1. slimmy18222

    MacBookPro 13 retina work only if FaceTime HD Camera/iSight in not connected

    Hello, everybody. I need your help to figure out what is happening whit mine Macbook pro retina 13'' late 2012 (MacBookPro10,2 - A1425). If the camera connector is connected on logic board when I power on the mac I can hear the "chime" but the screen stay black. I can notice that there is...
  2. J

    Click sound from the base of Macbook Pro 2019 16"

    I bought Macbook Pro 16" just 3-4 months ago. I have never dropped or damaged it in any way. Just a week ago I noticed this annoying CLICK sound coming from the top-left corner of the base. Unlike other annoying sound issues, previously mentioned in this forum, mine doesn't happen when I shake...
  3. C

    My Concepts for a 2021 MacBook Pro 16" With Mini-LED and Apple Silicon

    It took me about an hour to throw these together in Illustrator. These are purely imaginative concepts for a potential lineup of 16 inch MacBook Pros. Let me know what you think of them.
  4. G

    Backlight and sleep not working

    (macbook pro 15 inch, late 2008 2.4 GHz) I reapplied the thermal paste for my macbook pro- have (had?) zero experience with messing around w/ the board so may not have been the best idea. I somehow managed not to brick it and it now runs 20 c cooler- but the back light for the keyboard does not...
  5. M

    Imac late 2013 used as external display

    I am trying to connect my macbookpro 2020 to my imac late 2013 though the thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adaptor and thunderbolt 2 cable. This does not seem to work though and im not sure why
  6. jiangxueHan

    Is it worth buying the 2019 16-inch macbookpro in June 2020?

  7. U

    MacBook Pro delivered 6 days early! (and in the future...)

    Customised build of MacBook Pro 13" (8th Gen) Ordered: (2020.05.25) 25 May Shipped: (2020.05.27) 27 May (from China) Expected delivery (from Apple orders portal): (2020.06.10) 10 June Delivered: (2020.06.04.1100) 4 June (today!) Total distance: 10,570.14 km (6,567.98 mi) (average of 1100km a...
  8. Amy Sutherland

    Processor differences MacAir & MacPro

    I am debating between a macbook air and macbook pro. I host zoom calls and live streams but not with many people at once. What is the difference if I were to get the macbook air 1.2GHz quad core 10th generation i7 processor turbo boost 3.8GHz vs a macbook pro with 2.0GHz Quad-Core 8th generation...
  9. E

    mbp 16 w lg 32ul950-w or lg 5k2k monitor or benque 3200? Which do you recommend?

    I have mbp 16 coming and want an external monitor. I am looking at the lg 32ul950-w . lg 5k2k monitor or benque 3200? Which do you recommend? Which has the least problems with MacBook ? Someone told me I need to find one with native resolution but havent seen one with the 16inch's...
  10. K

    Pro 2017 Doesn’t Open (Charge or Battery Prob)

    Hey y’all hope u guys doing okay in these hard times. Well, like a month ago i woke up and went to the studio and push the power button but macbook pro 2017 didn’t open or anything. First i thought it got wet because there was a little sprite on my working desk. Tried all of those drying...
  11. U

    Upgrade to MBP 13" 2020 8th Gen i5 - is it a slower CPU than 2018 MBP 15" i7?

    Hi guys, I was about to pull the trigger on the base model 2020 MacBook Pro 13" and need some advice! This is to replace my 2018 MBP 15" i7 2.2Ghz. Requirements: 13" - non-negotiable (please don't suggest the 16" :cool:) Non-Butterfly keyboard non-negotiable (please don't suggest an earlier...
  12. E

    how much bigger is the 16 inch than the 15 really?

    Well I was hoping to get a 14.1 inch mbp but the 13inch is not fast enough for me to upgrade coming from a late 2016 mbp. So I am stuck with the 16. Originally I was hoping the 16 would be the same size as the 15. How much of a difference is it between the two? Is it really noticeable? Is...
  13. U

    In your honest opinion - is this May 2020 13" MacBook Pro worth it or worth skipping?

    I am looking at the 10th Generation CPU's not the 8th generation. Keen to know what you think of this May 2020 13" MacBook pro?! If you think it's not enough updates, or it's a case of why fix what isn't broken - all and any opinion solicited! Requirement: I currently have a 2017 MBP 15". I am...
  14. M

    Upgrade to Faster Macbook pro 2015 or Macbook pro 2019?

    I currently have the A1502 Macbook Pro 13" early 2015. Performance specs are CPU - 2.7GHz i5, Ram - 8GB DDR3 1867MHz, Intel Iris GPU - 6100 1536 Mbs, SSD - 128GB. This Macbook's done really well over the years and I've been happy and still am happy using it although there a few things I'd like...
  15. M

    MacBook Pro 16" clicking sound bottom case

    Hi there, I recently got my MBP 16'. When I rest my palm on my case it makes a creaking sound when even the slightest bit of pressure is applied to the wrist/palm rest area. With me it is on the left side next to the trackpad. You can try it yourself by pressing slightly on the mentioned area...
  16. KernalOS

    2010 MacbookPro Backup

    I have an old 2010 MacBook Pro which has some pictures on it which I want to keep. However, I am unable to power it on and it no longer seems to work. Is there a way for me to recover the pictures from the hard drive?
  17. F

    MacBook Pro Late 2013 to multiple Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interfaces?

    Hi there, We are using Late 2013 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 1 Any ideas on how to connect and what are the best cables to use.. LG 49WL95C-W 49-Inch Monitor 2x Audio interfaces with Thunderbolt 3 connectors Reading about Thunderbolt cables they come with different specs, some are 20GBps...
  18. Roshan Raja

    New mac book pro comes with 2 battery count

    i bought a new MBP 13 & the battery count is 2, how is this possible? Should the count start with 0?
  19. MacAtt@ck

    2019 16in MBP vs 2013 Mac Pro (Trash-Can)

    I have two computers I use for Video editing + encoding: Mac Pro (6,1 Trash-Can) for heavy-ish lifting, and a specked out 2017 15 in MacbookPro for working at home and some lighter projects. Thinking about replacing both machines with the new 16in MBP. My concern is that I may see some...
  20. A

    Performance MacBook Pro 16"

    Hi, I am willing to buy the new 16" but I have to admit that I am not a Pro user in that sense, nevertheless it is worth the money to me. However, I wonder whether all the fast processors, chips etc. are still used when using the MBP for easy things, such as browsing the web or Microsoft...