1. Napalm Doctor

    The case for iMessage on other platforms

    Since Facebook has been trying to look like they care about privacy, I feel like it is the best time for Apple to make iMessage with Facetime available on a lot more platforms. Find a way to monetize it. Integrate photo backups and sell iCloud storage for example. Make an in-app Store and allow...
  2. trusso

    Books on iOS 12 (Issues with Design)

    Just looking to vent a little bit. Some of you may agree with me, but the majority of you will probably think I'm making mountains out of molehills. That's okay. Does anyone else find it troublesome that the Books app in iOS 12 conflates the Library and Bookstore functions? The last few...
  3. bonjourx

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 pricing help!

    hello, I need some opinions. I’ve been trying to look and compare prices for the iPad Pro 10.5, but there’s different pricing and I’m planning on selling my 3 month old iPad Pro 10.5 256gb WiFi rose gold with Apple Pencil and apple care until October 2020. Would 650 be a reasonable price for a...
  4. bonjourx

    How big is the difference between the Old and new GPU on MacBook Pro 15’?

    Just like what the title say. I’m really curious as to how big would be the difference between the Radeon Pro 560X versus the Radeon Vega? Because I have a new laptop coming tomorrow, but if the difference between the two is huge, I’m thinking of just returning what I purchased and wait for the...
  5. lbdesign

    Tablets Google Pixel Slate vs iPad Pro? (with keyboard)

    In looking at a portable WORK solution, I'm considering the new Pixel Slate with keyboard, vs an iPad Pro with keyboard. The keyboard experience really matters to me. A lot. But so does multitasking and real productivity. A good browser. Chrome extensions. Speed. I have an iPad Pro 12.9. I...
  6. joshwithachance

    Other Everyone Talking about XS/Max Pricing as if the XR Doesn't Exist...

    Since the keynote the internet has basically been in an uproar about how expensive the XS (particularly the XS Max) is, but what did people expect? Apple wasn't going to lower the price of the XS to slot the Max in at last year's X pricing. And the reason for that is because Apple has the XR to...
  7. Stephen.Trae

    HELP. Red,Taupe, or Charcoal Grey?

    I've been going back and forth with these three colors for about three weeks and I can't seem to choose which one I should get. I can get the Red for about $40 and the Charcoal Grey for $42. So I'm more drawn to those two at the moment. However, Im not sure what they will look like after a few...
  8. jagooch

    Cross-Platform browser recommendation?

    I use a combination of macOS , Windows, and Linux operating systems at work and home. My employer locks down the computers so that you can only use what they allow - Chrome, Firefox ( not Quantum ) , and Microsoft Edge. Out of these I can run only Firefox or Chrome on all platforms. I've...
  9. Skeptical.me

    A month or so out, whats your thoughts on iOS 11 on iPhone X iOS 11?

    I just updated to iOS 11.2 I like 11 but it does appear to have some bugs, and I'm absolutely not impressed with notification centre. To be honest I'd rather a swipe up from the bottom to take me to to the widget centre, rather than swiping up to go to the home screen and then swipe right (or...
  10. H

    What SSD?

    I've got an iMac 21.5 Late 2012 with an HDD 5400 rpm (soo bad!). I usually use audio editing and music production softwares. I need an upgrade to a SSD. Could you advice me some models with a good quality-price ratio?
  11. S

    I need YOUR opinion!

    Okay, basically i have the option to choose one of theese two computers, and im gonna listen to you guys. Please tell me what u think down below. I really want the computer to last around the 3 years, and i need it for my studies, listening to music, maybe editing a little bit and generally...
  12. besnfrd

    Penny for your thoughts - Purchase iPhone 7 for 400?

    I have a friend who has the iPhone 7 Plus (black, 128) who is willing to sell it to me for $400. Excellent condition. I currently have the 6 Plus and was just wanting some thoughts/opinions on if you would jump on this or wait it out until the new iPhone8EditionPro Product (red) comes out.
  13. vineli

    Switching from the iPhone 5 and a quick Question!

    My iPhone 5 Finally broke on me. I've had it since launch. The battery failed on me. It would go from 100% to 10% within two minutes of use. I managed to get through for a while until two days ago it wouldn't charge up anymore even after 48hrs plugged in nada it finally met its end. I was...
  14. AidenShaw

    All the signs say Apple's out of touch

    Troy Wolverton is a tech writer for Cupertino's home town daily. He's fairly balanced, but does have an occasional nip of Kool-Aid. Wolverton: Apple out of touch with both fans and average consumers ... continue at...
  15. M

    Dongle Gate or just change..again?

    Apple’s Dongle Gate? It’s not that often you see the tech world’s hefty reaction and that many headlines of “angry” or disappointed people and potential customers, to a new product like Apple have “given” us all at the launch of their new MacBook Pro. Although very few people at this moment of...
  16. J

    Disappointed with iOS 10

    Long time lurker here. I just want to voice my opinion on iOS 10 and maybe give some guidance to those who are thinking about updating but haven't yet. After quite some time of trying to decide whether or not to install iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S, I did it tonight and I think I've made a huge...
  17. DarkExistence

    iPhone 7 dummy! (I know its out tomorrow!)

    Yes, I know the iPhone 7 is out tomorrow and yes, I know that many people have posted this many times but I have decided to post what my dummy looks like, and give a few opinions, my opinions! :) The iPhone 7 will launch tomorrow, September 7th. I decided to give this dummy a quick look over...
  18. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch (42mm) with Scuba Blue Nylon Band

    Does anyone have the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch with Scuba Blue Nylon band ? Thoughts and pictures would be great!
  19. HansumKingtut

    Resolved Looking for honest opinion/review

    So I am looking for an honest opinion/review of the Watch. I know the capabilities, I have read the reviews (by all the major tech websites), and watched all the reviews on YouTube. But none of these really answer the questions (and maybe problems) I have about the Watch. Let me start off with...
  20. robwithhair

    iOS Arguments for Native App Development

    I'm an iOS developer but over the years I've had to write many Hybrid applications in Cordova. I frequently find I could make the apps so much quicker using interface builder and swift / objective-c but get forced into writing Hybrid Javascript web apps because that is what managers are 'used...