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Oct 5, 2012
I'm hoping that I'm not the only one having these issues with my 4-day-old iPad Pro.

The issues seem to be exclusively confined to the Pencil Pro - the device becomes very (and I mean very - to the point it almost becomes uncomfortable to hold) hot after as little as 10 minutes of Pencil use. It doesn't matter what I'm doing; it could be writing/sketching in Notes, annotating in Photos, drawing in Concepts or Procreate - the app is irrelevant, because the issue is universal. It happens whether it's plugged into a charger, my MBP or on battery. As soon as I dock the Pencil, it cools down almost instantly (within about 10-15 seconds it's cooled down again).

It isn't yet in a case (and I'm now reticent to purchase one in case it makes it worse).

The other issue is that the Pencil absolutely SLAUGHTERS the battery; after around an hour using Concepts yesterday, with the device set up as you would for use unplugged (screen dimmed) the percentage (as shown by the battery widget) had dropped to 49% (from a full charge). I'd not consider Concepts to be a battery-intensive app. Apple claims 10 hours; I read an article on Mashable where they claimed they got more than 16. I'm barely getting two.

I'd use it plugged in - if doing so didn't also cause it to constantly drop the connection and 'ping' at me. I'm using the supplied cable and an Apple cube charger (y'know the one with the nested pins). The cable is obviously brand new, the charger has had about 4 months of light use.

I'm housebound; I bought this to replace an ailing 4th generation which has a yellowing screen and faulty BT (it's also no longer recognised by my MBP when I plug it in). I had to fight the DWP to get the thousands it owed me in back PIP/EESA (disability benefits) and this was meant to be my 'reward'.

I have checked the battery in Settings - and I can't see there's anything running in the background which would kill the battery (I tried turning off both Find My and location services to see if that would improve matters. It didn't, not even a tiny bit.

I also notice the screen constantly adjusting brightness (it's done so 4 or 5 times as I've been typing this).

Finally, it also doesn't auto-adjust (Night Shift/auto-dark/light mode), I have to turn it off and on again (the same is true for my old iPad, so I'm thinking that's probably more of an iPadOS issue (both are running 17.5.1)).

Obviously my main concern is how the overheating will affect battery longevity. I had a frustrating hour speaking to Apple 'support' via the support app; I want the device replaced and I can't get to an Apple Store and, I don't have a phone (staff here nicked my previous Galaxy and I don't feel comfortable with replacing in case they do so again) so, apparently, that means there's **** all they can do. They couldn't transfer me to anyone via the app. The device isn't fit-for-purpose, and it's 4 days old; I do have AppleCare+ but, this is a straight Sale of Goods Act exchange. If you drop the best part of £2.5k on a device, you expect it to be in PWO - it clearly has issues with the battery. I am absolutely treating it with kid gloves, I'm paranoid about anything happening to it.

I'm in the UK, so high ambient temperatures aren't an issue (it's currently 22º and overcast with a light breeze).

Are any of these issues affecting anyone else...?


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Apr 19, 2011
I am using the Pencil Pro on my M4 iPP. I have used it for hours without the heat or battery issues you describe. The Pencil remains cool to the touch. I would take it up with Apple. It sounds like something is wrong. If the Pencil is too hot to comfortably hold, I don’t imagine it will be doing its battery much good.


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Feb 4, 2022
It's the M4 power. Can always wear a glove so that you don't risk burns to your hand.


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Sep 22, 2014
I think that the new hover, shadow, and squeeze features must be more taxing. My 11” M4 iPad Pro drops battery very fast when using my Apple Pencil Pro.


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Feb 1, 2024
I use the pencil pro all day long with my iPad M4 11" I never had a similar issue. I keep the pen stored charging on the iPad when not in use and the pen never got hot. The iPad only get hot while charging but nothing unusual.
Battery is very good. It last me the whole day
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