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Aug 29, 2016

I plugged an external monitor (CX271 Eizo) via thunderbolt -> displayport on an iMac27 and a macbookPro, and both of them displays wrong lights / colors on the monitor.
While booting these same computer but with Windows 10 Bootcamp, the lights and colors are fine.
When in Windows 10 drivers settings from the nvidia panel I set the range RGB to "limited 16-235", i get the same rendering as macOSX do, so I suspect that macOSX is sending a wrong signal to my monitor.
I have tested my monitor on a mac Pro which had a AMD graphic card, and the lights / colors are fine.
Definitely, there is a problem between macOSX / nvidia / displayport and external monitor, at least mine : CX271 Eizo.

Do you know a way to activate this "full range 0-255" signal under macOSX ?

Thanks !
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