1. A

    20Hz External Monitor Refresh Rate on a Late 2013 MacBook Pro (rMBP)?

    Hi all, does anyone know if it's possible to get higher than a 60Hz refresh rate on a MacBook Pro? I believe I have all the right hardware but the Refresh Rate setting option is still grayed out at 59.88 Hertz (NTSC). I've read online that people have had success driving it on 2012 MacBook Pro...
  2. B

    38WK95C-W "white" seems to start at about 250

    Hi All - So I recently got an LG 38WK95C-W. This is part of a multi-minotor setup with a Dell U3219Q and a Dell U3417W. The U3417W is fairly comparable on paper - similar DPI, aspect ratio, and max brightness anyway. Just smaller. ...but it doesn't have this problem.... The problem I have...
  3. M

    Hi guys. I want to connect MacBook Pro to external monitor. Any recommendations?

    As the title states I'm looking for a monitor to connect my MacBook pro as I'm beginning day trading stocks, and want a more of a desktop feel for productivity purposes. What's a decent monitor within the 25-30 inch range I can get for an affordable price? No more than $300 dollars. Also, what...
  4. Jbek7

    Thunderbolt Monitor 27 is making weird noise

    Here is my recording of the problem. It comes and goes and it doesn't bother me much but lately having all conference video calls from home and other people saying hearing this noise. Wondering if this is fixable.
  5. A

    iPad Pro Anyone using iPad Pro 11 inch with external monitor?

    Hi all, Is anyone using the iPad pro 11 inch as main device at desk with an external monitor and could share their experiences? Thinking of using this method to replace my Macbook 12 inch I have just traded it in. With the possibility of iPadOS shortly supporting extended displays then it may...
  6. Jongstar

    MBP 13 - 2019 - Four Thunderbolt ports: Dual screen 5k + QHD possible?

    Hi guys, I know Apple states the following on their website regarding external monitors: However, I'm trying to hook up one 5k LG monitor and a QHD Samsung monitor. I can't get the 2 screens to work at the same time. The 5k is connected directly through usb-c, but the samsung one goes...
  7. L

    Help with monitor

    Hi there, I have a MacBook Air (about 2013), running Catalina 10.15.4. I've just bought a BenQ monitor (BL2780T/27) and have connected it using a mini-display - HDMI cable. Unfortunately, the new monitor is reflected a zoomed in / enlarged version of my laptop screen, so rather than...
  8. D

    2009 iMac conversion to monitor - Help

    Hi, I am trying to determine if it’s even possible for me to turn my old 2009 iMac into a monitor. It was purchased mid 2009 and I believe it’s 22 or 24”. I checked the ports on the back of the machine and I’ve included a photo here. There appears to be what I think is called a “mini display...
  9. D

    No connection with my external monitor

    Hi! Recently, I bought a 34 inch, Ultrawide monitor from IIyama to use with my Macbook Pro 16' (i9, 16gb RAM, AMD Radeon pro 5500M). When I first tried to connect it to my Macbook, it wouldn't show the signal, although my MacBook recognised the monitor. After some calling with the webshop I...
  10. J

    Is the LG UltraFine 5K flicker-free?

    The 4K version is not flicker-free ( but I can't find any reviews about the 5K version.
  11. I

    Seeking 2020 Best Value Buying Advice

    Hello everyone! My family is currently sporting a late 2009 iMac (yup). It's nearing the end of its road. It's been a brave warrior, but after many years, I need to look into a replacement machine for family use, including some typical home/office use and occasional light engineering work...
  12. B

    How to choose the correct resolution for a 5K2K monitor?

    I just bought a LG 34wk95u, an ultra-wide 34” monitor with 5120x2160 native resolution (named 5K2K). I connected my MBP 13” 2018 to it with thunderbolt. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way to have the maximum display quality on this kind of monitor, if to have : 1:1 resolution...
  13. ChrisTinaBruce

    2009 Mac Pro ATI HD 5770 Three monitors not working

    I’ve read many post and Apple articles about Active cable plugs to use all the ports on my HD 5770. I still not able to get more than two at a time to work. According to Apple two Mini Display Ports and on DVI (less 30”) will work. Apple Support I have two Mini Display Port to HDMI and one...
  14. Q

    What's a great monitor for the new 2020 Macbook Air?

    I'm a software dev (don't play games) and I just bought the new 2020 Air. I upgraded from a Mid 2013 Air, so I know I'll be enjoying it when it arrives, BUT I'm currently using an old 1080P monitor so I want a new monitor to go with my new machine! What's a great monitor to get for this...
  15. P

    External Display Recommendations - Ultra Widescreen vs Retina

    Hey all! I'm in the market for a new monitor. My primary computer usage is for software development. I've been racking my brain, looking at all sorts of monitors, and was wondering what y'all are using, or if there are any in particular that you love or I should avoid. Based on prices I've seen...
  16. A

    External Monitor For Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013

    Hi, I have a 13" Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013 and I really like the picture quality of its screen and crispness of the text. It is really good to avoid eye strain. But the screen size is too small for some of my tasks and I am considering to buy an external monitor. I wanted to buy a 4k model...
  17. T

    Catalina sudden dual monitor issues

    I'm using my MacBook Pro 2018 in clamshell mode with two monitors, the primary being a 4K LG 27UK850 over USB C, and the second a 1080p HP Pavilion 22xi over HDMI and USB C. This has worked without issues for months. When plugging in my MacBook today, I found that the primary and secondary...
  18. F

    Connecting MacBookPro Model to Apple Mac M8536

    Hi there, We would love to connect our MacBook Pro's to Apple Mac M8536 Monitor any idea what cables/ or hub we need to buy? Thank you
  19. AbielM16

    iPad Silly Question, about External Monitor with I Pad Pro 11 2018

    I was wondering, Can you use a external monitor that has its own touchscreen integrated in it. Its like one of those giant touchscreen drawing monitors. Do you think It might work the touchscreen for the Ipad when used as an external monitor. I was wondering because It would really make drawing...
  20. D

    Mac Mini 2018 external monitor lag through HDMI

    About a week ago, I purchased the Mac Mini (i5, 8 GB RAM) and connected it to my external 4K monitor with an HDMI to HDMI cable. The input was very laggy. Then I tried connecting it to another monitor (a 2K monitor) with the same cable and it worked well. Do you know where the problem could be...