1. S

    iPhone X Receive SMS when only on WiFi?

    Is there any way to receive SMS text messages (not iMessages) on my iPhone when on WiFi only? I’m currently in an area where I need to stay in airplane mode with cellular data turned off. WiFi works just fine and I can receive iMessages fine but cannot receive others SMS text messages. Is there...
  2. J

    All Devices Messages App Not Showing Content iOS 13/macOS, just dates, iCloud Messages

    I have been having an issue with the messages app in iOS 13 after syncing with iCloud messages. One day, I woke up and all of my messages were gone - the app was showing blank. So I erased the iPhone (iPhone X), and restored from my backup and all of the messages re-downloaded from iCloud to the...
  3. DominikHoffmann

    No iMessage with some users (they have iPhones)

    Is anybody else seeing this? As of about 4 PM EDT today I have been seeing issues with Messages on macOS 10.15.4. People I know to have iPhones are messaged via SMS from my Mac (with Text Message Forwarding turned on my iPhone). To others I can send iMessages without incident. It’s either a bug...
  4. U

    iPhone Should Deleting SMS message from Mac not delete it from iPhone also

    I am using Text Message forwarding feature to view/ send SMS message from Mac. I am able to send SMS from Mac without any problem. But when I delete any SMS from Mac, it does not delete it from iPhone. Is it expected behaviour?
  5. 16BitArcadeGraphics

    iPhone XR I am receiving text messages on "messages" app on Mac but not on phone

    Does anyone know why this is the case? I have iMessages disabled on my phone. I had no clue I was even receiving text messages for the past month until I checked the messages app by mistake yesterday and saw so many texts I had never received on my phone. Does anyone know how to get simple...
  6. sbsmithjax

    iPhone iOS 13 Message app is removing my images!

    Can someone help me understand why the images that I text/iMessage to other people, disappear in my thread with them, even though the recipient can see the image. This almost always happens 5-24 hours AFTER the images is sent. Here is what I see on my screen: It doesn't happen to all...
  7. W

    iPhone IOS 13 completely messed up my messages!! Merged threads, deleted media. Help!

    So I’m someone who doesn’t delete messages at all. I have all my messages on my current iPhone 7 Plus from all the way to my first iPhone 3G (restoring from backup on each new iPhone I get) so there’s hundreds of thousands of messages in total. NOTE: I do not use iCloud messages. Never have...
  8. T

    Messages creating Office 08/08/2019 contacts?

    Whenever I search for an O contact on my MacBook Air, I am greeted with several contact suggestions labeled Office 08/08/2019, Office 08/16/2019, Office 6/12/2019, and just a whole bunch more of seemingly random dates. I checked on both my iPad and my iPhone to see if this contact suggestion...
  9. dmfresco

    iPhone HomePod will place call but not send message with iOS 13 Public Beta update

    My HomePod, updated to 12.4 with the iOS 13 Public Beta 4 update on my iPhone, will no longer send a message when I say Hey Siri, send a message to .... Siri says, uh oh, there's a problem. I can place a telephone call as before by saying Siri, call ... Is there any way to get this...
  10. A

    Messages app syncing

    Hi, so I have just added my apple ID into messages on my mac and the latests iMessages are coming through fine and It's randomly showing some old conversations from like December 2018....Will it eventually sync and update/link with my iPhone? I assume by pulling down the conversations from...
  11. F

    All Devices Find My - AirPods not displaying

    So I misplaced my AirPods a few days ago and I went to the Find My app to locate them as I usually do with the old find my iPhone app and... They don't appear in my list of devices. I've been running dev beta since day one and have used my AirPods multiple times with my apple devices since, so I...
  12. JohnAms

    iPhone The new share sheet: what if you don’t use Messages?

    Now I guess this is a pretty much US-focused forum, so perhaps not too many compadres on this topic... The new share sheet prioritizes Messages with a top row of contacts. Now this is great if you actually use Messages. But in countries like The Netherlands where Whatsapp is the dominant...
  13. utwarreng

    iPhone Sharing gif files only sends static images via SMS & Facebook Messenger

    Since I installed Beta 1, and carrying over to Beta 2, when I try to share a gif file via Facebook Messenger or Messages (to non-iMessage users), the image doesn't go through as an animated gif, and instead only sends a static image of the first slide of the gif. If I send the same gif file to...
  14. S

    Messages question (your name was mentioned)

    Anyone know why I get a popup on my macbook pro saying "your name was mentioned in this chat" every time I receive a new message on a group chat in Messages even if my name is not actually mentioned? What is this feature supposed to do? If it's supposed to actually let me know my name was...
  15. S

    Messages question (your name was mentioned)

    Anyone know why I get a popup on my macbook pro saying "your name was mentioned in this chat" every time I receive a new message on a group chat in Messages even if my name is not actually mentioned? What is this feature supposed to do? If it's supposed to actually let me know my name was...
  16. Simone222

    Contacts deleted themselves but showing in search

    i have an iPhone 8 Plus and recently out of nowhere a lot of my contacts randomly deleted themselves- however if I swipe and search in the spotlight bar for a name, it shows ! And also shows their messages. I am able to call people using this technique but not by searching for them in contacts...
  17. L

    Apple rewriting some older apps with Marzipan?

    With the news that Apple would be bringing several iOS apps to the Mac with Marzipan, such as Music, TV, etc, I was wondering if this means that several older apps will be rewritten as well. I'm thinking of Messages, which is years behind on the Mac compared to iOS. but, this also includes...
  18. MJedi

    Managing Messages

    Hello all, I need to clean up older messages on my iPhone temporarily. So, I disabled Messages in iCloud on my iPhone, but kept it enabled on my iPad. Sometime in the future, I will enable Messages in iCloud on the iPhone. In between those times, I will have received other messages on both...
  19. TomFromAndroid

    Carrier No voicemail notifications on iPhone SE

    I have a new iPhone SE running the latest iOS 12.1.4. My problem is that calls that go to voicemail leave no indication that there's a message waiting...only that there was a missed call. The phone icon shows the red badge with a "1" but when I open the phone app there's no indication on the...
  20. L

    Messages only works in safe mode

    my MBP (mojave 10.14) will only send and receive texts/messages when booted in safe mode. So far, I have deleted all items in my login startup apps. No bearing on situation. Have no idea where to go next to ID the file(s) or whatever is interfering with Messages. ????