1. T

    iPod iPod 1st gen flash mod

    Flash Modding a 1st gen iPod Limitations: At first I have to admit that there is one limitation: syncing the flashed iPod with iTunes/Finder is not possible because of the missing USB support of the controller chip. FireWire doesn’t support the connection to flash storage. Solution: To get...
  2. rawweb

    LG Ultrafine 5k mod

    mods, please delete
  3. DrEGPU

    MP 7,1 Zotac Trinity RTX 3090 Mod

    TL;DR: Remove the main outer plastic shell of the Zotac Trinity RTX 3090 and it will fit in the 2019 Mac Pro 7,1 My Mac Pro recently came in and sure enough, it seems like almost every RTX 3090 out there is too big. I'm really more of a data science type, so I got 2x Zotac Trinity RTX 3090's...
  4. U

    MP All Models LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt External Drive To Use As Main Drive

    Hello. I plan on hooking a Lacie drive (SSD Rugged 500gb) for my old late 2011 macbook pro.... I plan to use the the old thunderbolt 2 cable and installing OSX on the drive to achieve faster speeds than my internal hard drive. My question is, and it's more a Lacie Product question than...
  5. videosoul

    macSO Music application "Filter Field" feature

    I was so happy to discover the Command-F "Show Filter Field" option works in the same way the old Find/Search box did in iTunes. This is the main way I look for music in my library, and it really annoyed me how the behaviour of the main Find/Search box has been changed in Music. Has anyone come...
  6. docatl

    Hot Macbook Pro : this is not a drill

    Hi, I run a MacBook Pro (15-inch Unibody, Mid 2012, 2.6GHz Core i7, 16GB, SSD, GT 650M 1GB) on an external 1080p display. The computer runs quite hot while doing light tasks like watching 1080p 60fps youtube video. I like it silent and the fans' noise bother me. I have always taken great care...
  7. HaypurTiryading

    MP51.0084.B00 Rom Dump Request

    Heya! I saw gilles_polysoft made a miracle and gave our dusty machines to native NVMe abilities. I look at his twitter and he can edit Apple Efi with UEFITool. I am familiar with this kind of editing. I just ask myself to why didn't Apple release efi/bootrom files to public for corruption or...
  8. My Good Man

    Mac G5 as home server 2018

    Hey all, I've found various ancient threads on this topic, but I'm wondering if anyone has a more updated take on this. I have an old Mac G5 lying around , that only sorta works. It will boot up properly like 30% of the time. It's the 2003 model (the processor is not as accessible as later...
  9. biker4mac

    Dual Nvidia GPU Mac Pro Mod

    With no other viable options at the time, I made the following upgrades to a 2010 Mac Pro (5,1) about two years ago - primarily for rendering with VRay. VRay uses CUDA, so the AMD GPUs of the trashcan Mac were of little use and adding Thunderbolt chassis for external GPUs would have just added...
  10. MacInTO

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S Case Modded to Fit iPad Pro 10.5

    I've been a long time user of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. I just purchased an IPP 10.5 and couldn't find a case I liked. The standard book cover case for the Tab S 10.5 is a great design with two buttons that snap into the back of the tablet. The case has three viewing positions and is stable...
  11. ondert

    Modding a White Unibody Macbook?

    Hello, I used to have 2010 white macbook unibody long ago and sold it a few years before. However it was so fun to use it. While surfing on the internet I just saw a guy modding old ibook g3 clamshells, putting an i5 (probably an intel NUC or macbook air logic board). You can find his website...
  12. C

    Can you upload Pririted software on the forum

    Can you upload Pririted software on the forum??? I want to upload Mac OS 9 and if I can ms word and photo shop and apps like that I want to start a tread with power pc apps
  13. S

    Sudden motion detection support for HDD in data doubler on Macbook Pro?

    Hello everyone, I am new here on the forum and hope that I am posting this question in the right category since its mostly a terminal prompt/OS X question. I have a 2011 i7 Macbook Pro with a data doubler/HDD installed in the optical drive slot. My main drive in the original slot is an SSD. My...
  14. AmishIndy

    Microphone Recommendations for Siri? Apple Plaintalk Mic perhaps?

    I have a 2010 cMP and I just installed sierra. I'd like to try Siri out, but I need a microphone to do it. I am not sure how good of a mic I need. Part of me would like to use the old PlainTalk mic that apple used to ship with their computers decades ago, but that would take some...
  15. LarsG5

    G5 Late 2005 LED lighting power problem

    Hi, I'd love to mod my PM G5 by adding LED strips inside, but I've ran into a problem I don't know how to solve. As I have upgraded the GPU, the 6 pin pci-e power socket on the motherboard is already occupied, along with the two of four pci-e expansion lanes. I have both HDD bays occupied as...
  16. Te0SX

    Sierra 2 Night Mod - To The Stars

    Desktop: 5K Handhelds - 1242 × 2208 - & direct links: LS, HM. Zip include default Sierra 2 wallpaper by Apple. Credits: Nathan Anderson. Small gif. --> Download Enjoy. :)
  17. i0sen

    Mac Pro case mod: transparent side panel

    Welcome to this little guide showing you how to modify your Mac Pro to feature a transparent side panel. The inner layout of the Mac Pro is beautiful and well thought trough, why hide it behind a aluminium plate ? I wanted to change that so i decided to replace the aluminium side door with a...
  18. S

    SSD/HDD dual modified mac issues! HELP!

    So, I have a 2011 iMac with a samsung 840 pro SSD behind the CD drive connected to the extra SATA port, and a 3 TB Seagate Barracuda for storage. I have been using this setup fine for awhile. Recently my SSD gave me the no boot sign when attempting to boot, so I attempted a restore from a...
  19. Jimbone

    iPod I-Sore 2000GB(2TB) 8000MAH Ipods

    Hey there, this seemed like the best place to post some projects I have been working on that last year. Using older 80gb 5th gen ipods I added a 3.7v 8000mah battery with a few easy to find parts and a 2tb seagate external 2.5 inch harddrive. Going to post the build soon after I sit down and...
  20. sorgo

    iBook G4 cooling?

    Hey everyone! I'm pretty new here, and I have a question to ask you all, specifically those of you who have experience with the iBook G4 (even more specifically, the 12" mid-2005). During the holidays my sister gave me a 12" iBook G4 that she found discarded/forgotten in a cupboard at her old...