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  1. DokiDoki

    Does anyone know how to help install SimTower on Winebottler?

    I am using Winebottler just fine, after finding it, and loving it, but I really would like to have some help, i dug out an old classic favorite disc of mine that i had from the 90's SimTower, yet, Winebottler is refusing to let me install especially after ripping it from my own CD to not use it...
  2. quadra605

    Problems Booting into Old OS X with MacPro running Mojave

  3. norwaypianoman

    Upgrading files through the OS versions

    Is there a known article or guide which tells about upgrading files and a whole system through the many OS versions ? Maybe with a focus on the bigger Apple Software programs as Logic / Garageband / Final Cut... Maybe with most OS X / Mac OS possible: f.ex from Lion up to Catalina...
  4. Thezachary

    I cannot get my iMac G4 to run Leopard

    I have a iMac g4 running tiger(10.4.11) and I can’t get it to run leopard. I’ve tried everything: booting from usb solicits an error message that I have to force shutdown my computer. It doesn’t read the dvd and simply ejects it. I even tried partitioning the disk and mounting one partition as...
  5. Johannes Pascal

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2006 boot to Black Screen with Mouse

    Hey, i've got a problem (sry, i am a non-native english speaker), I've got a MacPro 2006 flashed to 2.1 with dual Xeon Quadcore 2.66ghz, 32 gigs of Ram (where one module stops working from time to time), a gt7300 and a quadro 4000 for el capitan which i successfully installes and booted (i don't...
  6. K

    Worst x.0 versions of Mac OS X/macOS?

    I love me my polls! Which OS version was the worst, most disasterous, and truly a hot mess for you at .0 (newly released)? For me, I'd vote 10.9 (Mavericks). Putrid, awful OS throughout 10.9.5. Talk about a steaming pile of a hot mess. Glitches abound, filed many bug reports. Had to...
  7. larryisthere

    iCloud Photo can't turn on after iCloud was singed out automatically.

    I found iCloud was inexplicably signed out automatically when I noticed my e-mail accounts (include iCloud account and a 3rd party account) in was disappeared, and all my e-mails were gone. Then I went to System Preference Settings pane to check iCloud's status when I found that my...
  8. A

    iMessage not recognizing only ONE contact - my wife!

    Hey yall. Using iMessage on macosx. When i create a new message, i can type in a person's name and it will make several automatic suggestions based on how many of my contacts match the search criteria. However, I cannot search for one important person - my wife! She does not show up in the...
  9. xieem

    macOS High Sierra and VNC timeouts

    Dear community, I was wondering if somebody has found a solution to the following problem. When you try to VNC to one of your Apple devices the connection stays in a loop, which means that it's not possible to reach the device you try to reach, even though the device is perfectly up & running...
  10. Mac03ForLife

    PowerMac G5 as Daily Driver

    My main mac has finally failed me It was an MBP 8,1 : The HDD was corrupted somehow, and now I cant use it. It's destined for the closet, at least until my parents decide whether or not I'm allowed to Mod the inside. That leaves me with my PMacG5. It is now going to become my daily driver from...
  11. sbkevinmichael

    Downgrade Mac Os High Sierra?

    Is it possible to downgrade? It's not compatiable with sling tv that i use to airplay to my apple tv 3! I have a 2013 27 inch imac and how do i do it?
  12. D

    Backing up iCloud Photo Library

    Hello, I currently have an old Macbook Pro with a big hard disk so my whole iCloud Photo Library is downloaded and therefore gets backed up via time machine. I want to replace this old laptop with a new version that has a small SSD that won't be big enough to hold the entire library, so iCloud...
  13. T

    10.12.2 = Graphics Glitches on 2014 MacBook Pro

    Hi all, So, I didn't see these problems in the first iteration of Sierra. But, the latest edition: 10.12.2 is giving me weird graphic glitches all over the place. See attachment. Is there any way to downgrade to an earlier version of Sierra? Also noticed that the NVideo CUDA panel in...
  14. E

    Mac OSX, nvidia graphic card, external monitor

    Hello, I plugged an external monitor (CX271 Eizo) via thunderbolt -> displayport on an iMac27 and a macbookPro, and both of them displays wrong lights / colors on the monitor. While booting these same computer but with Windows 10 Bootcamp, the lights and colors are fine. When in Windows 10...