1. iangoat

    Missing emails

    Hi Forum. Since moving to catalina (10.15.3) the odd, but important, email’s gone awol. A major worry now, as they’re from clients wondering why I’ve not replied to work requests / amends etc. The frustrating thing is it’s so random. I’ll get other emails from same sender, just not the odd one...
  2. S

    Music app, missing artwork

    I recently made a clean install of Catalina on my iMac 2017. Way to much problems updating from Mojave to Catalina. I always keep my itunes library files and music on a separate external HD. After importing the XML in the new music app, can't figure out how, but I 'm missing all my artwork in...
  3. Nina-TWH

    Keyboard light missing after unplugging

    Please, help! I have a very annoying problem with Macbook air 2017 (mac OS Mojave). Keyboard light turns off totally after fully charge the battery. It happens right after 2 or 3 minutes as I unplug the charger. Tried everything: system management controller (SMC), checked and unchecked...
  4. ivoschalkwijk

    Missing files after copying to External Hard Drive

    After copying thousands of photos from my iPhone to my external hard drive (via iMazing)I found that after unplugging and replugging the hard drive again,the only folder I could still see was the “fseventsd-uuid”folder. If I try to open the “fseventsd-uuid”folder,it disappears automatically...
  5. nelsonmarcos

    User disabled after shutdown for lack of energy

    Hi everyone! This happened 3 times: I opened the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)/Mojave, and it was out of batteries. After I connected the power cord and turn it on, the only user available was the administrator. My personal user has just 'disappeared' . So I logged in with the administrator...
  6. freidavs

    GarageBand glich with save

    hi there. so i was recording podcast yesterday. we were in a hurry so i just opened new project and started to record, after recording i wanted to save project file so there is no problems. first thing i saw, that was strange is after saving there wasnt this "copying .wav" window that...
  7. seitsme

    iPhone 6(S)(+) how to unhide the sim pin choice- missing iphone 6x

    hello, I noticed that in the iphone 6s if you want to change the sim pin number-code, you must go to the settings and then phone and then should be a choice to change the sim pin code1 or 2. The problem is that i have no such menu choice on my iphone 6s, updated to latest version. phone is...
  8. S

    New emojis missing

    Just updated to Mojave on my MacBook Pro and it seems some of the new emojis that are on my iphone are not on my mac. I tried restoring default fonts and it didn't help. I'm looking at imessage and new emojis are not on the list and appear blacked out in messages. They don't appear in the emoji...
  9. D

    Macbook A1342: Missing component in schematics 820-2877-B

    My Macbook A1342 doesn't recognise the battery anymore. There is a component missing on the board (over pin 8 of the battery connector) but i can't find it on the boardview. Any help on how i can solve this?
  10. C

    Preview is displaying images as blank inside PDFs

    As you can see in the image below, the image is missing from the page. Only some of the images are missing. The file used to work fine before updating to mojave (worked fine in high sierra). This happens with other files as well, they're mostly big PDFs (<200 MB). So far I've tried to: delete...
  11. B

    Which Apple Complication do you miss most?

    Is it only available on a face that you don't like? Is it only available as a corner complication? Is it the now the big complication on the Infograph Modular when all you want is a small circle? Or is it just plain gone? Vote here!
  12. C

    iPhone X contact names missing

    Hi, something strange happened. I have all my contacs with their names and numbers stored, but when they call me, i only see their number without names. That worked perfect, untill today. Someone had a same issue?
  13. F

    Playlists and library gone: Apple Music expired and I didn’t renew for a few months

    hi guys, I had the Apple Music trial about 6 months ago. After it expired, I didn’t renew it until yesterday. On my iPhone and MacBook Air, all playlists and saved music is missing. On my Mac Mini, my main computer, my library is correct. I’ve ensured on my iPhone that iCloud Music Library or...
  14. S

    Spotlight not working.

    Hello, Spotlight is not working when I press command + spacebar. Resetting keyboard defaults did nothing. This command also did nothing: sudo chmod 755 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search; killall SystemUIServer The magnifying glass on the menu bar at the top of...
  15. J

    APFS missing container bug

    Hello, I recently formatted all my external drives to APFS. The result was this: diskutil list /dev/disk3 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *500.1 GB disk3 1...
  16. H

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 plus apps disappearing

    I'm getting this weird bug when swiping between pages, my apps would disappear and then reappear after a swipe back. Anyone else getting this? I'm on 11.0.3. It doesn't happen often but it's enough to be annoying.
  17. T

    Having triuble activating true tone display on iPhone 8

    Sigh. Having “Trouble”. My wife and I both got our iPhone 8 at the same time, same color, same capacity. Both are fully updated. My phone, however, has true tone enabled (with the option sitting below the brightness slider in settings). My wife was never prompted to enable during set-up, and...
  18. dudeofblokes

    Photos not downloading after fresh iOS 11 install

    has anyone else got issues with the photos app not downloading photos from iCloud when a a fresh install of iOS11 has been done When i updated to iOS 11 I did a factory reset so I could keep everything new, but the photos app is empty even though iCloud is set to sync photos and I can see the...
  19. Olivia23

    27" iMac Black Screen

    Today is the 2nd time my 27" imac has crashed to a black screen with just a cursor showing. Last time it crashed I was able to restore everything just fine. This time when I was trying to restore, somehow my hard drive went missing. I called apple support which I should have done from the...
  20. W

    iPhone 7(+) Anyone had their iPhone 7/7+ go "Missing" from UPS?

    So i ordered my iPhone 7 plus 256GB Jet Black from Apple.com on 9/28. It shipped on 11/2 with delivery set for 11/7. On 11/7 no one was home to sign for it when the first delivery attempt was made so on 11/8 i called UPS to have the package held at the UPS center for pickup 11/9. On the night of...