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  1. philpalmiero

    Mac Mini M1 support this monitor?

    Can the Mac Mini M1 support this Ultrawide monitor? How do I tell from the Mac’s spec if it can or cannot? Thanks. Samsung 49” Ultrawide
  2. Chapaloo

    Best Super Ultrawide Monitor for M1 Max MacBook Pro

    Hey Everyone ! Looking for the best MacBook pro M1 Max Superultrawide monitor Has any one tried 1. Samsung Neo G9 2. LG UltraWide 49WL95C 3. Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor - U4919DW I am NOT using it for gaming. I may play one or two games, I know the samsung can get to 120 hz...
  3. Superman730

    Will the M2 MBA work with this 40'' LG UltraWide?

    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to monitors and the computer specs needed and I see some complaints or horror stories of people trying to get Macs working properly with different resolutions and monitors so I'm nervous about what to buy. The IT guy at work is going to get one of these for us...
  4. L

    Help needed! My Dell monitor got wet and now there's a line going down my screen.

    The other day I accidentally knocked over a bottle of 70% solution isopropyl alcohol and some of it squirted onto my monitor and leaked into the enclosure through the bottom bezel. I wasn't able to turn off the monitor in time and now I have a line of dead pixels going down my screen. Is there...
  5. BenRacicot

    Samsung Odyssey Ark Pre-Orders start tomorrow

    My people at Sumsung agree that 8/22 is the pre-order date for the Ark monitor. However, it has been quite quiet and no information exists for employees yet to confirm. Another source said September 11th which is likely to be the ship date. *UPDATE* They've updated the pre-order date to 8/26...
  6. gctwnl

    Good 4K27inch alternative for second monitor on iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019?

    I have been using an LG 27UK650 4k monitor as second monitor on my 2019 iMac and on my 2018 Mac mini. As of macOS Monterey, this monitor is no longer correctly recognised and the suspicion is that this leads to problems such as this one...
  7. D

    Can anyone help me pick a monitor for M1 Pro Mac

    I'm looking for a external monitor for 16 inch M1 Pro Macbook to increase my productivity. Most of the time I will use to write some codes with this monitor in daily basis. What I want on monitors: High resolution for I need to see multiple Apps on one screen simultaneously. Not blurry, just...
  8. mkrizan4

    DELL S3422DWG & MBP 2018 not supporting the resolution

    The mentioned monitor is detected as 30.5inch on my MBP 2018. The monitor is connected via HDMI cable and HyperDrive USB-C hub on my Mac. The hub it self supports even 4K at 60hz. I'm still waiting for the DisplayPort to USB-C adapter but I need the monitor at that res in between :S Any help?
  9. M

    Second Monitor

    Hi All, I have cast an eye over the forums and found similar topics but without the answer I need so I am hoping someone can help. I have an iMac 27" 2020 model. I was using a second monitor: Acer K242HL 24” (1920X1080) Full HD 60HZ Using VGA connector to USB-C connector (purchased from...
  10. JamesMcFlyJR

    2020 iMac 27in as a secondary display using Universal Control?

    Hi I currently have a 14in Macbook Pro and have been thinking about getting a secondary display for a while now. I learned about how scaling works in macOS and seems like a 5K display is the one to target. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of options out there, with the Studio Display being out...
  11. P

    iPad iPad external monitor refresh rate support

    Hello! Can an m1 ipad support a 120hz or 144hz monitor. For example, 1440 x 2560 at 144hz? What I’ve found is: People claim there is no software lock limiting it to 60hz People still can’t get it to work My theory is that we would need a Thunderbolt compatible monitor to enable this! The...
  12. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Is it possible to prevent macOS from receiving HDMI hotplug events?

    So now my Mac Pro 5,1 has been upgraded with an RX560 graphic card. Now there is an issue related to its HDMI output: When switching the signal away from Mac running macOS (10.14) to another source and then back on the monitor (e.g. Switching from the Mac on HDMI2 to the Xbox on HDMI1, then back...
  13. Levina

    Yellow corner and flickering on NEC monitor

    Hello all, I have a NEC monitor, the Spectraview PA231. It's an older screen, full HD, bought in 2011. I use it with my old Mac Pro 2009. It has served me very well all these years. Yesterday, the screen suddenly started having a yellow glow in the top left corner. And after booting the Mac or...
  14. mariovilar

    Overheating and kernel_task with external monitor

    Hello, I've been having problems with my MacBook Pro (late 2019, 16 Inches). Even when I do "non-demanding" tasks and I'm connected to connected to my external display (for example: split external display and Mac display with a YouTube video) the temperature rises suddenly by about 10 degrees...
  15. Aria9391

    Connect Macbook Pro 13" (2015) to Samsung Smart Monitor M8

    Hello! So, after reading different posts in this forum regarding using an external display with a MBP 13" 2015, I still am not sure what cable or adapter I should get... Sorry if the answer was there somewhere but none seemed to apply to the ports on this Samsung monitor! Another option is that...
  16. P

    Can I use a 2011 27" iMac as a monitor for my newer Mac Mini

    Can you use an old iMac as a monitor for a newer Mac Mini? A client was throwing away an old 27" iMac. He gave it to me instead. I believe it's a mid 2011 model. His repair guy said the logic board is shot & it's trash but it looks brand new physically. The power light comes on, the screen...
  17. 4

    Display for Mac mini M1

    I have decided on a Mac mini M1 and need to buy a display, but I don't know which one. 🤷‍♀️ People recommend 4K but what scaling do you use then? Many people seem to prefer 1440p scaling but it's not native on macOS on a 27-inch 4K display (may affect the performance). Running 1440p on a...
  18. JCoe13

    Ultrawide Monitor

    A few years back, I got a 24" LG Ultrawide monitor. Eventually downsized my desk setup and sold the monitor. Now that I have room for a desk and with WFH, I'm looking to clean up my setup and get an Ultrawide monitor again, preferably 34". In the last few years, it's hard to believe USB-C with...
  19. D

    Help With LG Monitor

    I have a LG 43UP7000 PUA monitor that won't play nicely with my new 2022 Mac Mini M1. The icons are far too small on the large screen. Help!
  20. Z

    LG 27" 5K UltraFine monitor: Display not aligned horizontally with stand base

    I just received my LG 27" 5K UltraFine monitor (new, not used, 27MD5KL-B). Everything works great. However it has one small issue: the display isn't precisely aligned with the base horizontally (picture attached). I wonder if other users have the same issue? I noticed that another buyer on...