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  1. T

    iCloud Syncing Issue with iCloud Notes (Serve Down?)

    Is anyone else getting this error suggesting the iCloud serve may be having issues?
  2. S

    Notes cannot have secondary account?

    I want to see notes from another icloud account, the option does not show up in "internet accounts" What to do? / Is this expected?
  3. D

    Move iCloud notes to iPhone

    Hello, as the title says - how can I move my notes from iCloud to local storage? I wanna ask first before I do something as I don't want to accidentally delete them or anything. Thanks!
  4. P

    Unable to insert from Photos to Notes on the iPad

    I am unable to insert pictures from the Photos app to a note. It's only happening on the iPad [with iPad OS 14]; iPhone with iOS 14 seems to be okay.
  5. Jacob Brown

    Notes Formatting Problems

    I have been using Notes and I have an issue with formatting. I usually have a title at the top which says "Hobbies". If I copy and paste text into this note often the first word, sentence, or whole paragraph will use the title format. If I try to change the body text back to "body" it changes...
  6. scsskid

    MacOS Notes Link Previews, manual generation

    Hi, is there a way to convert Web URL/Links to Rich Link Previews, like when sharing them to Notes from Safari, see preview in attached file? Thanks!
  7. T

    iCloud: switch backup off deletes data; notes

    Hello! I have got an iPhone XS and use also the icloud. I have, for example, notes from my iPhone uploaded to iCloud. Now my questions are: 1) Is it possible to delete the data on one side, in iCloud or on my iPhone, so that the other side is not effected? I just want to have the data on one...
  8. L

    Lost note content—need help !

    I copied content from an important note intending to start a new note with that content. I deleted the content from the first note and then unfortunately forgot to start the new note. When I remembered, the copied content was no longer on my clipboard. It was gone. I have a backup that contains...
  9. D

    Best note app that works seamlessly across iPad and Mac

    Before getting my Mac mini I used Notability and was more than happy, however whilst it updates to the cloud it does not appear to do so with ease and I often find a note created on one device does not appear on the other straight away, or even overnight and the last couple days I have had to...
  10. Y

    Notepad Notification Center Widget 1.0 (Deleted)

    Notepad Notification Center Widget 1.0 DELETED BY AUTHOR
  11. noorx02

    Mac heats up to >60C when using Apple Notes MBP 2014 (15 Retina)

    As the title says. The issue started today only happens when the Notes app is open (with iCloud sync on). On latest macOS.
  12. purdnost

    All Devices Notes - Possible to Add Dynamic Horizontal Line?

    Instead of adding dashes or underscores to separate content in a note, is it possible to add a horizontal line? Ideally, I would like it to be dynamic so that it spans the full width of the note of the note on any device. Thanks!
  13. K

    Notes not locking despite having correct password to unlock existing notes

    Hi - in both macOS (Catalina 10.15.1) and iOS (12.4.3) Notes apps, when I try to lock a note for the first time, it claims the password is incorrect and I am unable to protect the note. However, when I use the same password to unlock notes that have already been protected for a while, it works...
  14. EricHemmer

    iPad Is there no way to zoom drawings in the ipad notes?

    After I upgraded to the crap of ipad os 13, I realized that Apple removed the "add drawing" option and the ability to zoom in drafts. I was very fond of drawing on notes and I had a lot of drawings that went down the drain. I think the apple pencil ergonomics got worse and without the zoom I...
  15. purdnost

    All Devices Jump to a Specific Note with Shortcuts

    The stock Notes widget isn't useful to me. It doesn't allow me to specify which note I want it to always display. Yes, I can have it display the most recently edited note (Settings > Notes > Viewing > Sort Notes By Date Edited), but if I make an edit to another note, then that note is now...
  16. Eagle 20

    Need Help to Keep Detailed Logs

    I like to keep detailed logs for various things. For example, recently I've been dealing with a website where PayPal is involved. So I have emails, phone recordings, screenshots etc. At the moment I'm using Notes since I have all Apple products, making it available on all my devices and handy...
  17. purdnost

    All Devices A Few Questions About Notes and Reminders for Those on iOS 13 Beta

    Thank you in advance for those able and willing to answer any of the following questions. I 'm not ready to take the risk on a beta yet, but I'm curious how the Notes and Reminders apps have evolved and what I can expect to see when I update. This is a Wiki post, so please feel free to edit this...
  18. purdnost

    All Devices Notes: New Checklist Option?

    What is this new checklist option? I've been able to create checklists in iOS 12 for a while now. What's changed? On Apple's iOS 13 Preview webpage: New and improved Notes. A new gallery view and more powerful search help you find whatever note you need, right when you need it. The new...
  19. 2

    Best practices for a well daily organized workflow in the Apple ecosystem

    Not sure where I can post this, since it applies to iPhone, iPad, Mac's, Apple Watch users. But I am deeply tied into Apple's ecosystem. I own practically almost every device from Apple's router, watch, iPhone, iPad Pro, iPods, Watch, Apple TV, HomePods, etc. With that being said. I am dying to...
  20. M

    iPod touch Why can't I backup my iPod touch to iTunes?

    I have a first generation iPod touch (Model: A1213). It is running 3.1.3. I am trying to backup it on my Mac which is running iTunes and I am on macOS Mojave 10.14.5. iTunes does not let me back it up. It is all greyed out. Whilst I am trying to make a backup, I am also interested...