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  1. zastin17

    Reproduction Macintosh Labels, Covers Ect For Download!

    I am currently in progress of downloading scans of macintosh floppy disks, Covers, Labels, ect, Restoring them digitally and posting them here for downloading. For example, I have already restored the Macintosh guided tour cassette cover and a macpaint floppy cover. If you have any old original...
  2. tevion5

    Power Macintosh 8600 + Minecraft

    Prompted by the recent post regarding Minecraft and Java SE 6 for PPC, I downloaded the related packed and installed it on a few of my systems. Eventually I got the notion to give it a whirl on my famous heavily upgraded Power Macintosh 8600. (450MHz Sonnet G4, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9200) Low and...
  3. Radio_Dog

    Apple LC needs a monitor. Will CGA work?

    Hello everyone! First post, and first day signed up for your lovely forums. The Story: Okay! So i inherited an old apple LC from a friends basement and this thing is so cool. But it's got a proprietary apple 15Pin Connector for video out. I'd like to run it, but i feel like using VGA is...
  4. KingToby

    Problems copying data on Mac SE

    Hi everyone, I managed to install a SCSI2SD adapter in my Mac SE running System 7.1. Now I'm having quite some problems getting software running on the system. I use MacDrive to copy software to the SD card, everything I put there can be accessed on the Mac. No problems with text files...
  5. Jon from HR

    Best System 7 games for a Mac Classic?

    I love my Macintosh Classic. Honestly. But the 2 MB RAM is a severe crippler. Can't even play Shadowgate for whatever reason even though its a 512k game; game just refuses to boot.:( Anyone have any suggestions on some games I could play with that RAM limit? Already have Tetris, all the Infocom...
  6. R

    ‪A New / Vintage Macintosh Arrives : The Complete Tour & Retro Gaming ! ‬

    Hi all, I've just had a new / vintage macintosh arrive at the lab ) See the following video on my Youtube channel to find out what it is, have a tour and do some gaming ) Hope you enjoy, Steve
  7. Adamscomputerrepair

    Is PowerPC Obsolete in 2016?

    I posted this for 3 reasons: 1, I want to show you guys some things I've tried out and want some new tricks that you've tried. 2, I want your opinion on whether these gloriously old beauties are obsolete. 3, I am shamelessly promoting my new channel sparked tech. So, what is your opinion? Is...
  8. Luuklt

    Macintosh Error code 000300f0?

    Hello, i bought an macintosh classic with the error code 000300f0 with the intention of fixing it, but i can't find online what this code means can someone help me?