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  1. anjanesh

    Multiple Monitor support and loaded with Sonoma

    1. Can the MacBook Air M2 connect (extend) to two 27" Dell monitors ? If so, how ? Two USB-Cs ? 2. Will ordering a new M2 Air which will be delivered only after 3 weeks because of custom config, have sonoma which just got released ?
  2. M

    iPad Capturino: Use your iPad as a monitor with pro tools for photo and video

    Hi everyone, Recently launched Capturino. A UVC app that can be used for photo and videographers. It is a completely free app for just screen use if that is all you need. The app has been optimised for the longest screen use (around 7-8 hours, %50 brightness, iPad Pro 2018 11", which is my...
  3. M

    Would this monitor be okay for a MacBook Air 15”? If not, I’d appreciate any recommendations.
  4. S

    MacBook Pro 16" M2 Max Monitor Questions

    Hi everyone, I've decided to purchase a loaded MacBook Pro 16" for my 3d work. I have a few questions. I'm looking at purchasing the LG 32" 4k Ultrafine Ergo monitor. 1. Would the machine be fine to drive 2 of these monitors plus a 24" Cintiq Pro, or should I really be looking at 2 monitors...
  5. S

    Can’t get Full screen from YouTube

    Hello, I've got a new monitor Acer 29.5” 12:9 Everything is working fine except video streaming from YouTube Any video clip I try to play from YouTube has cut of picture from both sides. In other words I can’t get full screen from YouTube. When I try to play any other Video sources I do have...
  6. A

    using USB-C hub to connect monitor but only share one screen/app, not complete desktop

    Hi, Sometimes for work, i need to share my screen. Like a word document, PDF document, specific website. Only thing is, i only want to share 1 screen, and not my whole desktop Same as in MS team, you have to option to share you whole desktop or just 1 app. Is this also possible if i want to...
  7. greedist

    Apple Studio Display to HP ProBook 455 Connection Issues

    I've tested the Thunderbolt3 cable included in the bundle of Studio display, the Thunderbolt4 cable included in the bundle of the Belkin thunder bolt4 dock pro, and the MFI-certified HDMI to C cable, but it only flashes with a black screen and nothing changes 😭 Is there anyone who can help me?
  8. mehulparmariitr

    4k 144hz on Intel 2019 macbook pro with macOS Sonoma Beta 2 was going through this issue and now according to the last message, it is now possible to get 144hz with intel hackintosh with macos Sonoma Beta 2. Can somebody confirm this in their testing with Intel Macbook also? I cant upgrade macos...
  9. E

    Externall monitor is less bright when using clamshell mode on a MacBook Air M1

    I have a strange issue, I'm not sure when it started but now it is always like this. I'm using a MacBook Air M1 with an LG 27UD88 monitor connected. when I close the lid of the Macbook Air the LG monitor get less bright. If I open the lid the brightness go back to the previous state. I have...
  10. matt-io

    Samsung Viewfinity S9 — First sign of it in the wild

    First time seeing this in the hands of a consumer. He's a little harsh on it at times, so doesn't come off as a paid promotion. What do people think about this?
  11. arkieboy72472

    Will this fix my Thunderbolt Monitor?

    I have a nice old school 27" Apple Thunderbolt monitor. I have opened it up after acquiring it and cleaned it out etc. It has one issue. After a bit of use, the smell that comes from it is caustic. I have heard this smell is from a failing power supply and that this is a known thing. My monitor...
  12. M

    Using Mac Mini with iMac monitor… Is it possible?

    If I purchase the top of the line newest version of the Mac Mini can I hook it up to my 2013 27 inch iMac and use that monitor instead of buying a new monitor right now? Will my programs run slower if I can?
  13. M

    I think my MacBook Pro M1 Max is forcing YCbCr for external Dell 4K monitor

    Hey guys and gals, Having an absolute nightmare here I have this gorgeous Dell G3223Q monitor connected to my MacBook Pro M1 Max using a usb c to DP 1.4 cable and I can’t get it to use RGB. My Mac is outputting YCbCr. I’m quite disappointed that there is no option to change the pixel format on...
  14. BuggyRidesAgain

    M2 Mac Mini Monitor recommendations

    I recently purchased a M2 Mac Mini and am currently looking for monitors for it. Ideally I would like to purchase two of the same monitors for it and I have been researching options for the last week. The monitors will mostly be used for programming, reading pdf copies of text books, and likely...
  15. T

    Display Arrangement Changes Automatically

    I have a MacBook Pro that I use on the go as well as my "desktop" machine connected to 2x 27" monitors via a thunderbolt dock. I can't seem to figure out why when I disconnect my MacBook and go to work and then come back and plug it back into the dock the display arrangement changes. The left...
  16. eightace

    Recommend me a monitor for M2 Mac mini

    As per title - in UK and wanting best I can get for maximum £350. Any to go for or avoid?
  17. Ketsjap

    Connect 2015 MBP to an external monitor

    Hi all, I'm using a MacBook Pro 13" (early 2015). I'd like to connect it to my docking station at work, to connect an external monitor, mouse & keyboard. This MBP has no USB-C however, which the dock uses. I tried a USB-A to USB-C dongle, but only the keyboard & mouse work. My Mac does not...
  18. S

    Macbook Air M1: Monitor Recommendations

    Hello Everybody, I recently bought a Macbook Air M1 and I'm looking for a monitor, as I connected it to the monitor I have on my desktop (LG 28UM59-P) and I was disappointed with the resolution. My budget is at most 500€. I'm located in Greece, so I can purchase it from local stores or Amazon...
  19. A

    iPad Pro does not allow external monitor to sleep?

    Hi All, I've been experimenting with the new external monitor support + stage manager. It is pretty impressive so far - iPad Pro connected to Apple Studio display really increases screen real estate. I notice that when my iPad dims internal screen, the external screen goes black but the...
  20. C

    2 External displays (5k and 4k) with lid closed (MacBook Pro 2020) ?

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to connect my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020) to : a 5K monitor (e.g. LG Ultrafine) and a 4k monitor (Dell 4K 24 inch) with the lid closed. Apple gives information ( " Simultaneously supports full native...