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  1. A

    Mac Plus Repair

    So, I have an old Mac Plus I'm trying to fix. I have an idea on what the problem might be but I want the opinion of someone who knows what they're doing. I'm pretty sure the problem is the flyback transformer but I think there might be more to it than that. When I turn on the computer there is...
  2. zastin17

    Macintosh 128K Original 1984 Mis-aligned 400K drive, HELP ME!

    Ok, I need some serious help with my 1984 Macintosh 128K Guys!! I put this on a shelf for almost a year. Wishing it worked, but never being able to Re-align the 400k drive again. I am sad To start off, A few years ago, I found this incredible condition 128K Macintosh set. All Factory stock...
  3. C

    macintoshes in garage

    Hi everyone! I'm going through things in a relative's house but there appears to be boxes of old Macintosh computer equipment that have been stored in the garage. They have been there at least five years. I believe they were also transported across the country at one point. To the best of my...
  4. rasvoja

    Video playback on iMac G5

    Hi, I have iMac G5 (single core G5 2Ghz, 1GB and standard SATA drive). I am very pleased how iWorks 09, Office 2008 and mp3 playback works, I am amazed with TenFourFox but I have a bit of trouble with video playback. I dont know are my expectations too high for single core G5 but 720 HD video...
  5. BacioiuC

    New Game for (68K) Compact Macs

    Hi everyone, This year I plan to release a couple of new games for 68K macs and I'm starting out with a First Person Dungeon Crawler for the the Mac Plus and newer compact macintoshes. The game has been in development for the past 4 months and I'm aiming for a possible release date in late...
  6. macnerd93

    Mac OS 9 missing bottom access bar?

    Hi all, Wondering if someone could help me. I got my iMac G3 DV Graphite out of storage a few days ago and have been playing about with Mac OS 9 again. Found a load of wonderful abandoned ware and been reminiscing my childhood. However, the problem I've noticed is that after installing a few...
  7. S

    Old Mac game

    Hi. I'm looking for an old 2D Mac game my brother and I used to play. There were 2 players on the screen at one time, where each player was a circle with a cannon. The circle traveled in a direction on a predetermined track, and the only movement you could do was to reverse direction. You...
  8. ParzivalR

    Resolved Macintosh Plus - Vertical Deflection problem

    Hello everyone! I introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo. I live in Argentina, so I apologize if my English is bad. First, I apologize for asking for help without having helped before. I've been reading forums since 2017, but I've only just had time to get back to work on the Mac during...
  9. napabar

    The DaynaFile - 5.25 inch floppies on a Macintosh!

    The DaynaFile is a wonderful piece of lost technology for the Macintosh. It's an enclosure that houses PC floppy disks drives (most importantly, 5.25 inch) and connects them to a Macintosh over SCSI. I looked for one of these for a long time, and was lucky to find a unit that was in very good...
  10. P

    2009 Macintosh showing Untitled and appears wiped

    Hey everyone I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro and tried reinstalling OS X on it and picking a HD. All that was there was a recovery hd. When I went into Utility’s all I see on left side was Untitled were Macintosh usually is. Hard drive is wiped capacity and used are exactly the same. Anything I...
  11. 802.11mac

    iPhone X Using an old Macintosh Keyboard & Mouse with an iPhone

    Youtuber uses an old Apple Macintosh keyboard and mouse with an iPhone. How cool is that? It’s using M0100 Mouse to USB Converter and M0110 Keyboard to USB Converter from tinkerBOY.
  12. L

    History of macOS / OS X standard wallpapers

    Which is your favorite? Leopard / Snow leopard
  13. H

    Missing Macintosh HD in Disk Utility - 2007 iMac

    I need help. Bought an old 2007 iMac with the flashing / blinking question mark folder icon. Used Command + R to boot up into Disk Utility (only worked by me creating a Bootable USB flash drive). Now in disk utility I have a problem... I can’t erase or partition Disk 1 or Disk 2 (please see...
  14. Daniel H

    PowerBook 145 Keyboard Help

    (Yeah i know its not a macbook but i couldn't find a forum for powerbooks) I have been converting a PowerBook 145 into an iPad Pro case. So far so good with the project but I had decided it needed something. I working keyboard. My friend told be if I were to figure out how the keyboard worked...
  15. H

    IIGS Woz Edition with Signed Letter & Certificate

    What's the value on this? Can't find another one with the signed documents like this one has. Woz limited signed edition, certificate of authenticity, and a letter from Woz. Thanks!
  16. Sas91

    Did I buy a fake 512k?

    Hi guys! Yesterday I bought a Macintosh 512k in horrible condition at a street market. My idea was to turn it into a hackintosh or put a Mac Mini inside it. I looked at photos online and noticed something different with my computer. The Apple logo in the front does not have the square around...
  17. adamisapple

    Share your Apple Collection!

    I'm interested to see other's collections, and to see if anyone is as obsessed as I am. My collection is below. Macs MacBook Pro (10,1) MacBook Pro (9,2) MacBook (1,1 White) MacBook Pro (17" 2006) iBook (2,2 Bondi-Blue) iBook (4,1) iBook (4,1 Late 2001) iMac (4,5) iMac (2,1 Grape) iMac (4,1)...
  18. HunterCupp

    "An interesting Apple."

    Hello all, Not entirely sure as to what this will entail, but I know that I personally enjoy reading through threads similar to this. As a collector, I often email various local schools or other places that were known to have older Apple/IBM/etc model computers in hopes that they're willing to...
  19. zastin17

    Macintosh 128k Restoration Complete!

    Thank you to everyone who helped me with this restoration project of my Macintosh 128k Especially MacTech68. I got the 400k calibrated after 30 minutes of power cycling and moving the sensor with a Flathead in the notch on the drive as MacTech68 mentioned. I tightened the screw and added nail...
  20. zastin17

    Reproduction Macintosh Labels, Covers Ect For Download!

    I am currently in progress of downloading scans of macintosh floppy disks, Covers, Labels, ect, Restoring them digitally and posting them here for downloading. For example, I have already restored the Macintosh guided tour cassette cover and a macpaint floppy cover. If you have any old original...