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  1. JustinTheAppleNewbie

    M1 Macbook 13" Heat issue or standard?

    Hi, I've recently bought a new m1 macbook 13" and so far I've enjoyed it to the fullest. But the other day i tried something that raised questions in my mind. Now i know that the macbook 13" isn't intended for gaming, but i felt like trying some of my favorite titles to see how they ran on it. I...
  2. GrandeLatte

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Help. 12 pro max heats up when charging!

    Hi folks, I'm so excited I received my 12 pro max in gold today. Been setting it up and playing with it all day. That is until later I decided to charge the phone, the device heats up really bad. Is this normal? What's going on? I'm using the little cord with the 20 watt charging brick. Help!
  3. A

    Strange noise when opening lid, BridgeOS crash, overheating issues with MacBook Pro 2020

    I'm having several issues with a completely new MacBook Pro 2020 (13'') and feeling really, really stuck! Since getting my MBP a couple of months ago, I've noticed a slightly random clicking or popping sound when I open the lid. It's not related to the internal speakers, fans or anything on the...
  4. Inframan

    iPhone 12 Mag Safe Charger Electrical Shocks & Overheating

    Hey Guys, I’ve been using my Mag Safe Charger on my IPhone 12 Pro with a Silicone iPhone case for about a day now. I’ve noticed that when I have my Mag Safe charger attached and using my phone at the same time I sometimes get little static shocks. Also, the Mag Safe charge also gets pretty hot...
  5. C

    2020 MacBook Pro 13" Retina - Core i5 2.0 GHz: is overheating a real problem?

    I am ready to buy 2020 MacBook Pro with 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5 Quad-Core (10th Gen) processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD drive. After extensive research, I am inclined to believe that this laptop is prone to overheating. There are far too many reports with similar symptoms. I am aware that all...
  6. C

    MBP 2020 13": Overheating + other problems; delay purchase?

    I am almost ready to purchase MBP 2020 13" 2.3 Ghz / 16 Gb RAM / 1 Tb SSD - Core i7 Quad-Core (10th Gen)model. After researching feedback from current owners, overheating seems to be a such a frequent concern that I am thinking of delaying the purchase until more information becomes available...
  7. P

    Sidecar causing 2020 13' Pro to overheat

    Hi, I used my base 2020 13' Pro this afternoon with Sidecar, and after just 10 minutes roughly, the MacBook was extremely hot. This seems ridiculous when I was only using it as a second screen for Spotify. Is this an issue with Catalina, Sidecar or the MacBook? Anyone else experienced this?
  8. rodedwards

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2009 5,1 Random shut downs - possible overheating?

    Hi everyone ... I wonder if i can pick some brains? I have a Mac Pro (2009) 4,1 flashed to 5,1 with latest firmware and boot ROM, running Mojave 10.14.6. I also have Samsung EVO 970 with 4 x internal HD, Radeon RX 580 Pulse (Mac flashed by MacStore UK) and 96Gb 1333 Mhz Ram with 2 x 3.46Ghz 6...
  9. Q

    iPhone 8 Gaming Issues: Swiping Undetected & Overheating

    I play a lot of FPS games on my iPhone 8 (256GB). I keep it in a UAG Monarch Series case, and I use Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Privacy for screen protection. I replace the tempered glass regularly enough with the warranty. I've had to significantly lower the graphic settings on any game I...
  10. Chrism139

    2020 Macbook Pro 13" - Does it have thermal issues still?

    Hi, I am new to the MBP community and just bought an open box 16" i7 16gb memory MBP 2019 (later model) from Best Buy and I'm experiencing the thermal throttling/overheating when connecting it to an external monitor (basic Acer monitor nothing fancy). Does anyone know if Apple fixed this problem...
  11. Intenditore

    A1398 2015 - wearisome fan whine

    I've got A1398 2015 (2.8, R9 370X, High Sierra) which I was dreaming of for years! I bought it for silence as Apple values it much - and got something pretty different. First of all - paste is fresh (MX-4), fans are clean, SMC and NVRAM are reset. I undervolted with Volta (-60mv), turned off...
  12. tsm81

    over heating 2007 iMac + istat temps

    Hi, I have an old 2007 iMac that I will use as a basic file server. It hasn't really been used for years except for the odd bit of web browsing/online radio in the room it's in. It needs a new HD for sure (very crunchy sounding), which I'll be installing sometime this week. I've noticed though...
  13. C

    rMPR (early 2015) overheating after (clean) macOS 10.15 update

    Hi all, I recently (against my better judgement) updated my early 2015 13" rMBP from OS X 10.11 El Capitan to macOS 10.15.4 Catalina. Since then, I have been struggling against complete system shutdowns. Irregularly, but often immediately after powering on, the whole system locks down and...
  14. denzdaniel

    16" MacBook Pro Too Hot | Overheating! I fixed it!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a refurbish 16" MacBook Pro 2.3Ghz /16GB/ AMDRadeon 8GB /1TB and it looks amazing! I setup all my apps including (FCPX and Luminar 4). I tested ran GeekBench and and Cinebench and got a score! It was lower than what its suppose to be. My MBP 16" wasn't throttling but...
  15. R

    Macbook Pro Overheating Issue/Good time to buy Macbook Pro 16"?

    I recently purchased the fully loaded newest 16" Macbook Pro (complete with 8tb) and was beyond excited to start using it this past week and ended up having to return it after a long discussion with the apple techs. The laptop bottom was so hot when all i was doing was downloading my dropbox...
  16. D

    iPad New iPad warranty rejected due to bending.

    I purchased the Apple iPad pro 11" 2018 on Jan 27th 2020 . Unboxed and started using 5 days ago. For the last 2 days the device overheats on using for more than 1hour and showed High temperature warning multiple times. Yesterday my device Backlight went off(hard to see anything)and I took it...
  17. honglong1976

    iPhone Optimized charging draining battery

    Hi everyone, loving iOS13.1 on my iPhone 6S except optimized charging. I charge to 100% before I go to bed and the next day I have 40% battery left. I charged to 100% at work and playing Need for speed for 5 mins my phone lost 40%. I also use Pokemon Go and noticed my phone was always warm. I...
  18. Intenditore

    A1398 overheating without a reason

    Hi! I've got A1398 Late 2013, I7 4960HQ and discrete GPU. It's overheating and can't boost higher than 2.8ghz despite it should go up to about 3.4. It overheats, despite the fresh thermal paste. I even changed the heatsink and it caused NO CHANGES. Here are the temps (with old heatsink). 1...
  19. R

    My iMac keeps going to sleep while I'm working.

    This has been happening almost since I purchased the computer however it's continued to get worse with each passing month. Especially when working in Photoshop (especially the lasso tool), my iMac will just go to sleep on it's own. Even more so when something is streaming in the background. I...
  20. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro (Mid 2010) SMC Failure?

    Im having an issue with my new Mac Pro 2010 I purchased. I transferred all my components from my 2008 Mac Pro (SSDs, HDDs, Disk Drive (2nd Bay), Video card, etc. I upgraded the processors to 2 x 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeons. Upgraded the OS to High Sierra and everything seems to be perfect. Im...