (wasn't responding but was still on, with the red optical light and everything) the...
  4. gemoritzt

    iTunes 10.7 Album View choppy

    The album view on my Macbook Pro Mid 2015 is choppy as f***. I already sent feedback with the feedback-assistant. Does anybody know if there is a fix for that?
  5. S

    iPad Pro iPad Pro to MBP display

    I've done a google on this a come up empty so I'm hoping to get some guidance here. I know that you can use iPad Pro as a secondary "monitor" for Macbooks but is it possible for it to work the opposite way? I'm looking to have the screen on my work MBP for working on personal files during...
  6. C

    Macbook Pro 15" 2015 bottom case flex?

    Hi I got my new Macbook pro 15" (Mid 2015) last week and have been enjoying it completly without any problems so far! But yesterday i was carrying the laptop in my sleeve (Inside my bag withnothing else in it, so no weight on the laptop) and i heard a "snap" sound which i didnt think more...