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  1. B

    MacOS Trojan

    Hi, I am using a Macbook Air 2014 with BigSur and I run BitDefender. While browsing, I opened a .txt file (in safari) and BitDefender popped up with a Trojan.PWS.Agent.SVN in the following directory: Path...
  2. D

    MacBook Air Battery Life

    I've had the M2 MBA Base model for a couple days now, and it seems like the battery life is significantly shorter than what it should be. I'm going from 100% to 80% in just over 20 minutes. The laptop seems to get fairly hot on the bottom side well. I was just browsing some webpages, had a...
  3. phoenix_jet

    Buying M1 Macbook Air

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009) Currently running a Pro w/ the specs above. I've changed the hard drive and maxed the ram. Interested in getting a M1 Air but wondering if the new devices can be fixed when they need new parts. I don't do any hard core applications so I'm sure the M1...
  4. J

    MacBook Air 2022 Skin?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone know here I can find a custom skin for my soon-to-arrive Midnight MBA? I've been looking, but all I've found is dbrand's non-customizable ones. I mainly want it because it will prevent fingerprints and the picture I've chosen( Great Wave off Kanawaga) is pretty...
  5. bonjourx

    Buying Guide help: Maxed out MacBook Air M2 or MacBook Pro M1 Max?

    Hello everyone! As the title says, I am contemplating between a maxed out MacBook Air m2 vs a MacBook Pro m1 Max 10 core CPU, 24 core GPU, 32gb and 1tb ssd storage. So here are my questions: 1. I was wondering if it’s still worth it to buy the MacBook Pro m1 Max right now since it was released...
  6. E

    Can't connect my iPhone to MacBook Air

    Hello guys, is anyone can help me with this? I try to connect my iPhone with MacBook but I got an error message that I have to restore my iPhone. (see attached). I use MacBook Air with macOS Monterey version. My iPhone is IOS 15.4.1. Is it because of new update on my iPhone? Or should I really...
  7. dgian


    hello to the community ! I am new to apple MacBooks (even though I ve been working as an I.T. for 11 years now). my quick question which must be easy for you guys is this: Used space on my new M1 MacBook Air is constantly growing is size ! (please have a look at screenshots) I have iCloud...
  8. jchatwood

    M1 MacBook Air or M1 Pro/Max 14”

    Help please! Looking for advice - currently have a 2015 MacBook Pro 13” but it is getting time for a new machine. To give an idea of what I use my laptop for - I mostly do website design, photoshop, Lightroom, and then the basic web use/word processing etc. Also use for zoom/teams meetings...
  9. A

    M1 Mac Air remains connected to Wifi/Router

    Okay, so is this normal. As none of my other Macs have done this and can't find any help from the support people. For some reason, my new Mac Book Air with the M1 chip straight out of the box, not messed with settings, remain connected to Wifi - it even downloads podcasts and emails etc. I can...
  10. BlueberryMac

    What MacOS feature did this? Power Nap or something else? A download started at a cafe, completed while my MBA was still closed but once I got home.

    I was at a cafe downtown trying to download a huge file, but the cafe’s connection was too slow (I was only able to download about 20% of it) so eventually I gave up, closed my M1 Macbook Air and went home. Sometime later (after I had arrived back at home) I opened my backpack, and re-opened my...
  11. M

    Best external webcam for using in Discord? (macbook air 2020)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for affordable external webcams specifically for video chats in Discord? I bought a cheap one off Amazon a few months back which works okay outside of Discord but as soon as i'm in a call with friends with multiple cameras going mine completely lags out/is...
  12. evitalp

    Blue Yeti not recognised on Macbook Air

    I'm trying to use a Blue yeti mic on my 2018 Macbook Air, currently running osx Catalina.. But the mic doesn't show up on the sound input options. Any ideas what might be wrong? I appreciate any help you can give me
  13. W

    How much RAM for graphics and music mixing?

    Hi, thanks to covid I am having a hell of a time getting my hands on the new M1 with 16GB of RAM. Do you think there is any chance that 8GB of RAM can do the job? I was using a very old 2011 Macbook for some 2d animations and photoshop and some Garageband stuff, and it almost never crashed...
  14. kittur

    Bad Day - everything needs replaced today!

    My iphone 6S just died an hour ago. I'm hoping it'll come to life again but it clearly needs replacing, and my old Macbook Air 2014 that I use with a separate screen has a warning that the battery needs replacing and today it started sputtering. No Apple shops are open to replace the battery...
  15. D

    Which New Macbook to buy?

    Apple expected to bring Silicon 13" MacBook Air, 13" MacBook Pro and 16" MacBook Pro. New Product Rumors,
  16. Darcey Strauss

    Upgrading from Macbook Air 2015 13" to Macbook Air 2020 13"

    I need some advice on buying the new 2020 Macbook Air. I currently have a 5-year-old 2015 Macbook Air 13" but the battery is dying and so I would like to upgrade. The problem is that I believe there are some problems with the new 2020 version that prevents me from wanting to upgrade. Can anyone...
  17. B

    Buying advice!

    Hello everyone im looking for a little advice. My 2014 macbook pro 13, recently got wet and longer works and im looking at investing in a new mac, i just need help finding which model and specs would best suit me. i would be using the mac for my primary movie and tv show watching ( i prefer to...
  18. Amy Sutherland

    Processor differences MacAir & MacPro

    I am debating between a macbook air and macbook pro. I host zoom calls and live streams but not with many people at once. What is the difference if I were to get the macbook air 1.2GHz quad core 10th generation i7 processor turbo boost 3.8GHz vs a macbook pro with 2.0GHz Quad-Core 8th generation...
  19. iMacedonian

    MBA 2020 i5 512 GB SSD vs Base MBP 2020 i5 256 SSD

    As the title suggests, since these two are the same price, would it be a better choice to get the MBA 2020 with 512 SSD storage and 10th gen i5 vs the 8th gen i5 on the base model MBP with 256 SSD that has better screen and cooling mechanism? What would you do?
  20. M

    Python on MacBook Air

    Hello, I made a factory reset of my MacBook Air, and downloaded a firewall and an antivirus program. Then I noticed that the firewall picked up a program called "Python", which I found to be strange. To my knowledge, this is a similar program to R (Statistics, coding, forecasting, etc...