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night shift

  1. doobydoooby

    Night shift only working on main external display, not others

    Anyone else with multiple external displays able to confirm if this is a general bug? I have night shift enabled, I have two identical external displays, each connected by the same method to my mac pro. Night shift works on the main display but the second display, which is used as an extended...
  2. baryon

    Night Shift often turns off after wake from sleep despite being "on"

    I've had this issue on two macs ever since Night Shift was introduced a few years ago. No big deal, but I thought I'd ask around if there's a fix. Here's the issue: I turn night shift on manually (or automatically, doesn't make a difference) and the screen goes warmer, as it should, yay. Then I...
  3. S

    Night Shift on LG 38WN95C only works in PBP.

    Hi guys, I have a strange problem with my external monitor. I have an ultra-wide LG 38WN95C hooked up to my MacBook Pro 16" running Big Sur (although I had the same problem on Catalina). I noticed a while ago that night shift is not turning on. At first I thought, that the display does not...
  4. hellopupy

    Night Shift automatically goes darkest in full screen video playback

    Night shift was just fine before catalina. After upgrading, my night shift (which is set on custom auto day/night modes) will automatically shift to the darkest mode (which I've never selected) whenever I watch any videos (youtube, or native players) in full screen mode after a few seconds. It...
  5. P

    night shift

    I have a 2017 iMac on mac os high sierra and my nightshift isn't working i mean it says"nightshift on till sunrise and i turn it on in system preferences nothing happens☹️
  6. B

    Night shift not automatically with sunset to sunrise

    It really irritates me why this doesn't work. When i check the manual sunset to sunrise option it doesn't work Do you guys have this problem too?
  7. noanker

    iOS 11.0.3 Night Shift Stuck Not Turning Off Automatically

    I have two iPhones, one SE for personal and a 6S issued by my employer. Since upgrading them both to iOS 11.0.3, I've twice experienced Night Shift mode not turning off automatically at sunrise. I've had to manually go into Settings and turn off "Scheduled" then enable it again. Never had this...
  8. TheSwaggiestLoser

    iPhone [BUG] Automatic Night Shift Mode

    Using iPhone 6s; applies to all versions up to current version (iOS11 beta 10) When Night Shift Mode is scheduled, it lags most apps, mainly games. Does not seem to affect the home screen, webpages, or pre-loaded apps. Disabling and re-enabling Night Shift fixes this(iOS 11 beta 5 and onward...
  9. Daniel Reed

    Confirmed: Enable Night Shift on 2011 iMac

    Works (for now)! echo "Night Shift Enable Script for Unsupported Macs" echo "version 1.0" echo "Script made by Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) / OS X Hackers" I applied and ran Isiah's script on a handful of 2011 iMac desktops today - NO PROBLEMS...
  10. JoCoWashington

    10.12.4 Night Shift

    Could someone take a screenshot for me with identical sized pictures of their desktop? One with Night Shift on, and with it off. Both with the notification center open and the toggle displayed?
  11. wozmatic

    Night Shift on Apple TV - Would you use it?

    Night shift (or Flux as I habitually call it) is nice to have in the hours before bed. Since the new arrival to iOS (finally) it appears to have a warm welcome from users. My personal setup includes a TV in my room and my laptop is plugged in so the TV is my monitor (and I'm sure many people...
  12. B

    no NightShift on iOS 9.3 iPad 4

    I've just updated my 4 gen iPad to iOS 9.3 - there is no NightShift option in Display in brightness and in the "drop-up" menu. Any ideas about this issue?
  13. I

    Night Shift - Will it fix a already yellow hued screen?

    As the title says, will the night shift allow you to colour correct the screen to your liking? I found that my iPad Air has a yellow hue to it already, so it would look disastrous to make it even more warmer. I often found myself JB the device and using colour profiles app to correct it, so was...