1. P

    Nomad Base Station Watch Edition - Help

    Hello, Last year (December) I’ve purchased a Base Station Watch Edition, worked wonders for 4 months. After that it failed, I opened a claim and got a replacement. Worked a month, it failed again. Got another replacement. Today the 3rd one died. It started blinking, shut off and it was...
  2. G

    NOMAD Base station Wireless Charging Hub Unboxing.

    Hey everyone, I just got the NOMAD wireless charging hub. For those who are patiently waiting on AirPower. I think this could be α better option. It offers 18w cHARGING vía usb-c too. It has replaced my apple MacBook charger for fast charging in quick situations.
  3. geniusbra

    Apple Watch portable charger comparison

    I have found that quite a lot of chargers for Apple Watch are actually cable management cases. We need to put the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable inside to power up the Apple Watch. I have collected three REAL chargers for Apple Watch in the market. No Apple Watch magnetic charging cable is...