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  1. er-minio

    Cursor stops changing icons after a few hours of work

    I have an annoying issue (and had this for a while on a couple of different Macs and different O/S versions). After a few hours of work, mostly in Electron apps (Figma, Miro, etc.) the cursor stops changing when hovering over resizing handles, using different tools. It also affects Chrome as...
  2. fjnrte

    Cursor jumping and skipping around MacOS

    My cursor just jumps around after mid-movement like every 10s. It isn't much, but say on a 13" screen, if I move fast, it can jump 5cm. I use a Mac Mini M1 and Logitech G Pro wireless & MagicMouse (they both have the same issue). I disabled the mouse sharing with my iPad, just in case that...
  3. V

    What are the exact settings to set on LinearMouse to get the same default mouse acceleration/speed as Windows 10-11?

    The cursor is accelerated when you check "Enhance pointer precision" on Windows 10-11. This is the default setting. What is the exact value of this parameter to set on the LinearMouse app to get precisely the same behavior on macOS with the same mouse hardware? This value can be set in a range...
  4. T

    Mouse Freezes for about 5 seconds (occurs more when gaming)

    I have a late 2014 27" 5k Retina iMac i7 32gb Ram Radeon R9 x295X 4gb GPU I have a peculiar and frustrating issue where my cursor locks in place for about 5 seconds at a time.... I have a wired keyboard, and a wired mouse, which worked on my old mac, works on the new mac, apart from when it...
  5. D

    Mouse: How can I middle click without scrolling?

    I am using a Logitech MX Master 3 and just started learning Blender. In Blender you use middle-click a lot. Unfortunately, the scroll-wheel (which is also the middle button) is super sensitive and every time I middle click I also scroll (zoom) a little, which is incredibly annoying. Is there...
  6. T

    Logitech G400 mouse in macos 12?

    If somebody would have already tested this, what would be the best way to allocate the 8 buttons in this mouse? I don't game, so that does not have to be considered. Options that I have found are: LogitechSetup_9.02.22 - support ended to macos10.15. lghub_installer - for newer gaming mouses...
  7. PowerMac5500

    Setting up the Studio Kinda Sucks (Updated)

    Today was supposed to be fun, and interesting. Instead it was disappointing and frustrating. I “tore down” my 27” iMac setup. Reran all the needed wires, cleaned, etc. Then I set the Studio in place, then the monitor. Powered it on, and let it get through those first boots. Then I plugged in...
  8. TinyMito

    macOS 12.3.1 - Cursor Hops

    I'm currently running 12.3.1 on my MacBook Pro 14. My current mouse is a Naga Pro on wifi. After updating to 12.3.1 from 12.3. I am experiencing some random time mouse just hop or jump across the screen. Anyone else? Not sure if is the wifi interference.
  9. Gravydog316

    iPad How do i off my iMac mouse pointer on my iPad???

    So, my iPad was just acting up... because i was using my iMac mouse & now i have a mouse pointer dot on my iPad... this has never appeared before... how the heck do i turn it off?! Bluetooth on both devices is off, tried turning wifi on both off, Assistive Touch on iPad has never been on...
  10. 81Tiger04

    Magic Mouse & Keyboard Updates?

    I love the Magic Mouse & Keyboard (especially the Touch ID version). Quality, intuitive products that have served me for a while. As I went to buy a new set, though, it had me thinking ? … Any idea if new versions are on the way? Or are we likely looking at these for a couple more years (not...
  11. M

    External mouse lag Macbook Pro 2020

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone has a solution beyond the safe boot (which I've tried) or purchasing a new USB adapter for a lagging mouse in Macbook Pro 2020. This issue is noticable and very annoying in Word (but happens in other apps too) when I try to highlight text. The mouse often just jumps...
  12. P

    Keyboard + Mouse stop work in a Beige Power Macintosh G3

    Hello!! This morning, i was using my mac normally, when for a minute I went to clean the mouse ball, out of nowhere the keyboard and mouse stopped working. when i turn on the mac, the keyboard lights blink normally but it doesn't recognize it. Curious too, I can turn on the mac through the...
  13. N

    A way to make the mouse pointer feel like Windows?

    As a lifelong Windows user, I'm struggling to get used to my new iMac because of the mouse pointer. I can't stand Apple's acceleration and how it constantly slows down. Is there any quick fix for this to make the mouse pointer behave like it would in Windows? I'm also struggling with the Magic...
  14. Z

    cold hands

    At wintertime, im suffering from cold hands (fingers) when working using a mouse. Although the rooms is hot, my hands have always had a low temperature and they are frozen cold. Do u have the same issue or similar and what solution have u applied to resolve it. I was thinking of gloves... but...
  15. I

    can i program unused key in mouse?

    I have an amazon basics mouse with a button to adjust the dpi which I never use. Is there a possibility where I can program the mouse to replace the DPI functionality with gesture like mission control? I used to have logitech mouse with mission control button which I loved a lot.
  16. J

    Wiimote whiteboard

    Back in 2008 I had a program on my MacBook running 10.6 called wiimote whiteboard. It was a free download, (still out there but doesn't work with Big Sur) and would allow you to connect a wiimote to your MacBook via Bluetooth. The program would then put a series of crosshairs on the screen...
  17. T

    Unable to check coverage for Magic Mouse 3

    Hi guys, I just bought the Magic Mouse 3 from an Apple authorised reseller and it seems I can't find the serial when i search for it in the database? The same thing happened with my iPhone 13 Mini MagSafe case. Should I suspect that this store is BS or Apple isn't that careful with the S/N...
  18. CharlesPond

    Gaming Mouse for Mac M1

    Hi everyone, I have bought a MacBook Pro 14 after a few years with a PC. Many years ago I used to play games on my Macs with Razer mice and everything was perfect, I love razer brand and when I switched to PC I continued with them. I sadly discovered that now Razer doesn't support anymore...
  19. tombishop32

    Sports Car Mouse

    I am looking for car shape mouse for my daughter. Please suggest me a good wireless one.
  20. C

    Game Mouse Bug

    Hey Guys, I've been really looking forward to play a bunch of games recently, but I have been having this weird bug that has been really annoying me a-lot because it is really infuriating to play with. So what has been happening is that every single time I click down my left mouse button, in a...