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  2. nick_iphone7

    Other Mobile plans in USA

    As I looked at it, I came across the site of Verizon - as far as I know it is one of the largest mobile operators in the states. I looked at their plans and the cheapest was $ 35 which surprised me. I find it expensive, considering the things that are included in this plan. Here in Bulgaria...
  3. Stuey3D

    iPhone Anyone else noticing slight weaker/erratic cellular service since iOS13?

    I’m not sure if this is just me looking for a problem or if it’s unrelated to the beta but since update to iOS 13 me cellular service seems weaker. Driving round my village with CarPlay the signal meter is all over the place going from 1 bar Edge all the way up to 4 Bar 4G (LTE) however when...
  4. E

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Sound stuck in headphone mode?

    So today, me being me, I dropped my phone in a fairly large puddle today. And again, me being me, I thought nothing of it. So when I went to play music through my phone (without the headphones) it says that it is still stuck in headphone mode? Once I actually put the headphones in, the music...
  5. Gamzer

    [PAID] Share your indie-game experiences

    We are addressing first to mobile game developers but we are also interested to have returns from devs working on others supports. Hey guys I’m Psychonaut, a blockchain/video-game enthusiast and one of the creator of the Gamzer future platform. Me and my associates are looking to ask some...
  6. crodonline

    Has anyone heard when 2018 iPad will be in mobile carrier stores?

    I was thinking about getting the iPad Pro 10.5, but with the new 2018 iPad having Apple Pencil support, I don't mind checking out that one first, based on my needs. I have an iPad Mini 4 16 GB through Sprint, so I would like to get the new one through them again. I've checked online and haven't...
  7. S

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 Messaging

    Hi, I imported my Google contacts which have mobile numbers on my iPhone 7. When I look at the contacts on the iPhone they are all there but when I launch the messaging app and type in a name into the 'TO' box it does not populate with some contacts mobile numbers. Can someone help me figure...
  8. rfy786

    iPhone 7 unlock problem

    Hello, I need help to diagnose this problem with my mobile, for some reason this item was a gift originally on the Vodafone network(UK). I wanted to use it on another SIM card reasoning being Vodafone unlocked the device. But the mobile is saying the sim is incompatible. The mobile is not...
  9. W

    Universal [Free][Game] Dream Jumper (by Wish Studio)

    Hello, Our new game "Dream Jumper" is now available on App Store for free. Description Dream Jumper" is an side-scrolling jumping arcade game. Just jumping from a platfom to the next one, avoiding enemies, their fires and falling down. Pick the white dreams, fill your dream bar, and fly...
  10. Z

    Universal For fans of tiled puzzles... something new.

    Well, not 100% brand new... somewhere around 20 - 25%... but... "Rush&Puzzles" is my new mobile (very mobile) game. You can immediately go to App Store : ...or read the description here: Puzzles are created from your...
  11. RichardF

    Can an app developper see the device's mobile # in iOS 10?

    How much data about the device can an app have access to in iOS 10 and do I block things beyond the location, notification and cellular Data?
  12. P

    Universal Tap Tap Reborn 2: A Remake of the old Tap Tap Revenge

    It's the best TTR's Remake I've ever seen. Try it out ;) Download here:
  13. R

    Universal Bang Bang Tennis

    Bang Bang Tennis is now on the app store iTunes Link: Get ready for some Bang Bang Tennis! Take on the world’s best and become the Bang Bang Grand Champion in this fast paced Bash and Smash Tennis game 4 Game Modes...
  14. A

    Its true? former Mercedez-Benz car designer designed Smartphone.

    World's 1st smartphone UHANS U300 designed by former Mercedez-Benz car designer I really want it. please tell me which online shop selling the smartphone ?
  15. headlezz

    [NEW GAME] Sausage Run

    Sausage Run is a challenging runner-game. Help the Sausage to escape from the kitchen. Run for your life! The main hero of this story is a Sausage that is trying to survive. The kitchen is very dangerous and full of obstacles. Save the sausage and let it re-join with friends and start the party...
  16. smashgamestudios

    Universal Bumperball - Get ready for a crazy Pinball Adventure

    Hello Everyone, We are really excited to show you the brand new game from our studio. Get ready to play this unique take on Pinball!! Bump your way to glory!! Ever wondered what it will be like to play pinball without the flippers but just with the bumpers? Well think no further we have you...
  17. jblagden

    Sandvox: Mobile-Friendly?

    How do you make a site that was designed with Sandvox mobile-friendly?
  18. adsmeister

    Apps Dungeon Tracker - A unique fitness game for Apple Watch

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share my new Apple Watch and iPhone project. My name's Adam and I run a small, independent Australian game development company called Asura Productions. Our first project is Dungeon Tracker. Dungeon Tracker is a hybrid fitness tracker/role-playing video game, one...
  19. IdiocracyGames

    Universal [Beta] What happens when Monopoly meets TCG

    Hello Macrumors! Idiocracy is very excited to announce that we are having a limited time closed beta on iOS starting this coming July for our first game, Pirates War - The Dice King, and we want players and developers to get involved and help us improve the game overall. Admiral D'Law Needs...
  20. grahamperrin

    FileSync – Support for portable home directories has been removed. …