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  1. Risco

    Keyboard lag?

    Has anyone had this? Same thing happened with my iPhone XS although much worse. Was also noticeable on iOS 14. I now have an iPhone 13 with a clean install and still see this but not as much. Mostly in Safari with a few tabs open or Amazon app. Thinking this a memory management issue? I have...
  2. 2

    iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max Benchmark Storage Speed Thread

    Hello guys, every year again. I am interested in your results with the 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max. Here is my result: iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB iOS 15 Please enter your device and memory size and upload a screen from Antutu Benchmark. Somehow my result is very high for a 256GB device. The memory...
  3. A

    Apple Silicon and DDR5

    The DDR5 standard, along with more memory channels could raise APU graphics performance to levels currently impossible. An M3 chip, with, say LPDDR5 6400? The same standard would also advantage AMD's iGPU performance. One theory for AMD currently shipping APUs with Vega cores that are...
  4. M

    27" iMac Upgrading Memory

    Five plus years later, and outside of some display retention issues around the edge of the screen after long use, I still am a huge fan of my Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015 iMac. With that being said, I have found myself looking at memory upgrades. Needed? Maybe not, but also of some "why not"...
  5. R

    M1 MBA owners with 8Gb... any regrets not getting 16?

    I have always been a believer in never going light on RAM in a computer. So far my 8gb in the MBA seems like it is enough. But I keep thinking long term would I have been better off with 16?
  6. BenRacicot

    Is the M1 GPU sharing LPDDR4 RAM going to be enough?

    I’ve been researching what the MX/2 GPU cores could be comparable to and have a few big questions. 1. It does seem that app devs are reporting the same max 5.xgb usage. 2. It also seems pretty accepted that the M1 GPU is sharing the LPDDR4 system RAM. 3. Could the new chip (M2?) include 64GB of...
  7. DorianBritton

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 2013 Memory Issues

    Having a memory issue with my 6,1 trashcan. Sometimes it starts and runs fine, sometimes not. There’s an issue where random dimm slots either don’t show the full memory or don’t show part of the memory (32g slot only shows 24g). When this happens I’m also getting Bluetooth connection starts and...
  8. Koka016

    MP 6,1 Removed 4X8gb Micron ram for 3X16GB Samsung ram lower performance

    HI All Rumors Im planed to expand ram to 64GB 4X16GB Samsung ECC DDR3 1866 Registered..... First I purchased two 16gb sticks (Because of good price) and in meantime while Im waiting good price for another 2x16 gb sticks Pulled out my 4X8gb Micron ram and Supprise... Geekbench 5 score fall...
  9. Gamusren

    M1 Mac Mini with external drive user not showing swap memory on iStat Menu

    I am using a M1 Mac mini 16GB/256GB with Sabrent Rocket XTRM 1TB external SSD as my main drive and copied my second working user to this drive. Everything works fine currently with all essential apps and system files writing to the main SSD. (Macintosh HD) However, when I use iStat menu...
  10. G

    27" iMac 2019 - 64gb RAM Installation Questions

    I recently purchased 2x32gb RAM chips from OWC for my 2019 27" iMac with i9. I removed the original Mac RAM (2x4gb) and installed the OWC RAM only. I was not able to boot the computer when placing the OWC RAM in the same slots the Mac RAM(1 & 3) inhabited. I was able to boot the computer when I...
  11. AjTee

    iPad iPad Air 4 64 GB - Is it enough for my usage?

    Hello, I am totally obsessed with new iPad Air 4. I am thinking if 64 GB version will be enough for me or go for 256 GB version. If I will go for 256 GB version then it is better to buy iPad Pro 11 128 GB. I will use my iPad mostly for streaming YouTube, Netflix etc. videos, browsing web...
  12. AjTee

    iPad iPad Air 4 (2020) 64 GB vs 256 GB

    Which version you recommend? I will use it for movies, Netflix, internet browsing, some games, watching photos in Photos app and Apple TV +
  13. P

    Which RAM to buy for iMac 27-inch Late 2012?

    Hello! I just want to be SUPER sure I'm buying the correct RAM. Memory: 2x8gb installed already 1600mhz Apple's Directions... Memory specifications These iMac models feature Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM) slots on the rear of the computer near the vents with these memory...
  14. M

    New 2020 5k iMac having trouble with 4 new dimm sticks. 3 new +1 OEM work just fine. :o

    Howdy, I bought a 64gb ram upgrade kit from OWC for my brand new 2020 5k iMac, 27 incher. However, strange boot issues abound when I try to install all 4 sticks at once. 2 OEM sticks and 2 empty slots = boot normally 1 OEM stick + 3 OWC sticks = boot normally 4 OWC sticks = failed boot When...
  15. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Guidance and advice on upgrading Mac Pro 5.1 2010

    Hi all My first post having had a good look around the forum. I've always fancied a 'cheese grater' Mac and one came up for sale nearby. Project Mac Pro 5.1 cost £250 Starting Specs Intel Quad Core W3530 1TB WD Black 3.5" HDD 10 GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Running High Sierra My aim is...
  16. B

    MacBook Pro memory 3 beeps

    Hi, I recently upgraded my ram in a 2009 MacBook pro and when I turned it back on I started getting the 3 beeps with nothing on screen. Carried out a troubleshoot of ram and slots below. I reinstalled old ram in both slots and got 3 beeps and nothing on screen. Then only installed new ram...
  17. B

    Upgrade iMac Memory

    Hi. I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my iMac. I have a Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 with 16BG. And I was thinking of adding OWC 32GB (2 x 16GB) of compatible RAM. While conducting research, on Amazon, the top comment talks about how it is not compatible with stock Apple RAM, and that with...
  18. X

    MP 7,1 Single or Dual ranked Memory for new Mac Pro 2019

    Hi, I'm looking to buy some new RAM for my new Mac Pro. It came with 32GB (4x 8GB) and I'll replace this with 6x 32GB. Please can someone confirm that I'm buying the correct RAM for my Mac Pro? It's a 16 core model. I'm looking to buy RDIMM, ECC ram. DDR4 PC4-23400 DUAL RANKED REGISTERED ECC...
  19. B S Magnet

    Trying to find workaround for Unibody MBP w/ bad RAM slot?

    This is homologous to the recent thread on PowerBook G4s with known bad RAM slots (and getting 2GB SO-DIMMs to do the work of two 1GB sticks albeit in one slot): I have an early-2011 A1278 MBP 13/i5/2.3GHz (Sandy Bridge), which is my Snow Leopard box. It runs with one 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz...
  20. Codpeace

    MP All Models Question about RAM and the new Mac Pro

    Hey, so I’m an enthusiast and super excited about the new Mac Pro. I’m reading all I can about it bc it’s fascinating to me how much creative folk (who are my clients; I’m a lawyer who advises artists, filmmakers, musicians, etc.) are craving this machine. I have no need for a machine like this...