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Johannes Pascal

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Jun 22, 2020
Hey, i've got a problem (sry, i am a non-native english speaker),
I've got a MacPro 2006 flashed to 2.1 with dual Xeon Quadcore 2.66ghz, 32 gigs of Ram (where one module stops working from time to time), a gt7300 and a quadro 4000 for el capitan which i successfully installes and booted (i don't get a picture from the quadro, when i take the gt away, at last working boot, i had the same picture on both cards, which i did not understand, it was a new el cap install, i destroyed it one time before with a security update in el cap 10.11.5 i guess). i have 3 partitions on my drive with a backup space where i didnt backup, a 10.7.5 and a 10.11 install of mac os. When i boot it takes way more time as usual, shows a light blue.... thing/screen with striped idk and then a black screen wich clearly expands on the left side (the gt has no output) where i can move the mouse. i could not access the boot selection. I've got another mac pro, non flashed for parts here which i can use but has no hard drive.
pls help!
EDIT: i got it running somehow, but i am afraid of this happening again, any thoughts?
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