1. K

    iPhone 11 Pro Max camera crashes in Night Mode

    So I'm having an issue with my iPhone 11 Pro Max camera. When attempting to take a photo in low light (where Night Mode activates), the camera app crashes each every time the shutter button is pressed. No other mode on the camera has any problems; wide, telephoto, ultrawide, portrait, videos -...
  2. L

    iPhone 11 Pro My 11 Pro Max's Screen is Dimmer and Greener Than My XS Max?!

    Been using the 11 Pro Max for a day now, and compared a few times, and found the white balance to be quite off. Both with and without True Tone. Even weirder is that it is definitely not as bright as my XS Max. There's less contrast, and less shadow detail (possibly as a result of lower...
  3. Oohara

    iPhone XS Max Netflix screen fill on Max size iPhone

    Is it possible to have a movie on Netflix fill the entire screen in a symmetrical shape with only the notch end cut off? That is, so only the "flaps" are blacked out and the rest of the screen is filled with the image. Testing in stores I've only been able to set it to either completely full...
  4. I

    Other What's up with people selling brand new iPhone XS Max (usually 256GB) for $500 on Offerup ?

    On Offerup, I see a listing pop almost every 10 minutes. Some are sure scam as they tell you to pay outside offerup using cashapp and what not but some people will accept money inside offerup. What's up ? Does anyone know? I usually will not even attempt to buy if it is a recent account but I...
  5. dragnworks

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XsMax WiFi issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with their iPhone XsMax using excessive cellular data, and not showing wifi connection icon on home screen, but shows it on the WiFi settings page? I went over my cellular data last month. And noticed when i should have been on wifi, the phone wasn't showing icon...
  6. smoking monkey

    iPhone XR Question for XR owners

    How is watching movies on the XR in terms of screen brightness (and just generally) compared to the Max or a plus phone (any of them)? I did compare my 6s+ to an XR and Max in store playing various videos via youtube and found that the XR looked better than my 6S+. But I've read that the XR...
  7. PumpkingKing

    iPhone XS Max Netflix Xs Max Heating / Color Change?

    Hey, has anyone had their max heat abnormally on the backside under the camera while watching Netflix? Or noticed when watching, pausing to adjust brightness and coming back adjusts and changes the colors within the content? I think these might be particularly limited to when watching HDR content.
  8. jimmy_uk

    iPhone XS Max iOS 12.1 wallpaper bug?

    Trying to set the below wallpaper for just my lock screen but it also changes on my home screen? For the home screen I'm trying to use the all black image from the Apple preset stills. And it draws itself in from top to bottom like it animates? This is set as still mode on iphone Max, iOS 12.1...
  9. smoking monkey

    iPhone XR Max v Plus v XR v X screen size comparison for TV shows & old movies

    IF anybody is interested (I know I am) I made this simple guide to compare how much smaller TV shows or older movies will display on the XR in comparison to the Max, Plus and how much bigger compared to the X. FYI: I actually made the size of the pics the real height of the phone screens, but...
  10. H

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XS Max - Ability to Buff Out Scratches with Gold Color

    Last year with the iPhone X, it was said that the Silver color with the polished stainless steel bands was better for scratch buffing since you could just use a standard buffing cloth and solution just like you were buffing out scratches on a stainless steel watch. The Space Gray version had...
  11. D

    rear grip for Max that "works" with both saddle apple leather and wireless charging?

    Hey guys. I LOVE the Saddle leather apple case for the xs max, but its a big phone and hurts those little pinky piggies. You have your pop sockets, and other types of phone grips out there but I just cant seem to find anything that would A. Look ok with the saddle leather, B. still work with...
  12. E

    Other Xs Max, antenna and return policy

    Hi, pure theoretical for now if its proven that Xs Max has hardware issues related to antennas, will you still only be able to return it within 14 days, or will apple do some sort of arrangement? is there any history of hardware issues acknowledged and fixed free of charge? i, like lots other...
  13. jimmy_uk

    Other Sharp volume buttons on Max?

    Having handled two Xs Max's now I'm noticing the buttons have sharp edges (short edge) including the power. Anyone else? Don't think the sim tray is very flush either.
  14. eoblaed

    iPhone XS Max XS Max: The Hunt for New Wallpapers

    General XS Max wallpaper thread. My story: Every year, when I get my new phone, I find a new wallpaper (or wallpapers) to not only refresh my feel of my phone, but also to take advantage of the new resolution (if there is one). Moving from the X to the XS Max, there is a definite resolution...
  15. M

    iPhone WorkoutInfo - simple and clear presentation of the training

    I recently published the App WorkoutInfo in the AppStore. I use them as a supplement to the standard Apple application Activity to see the maximum speed. Perhaps one of you has exactly the same requirements. Description of the app WorkoutInfo presents data from available workouts (walking...
  16. C

    (FREE) In The Sky: Metatron's Tree

    Joy, Thomas and Max are the beings that make possible the arrival of Metatron cubes to their respective souls. For that purpose, they have to choose the line that takes the cubes to their place. Controls are easy and intuitive, the mechanics of the game will make you keep on playing for hours...