1. napabar

    Wii U connected to RAID 5 array.

    I’ve been playing around some more with the Wii U. In my new video, I’ll look at formatting a RAID 5 array, moving to and playing eShop games on the array, and testing whether a running Wii U game will survive a hard disk failure. Hopefully something you guys find this interesting!
  2. napabar

    Wii U burning eShop games directly to DVD over USB ports.

    I've been playing around with the Wii U's external storage over USB ports, and wanted to see if I could get DVD-R or DVD-RAM to work with the system. I made a little video showing off what works and what doesn't. Hope you guys like.
  3. E

    Universal Sandbox Tanks: 3D Game Maker (by Electricpunch)

    Hello everyone, I am pleased to tell you about my new game: Sandbox Tanks: 3D Game Maker Sandbox Tanks - remake of Battle City (Nes) in 3D with a level editor! Are you dreaming of making a game? Sandbox mode allows you to draw new levels and share with other players. Choose different...
  4. DoubleDragon1987

    Best "2" games! Name your favorites!

    Many times, people say you can't beat the original when it comes to classic or masterpiece video games or pretty much anything. Well, here I present a list of some games where the sequel was pretty much the zenith of the series: Double Dragon 2 - NES Street Fighter 2 - Arcade Mega Man 2 - NES...
  5. M

    Apps Need updated info for NES Provenance on ATV 4th Gen

    Hi everybody, ! I'm a newbie here in this forum. Im here because I want to be able to play my NES on my apple TV 4th Generation. I found plenty of how to's on internet/Youtube but the problem is that these information are outdated with 2015/2016/2017 instructions that are not applied to today...
  6. S

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley just came out on Switch. I don't have experience/interest in this genre, but when I see so many positive reviews, it makes me want to give it a shot. Has anyone here played on other consoles, and had a good/bad experience?
  7. Billburns

    SNES Classic Edition

    no thread? No Nintendo or video game fans in general??
  8. S

    I Played Nintendo's Games at PAX

    Super Mario Odyssey Metroid: Samus Returns Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Fire Emblem Warriors Pokken Tournament DX Rocket League Runner3 Super Meatboy Forever Shovel Knight: King of Cards Let me know if you have any questions! My demos were pretty short but I'll do my best to...
  9. hawkeye_a

    Games you would like to see ported to the Switch

    Realistically, i think the Switch *should* be able to handle PS3/XB360 games. I think the Switch presents a unique opportunity for games which didn't see much success on their primary platforms, maybe because the platforms didn't do very well to begin with. What games, from any platform, would...
  10. blakespot

    Those of us trying to find a Switch...

    Hey folks. I decided the night before the Switch launch that I want one (or want Zelda, in particular), and so I am trying to acquire a unit. I'm hoping this can be a back and forth with others trying to do the same, as far as suggestions as to who is getting shipments and when, etc. I'm in...
  11. countryside

    Animal Crossing iOS App

    Hey MacRumors forums, Thread title explains it all. But let's make this into two questions: What do you think Animal Crossing for iOS will actually be? What do you want Animal Crossing for iOS to be and why? Official Updates March 17th, 2015: Nintendo announced that they would be bringing...
  12. buttongerald

    Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

    Saw this just scrolling through my Facebook timeline and thought it was a promoted page by some one off company trying to cash in on Nostalgia. Scrolled back up to see it's coming from the Big N themselves. Use ports similar to the Wii and Wii U connections. It comes out just before the...