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  1. nicfle

    Accessories compatibility for M1 (mouse, keyboard, printer etc.)

    M1 and accessories compatibility (mouse, keyboard, printer, sleeve, mic etc.) Many are buying new stuff for their new computer. I would like to know what hardware and drivers support the new M1. Let us know your good or bad experiences below. For example I would love to hear about the...
  2. RoelJuun

    Choppy UI performance when using mouse

    Since upgrading to Big Sur from Mojave I noticed something strange and annoying on my 13 inch 2015 MBP. Moving windows or clicking buttons is really choppy, frames drop all the time when grabbing a window and moving the window around. It doesn't happen all the time, sometimes for a few seconds...
  3. B

    Logitech mouse stutter since last security update

    Since a few weeks I'm experiencing annoying stutter/lag when using my Logitech M705 mouse. My setup us as follows: Macbook Air (2018) running Mojave 10.14.6 with a satechi usb-c multimedia hub. The logitech USB receiver is connected through the hub. This has been working perfect since I got...
  4. Hessel89

    iPad Games on iPad that you can control by Mouse + Keyboard?

    Hi, I was wondering, does anyone know of any games that you can control by mouse and keyboard? Like you can with first person shooters on PC. I‘ve tried call of duty but strangely enough it only supports controls via screen. I know the iPad Pro’s are more then capable at it. - Hessel
  5. S

    Keyboard Mouse Alternatives to Logitch

    I took the plunge and got Logi K860 Ergo keyboard and a MX Master 3 mouse to use with Mac mini and a PC. Love the build quality and ergo design of both. Much better than Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse. But neither device can work with Mac over Bluetooth after reboot. Obscure Logitech support...
  6. Joelcarlos

    Magic Mouse and Keyboard laggy and Unresponsive after Big Sur

    I installed last night the last beta (20A5364e), and everything went fine except for the Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, the randomly lag, or get irresponsive for a few seconds, it's driving me crazy. I tried resetting the PRAM and SMC but with no luck. Any advice?
  7. O

    Keyboard recommendation

    I would like to get a keyboard for my daughter's MacBook. She's a good typist for a 13 year-old. Ideally: - No 10 key (10 key takes up too much of her desk space) - Backlit - Price $80 or less - In stock and ships within a day or two I'm open to a keyboard/mouse combo. I could pay...
  8. C

    Mouse for MacBook Pro

    Hello, I am looking at improving my work from home set-up, and I'm wondering what the best options are for external mice. I've always only used my MBP trackpad, and so I wonder if the different swipes and functions transfer to a non Apple mouse; I'm worried about losing all the functionality of...
  9. A

    iPad iPad Mouse/Trackpad Question

    Hi all, apologies if this should have been a in a different thread or has already been covered - I did scan through to see if this was the case. My 12 inch MacBook has recently gone downhill with battery life and e key falling off and I have always been tempted to replaced it with 12. 9 inch...
  10. c14nhl

    iPad Bluetooth Mouse - “May affect bluetooth & wifi connectivity”

    I get the attached message when I connect my Microsoft Arc Bluetooth mouse to the iPad running iPadOS 13.4 Is anyone else seeing this? I’m not experiencing any negative impact of wifi or bluetooth when the mouse is connected, interested if anyone else is?
  11. voraciousvegan

    Trackpad slow on login screen

    I'm on 10.13.6. I replaced the battery on my MBA, and I can't recall if I had this issue before, but the pointer is moving very slowly via trackpad on the login screen. When I log out after having been logged in, it's normal as set for the user, but restarting makes it slow again. Any ideas...
  12. F

    Can somebody tell me why I can't rename my Mouse and Keyboard on my iMac?

    As the title says I bought an iMac late 2013 with Catalina and I can't rename my Mouse and Keyboard? Somebody any idea? Thanks
  13. Z

    the Mi mouse on a mac

    Has anyone tried to work with Xiaomi's Mi mouse on a mac (which is wireless)? Is it working good? Are u happy with it?
  14. Sovon Halder

    Magic Mouse Catches Gunk Underneath Every Few Days - And Becomes Slow In Movement

    This is Linmon table top & magic mouse. The gunk makes the mouse movement slower. Do I need a mouse pad for my office table ?
  15. I

    How to enable Middle Mouse Button on a non-apple mouse.

    I want to use the middle click on my 3rd party ergonomic mouse with 3D software such as Maya and Blender, but I cannot figure out how to enable the middle mouse / scroll wheel click. Is there some kind of application that can enable it? Thanks
  16. maciver59

    iPad IPadOS mouse & Smart Keyboard not functioning together

    Does anyone face the same issue? I’ve no problems connecting any mouse to my iPad (whatever bêta release) but once I try to use the Smart Keyboard while the mouse is functioning then I can’t use the keyboard (chaotic behavior). Changing the mouse doesn’t help. I’d really appreciate your support. Thx
  17. L

    MBP 2018 - lags with external display (sometimes)

    Hello, I have problem with mouse lags on MBP 2018 with external display. I use now Yiiama 5K 27" display, but it also occured with old Dell 4K display. I used USB-C <-> DisplayPort cable to connect monitor, resolution, rehresh rate etc. - everything is ok. But sometimes, especially after night...
  18. ondert

    iPad iPadOS --> Keyboard cover with trackpad?

    Can we expect to see any keyboard cover for iPad Pro with a built-in bluetooth trackpad after iPadOS release? After the release, I think that thing will be doable. I wonder if Logitech, Zagg etc. think the same as I do. What do you think?
  19. P

    Best Magic Mouse alternative

    Hi I'm planning to buy a mouse for my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports). What kind of mouse should I buy? I'm thinking of buying a magic mouse 2, but I feel it a bit flat. Is it customary or should I switch to another mouse? Razer deathadder elite size is about what's...
  20. LordCoe13

    Mouse on an iPad - WHY?

    I keep seeing here (almost daily now) people getting very excited about mouse support on the iPad. I can't figure out WHY people are excited. Can someone please help me understand? It's my understanding that this is an "accessibility" feature and not something that apps will truly support. Being...