1. Z

    Apple lcd/oled Tv?

    Are we ever gonna see an Apple product like an lcd/pled tv? Once there were rumors regarding such a display... now?
  2. D

    The Big Apple iPhone X|Xr|11|11Pro| Eye strain - Headache Survey

    Dear iPhone user, With this survey my goals is to collect all input from iPhone users who are experiencing problem. 1. Identify the cause of this problem. 2. Report this data to Apple so they can work on the solution. :apple: Thanks for your help! 🙌 It will take only 2 min to complete this...
  3. Z

    dry eyes

    Im using an old mid 2010 iMac and my eyes become dry and hurt when im working over 5-6hrs. I was wondering, is it the old display and the lighting conditions that create this dryness? Would i be better off if i was using an iMac with a Retina display? Or should i just get a different kind of...
  4. R

    Have someone made the switch because off eye strain?

    Had terrible eye Strain on XS. Bought the 11 because of the LCD, the strain wasn’t as bad as with the XS, but there was also pain in my eyes and also felt a bit nausea when I used it. Also I didnt like the design with the notch und the heavy and plump feeling of the device. So I gave it back and...
  5. F

    iPhone XS Brand new iPhone XS uneven brightness

    I was noticing a slight unevenness in tint and brightness on my new Iphone XS. It was distracting and I decided to do a little research and see if If it was just mine. Eventually I found an old thread on this forum and decided to test my display with the 5% black image and I’m freaking out with...
  6. travelsheep

    iPhone SE iPhone SE.. X ? What's a match for the Samsung 10e ?

    I still have my trusted iPhone 6S (now with new battery), but the old LCD technology really starts to annoy me, especially since all my friends already have OLED phones. The screen seems so much better for reading. Also, I'm really not eager to spend € 1500 (usd 1650) on a bulkier iPhone 11 Pro...
  7. Dejected

    iPhone 11 Pro Any issues with OLED iphone 11 ?? Headache or eyes strain

    Hi there .. Last year, I bought an XS and sold it because of headache and eye strain.. Does the 11 pro have a different screen or pwm ? I’m willing to buy it but I’m afraid of headache Those who own 11 pro or read about it could you please tell us your impressions ??
  8. L

    iPhone 11 Pro My 11 Pro Max's Screen is Dimmer and Greener Than My XS Max?!

    Been using the 11 Pro Max for a day now, and compared a few times, and found the white balance to be quite off. Both with and without True Tone. Even weirder is that it is definitely not as bright as my XS Max. There's less contrast, and less shadow detail (possibly as a result of lower...
  9. S

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro (Max) - PWM - Eye Strain

    Hi, whoever gets his new iPhone 11 Pro first... Could you be so kind and check how the new phones handle dimming the OLED display? I would love to buy one of the new phones but I tested the X and the XS and both gave me headaches. Thanks
  10. iMacedonian

    iPhone X Display Burn-In ?

    This question / thread is for the iPhone X users who are using their devices for longer than 1 year. How's the screen holding ? Do you notice any deterioration / burn in? A friend of mine had to replace his OLED screen twice (on his Samsung Galaxy Note 8), so i was wondering if iPhone's OLED is...
  11. M

    iPhone Massive OLED Smearing with enabled Dark Mode

    I know it was always there, but didn't thought that it's getting so much worse with dark mode enabled. Some people say they don't really notice smearing when scrolling. So I wanna ask you: Whats your experience with Dark mode and OLED smearing on iOS 13?
  12. Populus

    iPad Pro Waiting for the 2019 iPad Pro

    Hello there. I open this thread because, although there’s not as much people waiting for the next iPad Pro as MacBook Pro users waiting for the next one, I’m considering at this point waiting for the next iPad Pro, and here are my reasons: - I’m not gonna fully use my iPad Pro (which is going...
  13. aliensporebomb

    iPhone X iPhoneX Screen Burn-in?

    Phone is over a year old now and battery at 97% viability. I generally keep my phone in smart invert for better battery life (yes I realize it's not a giant difference maker but I find the screen easier to read this way). I generally always have my phone set to: settings -> general ->...
  14. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max Apple OLED vs LCD quality/clarity

    For those of you who have used both the OLED phones and the LCD phones, which display is better? Which is clearer? My own testing suggests that the answer is not unequivocally in favor of OLED. Interested to hear the experiences of others.
  15. B

    iPhone XS What If PWM Doesn't Cause Eyestrain?

    What do you guys think of this excerpt from the notebook check iPhone XS review: "The XS uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to regulate brightness control, which is common for OLED displays. We measured the PWM frequency at 240 Hz, which is relatively low. Equally, the amplitude curve is so...
  16. B

    iPhone XS PWM Ranking Chart

    Great chart here! Here is the link: https://dev1.notebook-check.com/index.php?id=163979&sort=b_350_944&max_results=50000&or=0&showBars=1&bench_350_944=1&model=1&screen_resolution=1&screen_panel_type=1 Preview:
  17. V

    Anyone else affected by screen bleed/uneven tint on Series 4? [MERGED]

    I’m surprised this issue isn’t being talked about here. Basically, a lot of people on Reddit have noticed that their series 4 models have uneven screens where one side looks brighter than the other. My series 4 is also affected by this. :( Here’s one such thread (there are quite a few though)...
  18. Stuey3D

    iPhone XR Am I the only one who prefers the XR screen over the X/XS?

    Hi all. So I’ve been into my local carrier store to have yet another look at the iPhone XR as I am planning to trade in my X for an XR in January when my contract allows. Now I’ve looked at the screens of the X and the XR closely and I’ve gotta say I actually prefer the Xr’s Screen over my...
  19. J

    iPhone XS Max iPhone ‘burn-in’ question

    So, I’m delighted with the super-sharp OLED screen on the iPhone XS Max. A few times a year though, I find myself presenting an 8-hour seminar from my phone using the PowerPoint app and a projector. The static slides layouts are all the same and are in the company template of bright and...
  20. RMP28

    iPhone X iPhone X Screen Burn In

    So I thought I would bring this further to a head for those that still own an iPhone X, and for future reference as per the iPhone XS and XS Max. There have been rather early reports of screen burn in on the OLED displays. Here is a link below for those that’s would like to take a look. I’m...